Myths about Indian Online Casinos

Despite the massive online casino popularity, some people still believe in so-called myths. By definition, myth refers to a fact that is false but some people believe in it. We have compiled a list of the most common myths about Indian online casinos and we will provide you with the real facts for each point.

Indian online casinos won’t allow you to withdraw winnings

This is the oldest myth of them all. First of all, all online casinos require regular members or gamblers in order to stay in business. That’s why losing a gambler is something every single casino will try to eliminate. The next main thing here is a license. Online casinos must obtain a license in order to operate. Those licenses can be obtained by most governments but the most common in this case scenario are Malta, Macau, the UK, and Curacao. According to that license, an online casino must protect the gamblers and provide transparent withdrawals.

Every online casino will display the permits or licenses they operate under. You can get the information on the main homepage. To play on the reliable sites, you can check the trustful sources like best online casino list in India – made by In simple terms, you are protected and there are no issues with payments or withdrawals.

These casinos are rigged

It is another, common and old myth. It is actually the same, just more common myth that affects land casinos. The truth is yes, online casinos have an edge over gamblers, but they are far from rigged. There are two reasons we can discuss in this case scenario. The first one is the base of online gambling in the world. It is a random number generator. This is known as RNG (Random Number Generator) and it affects all the games. In a nutshell a computer will always randomly display a combination or number. There are over billion combinations, so it is impossible for anyone to rig the game.

The second fact is that all online games and online casinos are tested and approved for fairness. The most common tester is eCORGA, but not the only one. Basically games available at online casinos must be fair to play and only the ones that are will be available for you.

Online gambling in India is illegal

The truth is no. Online gambling in India is regulated by different states and won’t get you in trouble. A fact online casinos are illegal should more concern casino owners than you. As a gambler, you don’t have anything to worry about and there won’t be any consequences. You can check the legal state of online gambling in your city for specifics, but in general, online gambling is legal.

Online gambling is designed to promote addiction

And here we have one of the new myths. Some people will say that online gambling is more addictive than real gambling and it will cause you to develop addiction within hours. All of the above is false claim. Online gambling may cause addiction, but in much lower rate than a land casino will. Online gambling is played occasionally by most gamblers and the actual risk of addiction is extremely low.

The fact online casinos in India promote addictive behaviors is false as well. Many if not all online casinos will try to promote safe gambling and to help you understand it as much as possible. They do not prefer gambling addiction either so you can count on them as your allies.

Online casinos promote terrorism

Honestly, this is the weirdest and the most bizarre myth of all time. All online casinos are owned by multi-billion corporations and they are not linked to terrorism in any way. Most of those corporations have land casinos across the world and comply with all the rules and regulations present in that country.

There was no evidence that any of online casinos available in India have been involved in terrorism. There won’t be those evidence in the future simply because these are two completely opposite realms and are no linked in any way.

Games will freeze if I win too much

Some gamblers believe that if they win a jackpot and then they continue winning a game will slow down and freeze. This is a common myth and a false claim due to obvious facts. If you win, an online casino will want you to continue playing. So, slowing down a game wouldn’t be a wise decision.
Games that slowdown may occur due to slow internet connection or poor processing performances of a device. Intentional slowing down of the games is a false claim.


These were the most common and most serious myths related to online casinos. In reality, they are tested and approved by authorities and they are fair places to gamble. You can win as much money as possible, play any game you like and obviously withdraw the funds.

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