Places That A Foreign Women Tourists Should NOT Visit in India or They ?

Number of sexual assault and rape cases of foreign lady tourist are making female tourists wary of visiting India, What are the places that a foreigner should not visit in India or they should be extremely careful while visiting those places Here is the list of Indian places which are most popular among the foreign tourist but also known for robbed and raped incidents.



Delhi is rape capital of India and one of the most unsafe city in Indian for women, is the first in the list of not to visit places due to safety of Indian as well as foreign women tourists but A travel to India will remain incomplete without a visit to Delhi, so one should be extremely careful while visiting Delhi.

Agra -Uttar Pradesh


The Taj Mahal of Agra is another favourite and most popular Indian attractions among foreign tourists but recent incident of attempted rape of foreign women at hotel room is another major embarrassment over safety of foreign nationals in India.

Datia -Madhya Pradesh

A swiss women tourist was robbed and gang-raped in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Sharp fall in the numbers of foreign tourists, especially foreign female tourist is recorded in India due to these cases of rapes and sexual assault. A Korean tourist rape case at Bandhavgarh in Umariya in Madhya Pradesh.

Alwar – Rajasthan


The rape cases involving German woman tourists in Alwar, may or may not hit tourism in Rajasthan but these rape cases are making foreign lady tourists wary of visiting India. Rajasthan is one of the most famous trouist destination in India, its grand forts and palaces attracts the foreign women tourists.

Kullu-Himachal Pradesh


An American female tourist gang-raped in Manali by a truck driver and two other men. Manali is a famous tourist region of northern India of Himachal Pradesh. All three men arrested and sent to prison but its not enough, they have ruined the life of a young American women and damange the image of nation.



Rape of foreigners in Goa has left a permanent scar in India, Goa gets approximately five lakh foreign tourists a year. Incidents of sexual assaults, rape and murder of Russian foreign tourists in Goa. The exotic beaches of Goa are home to many foreign tourists who visits frequently for a break.

Indian women are facing one of the biggest challenge of women safety in the country, Especially in the all metro Indian cities. Every day there is a news of sexual assault and violence against women, cases of rape and murder around these cities. Apart from the above listed cities, In the last few years Jaipur,Kolkata,Meerut,Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir has also reported smiler incidents,there has been substantial fall in the tourist traffic in India. India’s reputation was damaged and significant numbers of cancellations of female tourist are reported.

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shreyoshi dasgupta

This article seems to have been written by someone with bad intentions against India. The author has given the heading as “places to be avoided” and has then simply listed all the important tourist places in India.
Further, the incorrect usage of English in the heading of this article (“A Foreign Women Tourists”) suggests that it has not been written by any well-educated person.