The Economic Effect On Goa Casinos Being Shut

The Coronavirus pandemic has set clear marks in India as in the rest of the world. The whole world is doing its best to combat the pandemic and minimalize the effects of it. Also in India, strict measures are being taken to slow down the spread of this dreadful virus. We are therefore experiencing many companies, schools and now also casinos being shut down. In this article, we’re discussing the economical impact and how it may affect us counted in money.

The casinos in Goa attracts a huge number of tourist every year from all across the globe. Howeverright now, famous tourist spots are the most significant source of transmission of the infection, and no country can really rely on it’s tourism at this very moment.

Reports has shown foreign visas have been cancelled. This is a measure to make sure people from other countries do not visit India. As a safety measure, all the land based casinos in Goa have been shut down for some time. With the employees left in the unknown.

This might be a safety measure and must, but will leave it’s footprints for quite some time.

Can shutting down the Goa casinos affect our economy?

Goa and it’s floating casinos are a big tourist spot in India, a spot that brings thousand of tourists monthly. So how can this affect us as a country? We’ve identified four ways how this may bring an economical effect on people.

  1. Casinos in Goa is a big source of employment for people living in Goa. The casinos employ waiters, hosts, managers and cleaners. Among many other jobs. A casino is capable of offering job opportunities to the local people of Goa and Indians from the whole country are coming to work in Goa.
    Once closing down the casinos, the employees are the ones to suffer. Not to mention the casinos themselves that will not be able to operate during this time.
  2. Every tourist who visits Goa visits the casino at least once stats shows. Tourists are coming here to enjoy themselves, try out the nightlife and the delicious restaurants that Goa offers.
    The tax revenues earned by the government through casinos is obiously one on the highest sources of income in Goa for the government Revenue that it brings is used for the public, a revenue that is now disappearing.
  3. Local retailers are relying in many cases on the tourists. This is because many rich people decide to visit Goa and are eager to spend their money while here.
  4. All big events that are planned on a regular basis are being cancelled as well. Events such as festivals will have to wait.

With this being said, the pandemic of Coronavirus will leave it’s marks in India. But we will fight it together and come out even stronger once this is over. The casinos will rise and so will the tourism and after all, the economy.

This is a big challenge that we are facing and a battle that we will win.

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