How does Online Gambling in India work exactly

Gambling has been an essential part of the social life in India for ages. As far back as the 300BC, the Kauvaras and Pandavas could play dice and card games as a form of entertainment.

One story is told, for instance, where at the request of Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana proposed a friendly dice game to Yidhiswira to pass time. Initially, Dharmaputra rejected the offer, saying that dice was a sinful preoccupation not fit for princesses. But later Duryodhana convinced him to play, arguing that the game had been arranged in his honor.

This was in 3220 BCE (Before Common Era), which is over 2,000 years ago. And, it wasn’t just the Kauvaras and Pandavas, many others played and enjoyed gambling.

Modern Day Gambling in India


Fast forward to today and gambling is still one of the most popular social activities in the Indian subcontinent. Indeed, it’s arguable that more people gamble in India today than back then. Moreover, it’s no longer just dice and card games. Indians currently bet on more than a hundred different games, including soccer, cricket, and horse races, and even play in casinos.

The activities usually take place both online and offline. However, online gambling is the more popular of the two, to the extent that when you mention gambling in India, people automatically think about placing bets online.

Before the online bookmarkers and casinos arrived, those interested in playing poker or betting in a sport, say football, had to travel long distances. However, with the advent of technology, there are now multitudes of online games to choose from and you can play at the comfort of your sofa. Also, there are no discrimination anymore. Anyone can try their luck.

Before we discuss how you can get started (for those interested), it’s important to mention that legally, gambling is not allowed in India. That’s why there are no Indian bookmarkers or casinos in the country.

How to Get Started

First off, since there are no Indian-based betting companies, if you want to gamble in the country, you must use foreign betting and gambling sites. Just for clarification – there’s no law in India barring anyone from betting or playing the casino on a foreign platform.

Once you’ve understood that you’ll be betting on foreign platforms, the next step is to find and learn about those platforms. Fortunately, there are many Indian-based websites that have done the groundwork for you.

These sites typically review the best gambling platforms for Indian-based players. Whether its lotteries, casinos, or bookmakers, they’ll have all the information you need about these sites. Among other things, you’ll learn which sites you can trust, how to deposit (you’ll need currency exchange), how to play in the selected games, and how to withdraw your winnings (in Indian Rupees (INR)).

Another very important way these websites will help you is opening a gambling account. They always have URL links to the top betting platforms worldwide and will direct you there and tell you how to fill the sign-up forms. In most cases, you’re able to begin gambling within minutes of creating an account.

Additionally, you’ll learn about bonuses and offers from the top gambling platforms as well as tips to help you take advantage of these bonuses/offers. casonobetting.liv/in/ for instance, alerts their fans of the major casino bonuses and offers available to players at any given moment.

Deposits and Withdrawal

The websites we’ve mentioned will usually provide enough information on deposits and withdrawals. But, since this is a sensitive topic, we’ll mention a few things;

Making a deposit

There are multiple ways to deposit money at an online gambling platform. However, the simplest methods are online transfer and cash deposit. Online transfers involve digital wallets and are usually processed almost instantly. Cash deposits, meanwhile, involve banks and may take a few days to process.


You don’t have to worry about withdrawals either. Most gambling platforms will process withdrawals to the mobile wallet or bank account you used to make the deposit without any trouble. Again, withdrawals to mobile wallets are faster (typically processed instantly or within minutes) while bank withdrawals can take a few days.


That’s everything you need to know about online betting in India. The two key points to keep in mind are that (1) you can only bet on foreign platforms since gambling isn’t exactly legal in India and (2) there are many friendly Indian websites that will help you get started with the foreign gambling platforms in minutes. Good luck!

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