3 More Ways You Can Enjoy Sports (Aside From Playing It!)

We all love sports, in our way. Some love playing it to the point that they even strived and become a professional in their chosen sport. Some, while they also play, have no plans of going pro and are happy with just being a hobbyist for it. Most people, on the other hand, just love watching games and cheering for their favorite player or their favorite team. Aside from these things, did you know that there are also other ways that you can enjoy sports?

If you have been active on various social media platforms, you may have seen or heard of online betting sites in India, or maybe some popular betting apps. Just like how you can play your favorite classic casino games online now, did you know that the same is also possible when it comes to your favorite sports? That, and more other ways on how you can enjoy sports–aside from actually playing it–below.

Imagine enjoying your favorite sport, watching the games, feeling the thrill, and have the chance to win real money while doing it? You can experience these things, and more, in online sports betting. What’s more awesome about it is that unlike with the way it works back in the day, betting on sports is now made easier, more convenient, and even more rewarding for people like you!

Back in the day, you need to physically get to the game venue or at least an off-track betting site and go meet with a bookie to place a bet. If it’s a big game such as the finals of the championship, then you can also expect a long queue as part of what you need to go through before you can place a wager for the game. But now, with online sports betting, all you need is a bookie app and you are good to go–no matter where you are and whenever you want to place your bet.

Sports video games

Who says playing sports is restricted to physically playing it? Since gaming had become a bigger hobby and field of interest in the past decades, sports became one of the biggest genres that people love to play. You can see popular titles and franchises that play sports such as basketball, football, baseball, racing, and even wrestling.

As gaming technology improves regularly and with the next generation of gaming even coming soon, sports games have become more realistic and more immersive than ever–realistic graphics, improved gameplay, and game modes that let you feel like you are “in the game.”


Since you are playing sports on a video game anyway, then why not play competitively? This is called esports, the art of playing video games–of all genres and not just sports–in a competitive environment, usually accompanied by a huge prize pool for top competing players to take part in.

There are a lot of huge esports leagues all over the world that is played annually. Some of the biggest tournament that focuses on sports games include leagues by EA Sports for their titles on NFL and FIFA among others, 2K Sport’s annual NBA 2K League that uses their popular BNA 2K series of games, as well as playful combinations of popular sports, such as Rocket League, where people play football as blazing race cars.

Final thoughts

Enjoying sports is not limited to just you going out there and playing a game physically. NO matter what you’re preferred way and channel of enjoying and consuming sports, what is important are that you have fun while doing it!

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