It’s Worth to Take a Rizk

Somebody once said that a high risk brings a high reward. This is true for many things in life and it’s more frequent around casino tables. The stakes are always high at casinos be they offline or online. When you think about it, online casinos give players a lot of chances to get back in the game. They provide them with various bonuses, promotions and free trials that let players start again and give the jackpot another shot.

The Online Casino Situation in India

When you know that the law on gaming in India is around 100 years old, then you can see why any kind of gaming is illegal. However, the constitution allows each state to form its laws regarding that, so the situation with gaming is confusing at best. Sikkim and Goa have numerous land-based casinos, the lottery is legal only if it’s allowed by the state and online casinos are tolerated. This is why there are so many online casinos in India.


As mentioned before, the chance of winning a big cash prize is appealing to most Indians, which is why the popularity of online casinos in the country is increasing. If it’s OK with the law and there are no repercussions afterward then why not give casino sites a try? This is what one casino player thought and his risk was worth it.

The Lucky Winner

This August a player at Rizk casino managed to win 35 lakhs on a live dealer blackjack game. Live dealer games let you play any card game at a casino site from the comfort of your home while a video stream of an actual dealer who is in charge of the game is shown to you directly. There are many types of games and bonuses at Rizk casino which is why it has so many customers.

The moment of the win is captured on video and the winner has a few advantages that got him that amount of money. It’s obvious from the clip that unlike most casino sites that use attractive ladies as dealers, Rizk used a man, so the player couldn’t be distracted. Moreover, he won the prize in one sitting which means he knew what he was doing and patiently waited for an opportunity.

He knew he was on a good way of increasing his winnings when he won 7 lakhs. The excitement didn’t throw him off and he kept calm. His patience paid off when he got dealt two Jacks and the dealers got a 10, 2 and a 6, which makes 18. With that hand, he became richer by 35 lakhs. His way of playing should be an example of how to play any live dealer game. He played his hands responsibly, waited patiently for the opportunity and didn’t rush in after the first win. This type of discipline is remarkable and known to professional players only. To keep it professional, Rizk casino paid off his winnings as fast as possible.

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