The Attractive Urban Lifestyle in India

India is a country of villages,The villages of India are very colorful and symbolize the true spirit of country. The beautiful rural life of villages has been replaced by the urban lifestyle includes big buildings, restaurants, transportation, utilities and great infrastructure, at the same time it also offers congestion, noise, traffic jams, air pollution and urban diseases. The urban lifestyle is quite attractive, street are full of lights, big malls, multiplex and pub’s  host the nightlife in the city. As more and more people leave villages and moving towards cities in search of food, job and high profile lifestyle, population of green cities as well as slum area around it get increase. Urban lifestyle is quite different from the rural, The cost of living is very high,which forced the cities residents to live in low quality house and slums. Today every major city of India facing the same problem, every one is running hard to fulfill their dreams in terms of branded car, luxury home and a great life.

Home: Urban lifestyle renowned for its standard of living, luxury home,branded car and night life. Luxury homes are uniquely designed houses full with gadgets and amenities that make living in them easy and enjoyable. Many people usually want to own luxury homes at one point in their lives at good location and green environment.Car: A city car or urban car is a small car intended for use primarily in an urban area. The city car is the vehicle with specific size in both physical dimensions and engine capacity, also known as small family cars. There is another class of city cars usually known as the A-segment across the automobile industry. The A-segment car’s are the highest class of cars, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi own by the high class urban people.Fashion: Urban life has changed many customs and traditions and got an exceptional urban fashion lifestyle. Urban clothes includes hip hop fashion, hot trends of attires and stylish  handbags, accessories. Latest fashion and music is the life line of youngsters at urban zone in India. The hot fashion styles and new trends in the urban society attracts people from the remote areas and tribal villages.
Nightlife: One of the major attraction of urban lifestyle is nightlife, Major cities like Mumbai, Delhi host nightlife in clubs, lounges and music events. Nightlife is one of the fastest growing lifestyle in India, which gives thrill, fun and enjoyment. Goa is well known for its nightlife at its magnificent beaches and music Parties.Food: Urban Restaurant offers quality foods and India’s best cuisine to customers at very high price. These Restaurants or fast food center like McDonald, Subway and Cafe Coffee Day provides a wide ranges of western foods as well as Desi style food. The fast food version has evolved with the changing lifestyles of the young Indian population.Sports: Sports is one of key factor for health, urban zone host some of the most expensive sports like Golf, Racing, and Tennis. As the changed natural environment of urban zone villages sports has been replaced the extreme sports. The sports life in urban zone includes water sports, aero sports, trekking and other mountain sports.

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