5 Easy Tips To Attract More Followers on Instagram

Instagram can be super useful in marketing. Most people using it are within 34 years of age. People are desperate to make it on Instagram today! Being an influencer on Instagram can win you a lot of projects too. Moreover, Instagram has transformed into a business hub for thousands of small scale businesses. 

People buy Instagram followers to show that they are well off already. This directly affects the mind of the viewer. That way you can gain even more followers. Today we will discuss easy tips to attract more followers on Instagram. 

It’s 2021 and the craze to go viral on Instagram is strong. Let’s find out how we can make the most of it. 

Here are the tips to gain more traction on Instagram in 2021 – 

#1. Instagram Reels 

Short videos have taken over the Internet. Reels are more popular than any other type of content right now. Instagrammers are using reels to the fullest. And, so should you. 

If you are a product based company, you can show how it works. Moreover, people will know you better if you show up in these reels. People often connect personally with the founders and not with the company itself. 

This is more true for solopreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, fitness coaches, etc. Some people are doing it better than others. Instagram can make your product go viral too! 

If you are a SaaS-based product then you can show how the software helps. Reaching common everyday minds is your end goal here. 

When you create and post reels regularly, there will be a surge of audience flow. Now, all of them may not be interested in your product. But the more followers, the more you will show up on people’s “explore” page. 

Instagram is pushing reels hard. They even have a “suggested reels” section when you scroll through your feed. 

Use trendy reels, music pieces and capture your product in the best natural light possible. And voila! You’re on a roll within 30 reels. 

#2. Optimize head to toe 

Google crawls every information available about you when people search. That’s why keeping your Instagram searchable is your only option. Optimize your display picture with a logo or your photo. Then change your bio into something people would be interested in. 

Remember that people remember brands mostly by two things. One is the colour palette and the other is an emotion. What does Red Bull do to you? It gives you wings! What does Nike say to you? They inspire you to “Just Do It”. 

Write your bio professionally. You must portray yourself in a way that increases your brand value. Choose your words carefully while writing your bio. 

Moreover, optimizing your colour scheme in one/two colours will make your profile look neat & clean. While choosing your username make sure that they are tidy and preferably without any underscores. 

Also, do not forget to use stories in your caption. Your captions can make a lot of difference. Unlike any other social media platform, people love reading captions on Instagram. 

Use keywords related to your industry in your bio to gain traction through Google. Moreover, using trendy industry-related words will help uplift your brand image as well. 

#3. Collaborate & Use Micro-Influencers to the fullest 

Investing in Micro-influencers is more beneficial than ads. Before we move forward let’s understand who micro-influencers are? 

We see micro-influencers as the ones who are anywhere between 10 thousand to 100 thousand followers. Usually, these are the ones who are affordable, yet their audience is hyperactive. If someone has let’s say 35 thousand followers and their posts get likes ranging between 3000 to 4500 per post. 

If you ask them to mention you in their stories, your engagements will go through the roof. Provided your content is cool though. However, here’s the catch. Pick influencers who are more or less related to your ideal audience or field of work. 

Your ideal audience depends on the kind of product or services you provide. 

#4. Instagram Challenges & Host Giveaways 

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing you can do. Interacting with your audience is key to attracting more followers. You can host challenges or play reward-based games. Your audience will talk about these games and giveaways with their friends. And, that’s how your brand awareness increases. 

Post stories about your giveaway content and build the story for a week. Let people know that you are hosting one of these awesome giveaways. 

Play games, use polls and use other stickers from stories to interact more. 

#5. Captions – lengthy or just enough?

Well, the truth is the average caption length on Instagram has increased over the years. Successful Instagrammers do not shy away from writing longer posts. That’s because people love to hear your stories or the story behind a picture. 

Longer captions can keep your audience stay on the profile for longer. And, that can eventually increase your chances of raising conversions. 

Moreover, you can always tag relevant people and thank them in your captions. This way they will comment, and then you can have a conversation. Having more comments is going to make your content available across the platform even more. 


You cannot shy away from the fact that content is important. To thousands of successful creators out there, content is still the king. And, so it should be. Having said that, you can do as we suggested. 

Some people are looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers. We can always increase our engagement rates through these sites. It’s a great way to portray that your content is already accepted by many. Perception nowadays is more important than reality. You need to up your ante when it comes to content when you are doing this. 

Let us know about your experiences of gaining more followers on Instagram. Hope you loved our guide to attract more engagement on Instagram. We hope you grow manifold in the coming months.

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