The New Era of the Metaverse Arrives

The year 2022 brings many innovations, not least of all is the rise of the Metaverse. While this term has been around since 1992, when Neal Stephenson coined it in his novel Snow Crash, it hasn’t been a reality until now. In recent years, Virtual reality started to grow, beginning with creating the Oculus headset and developing further from there.

The true vision for this augmented reality hasn’t been realised yet, but more and more companies are starting to shift their attention. The goal is to create a virtual platform where people can access anything they can online, from their usual Cricket blog to an RPG world. While it hadn’t been used for much more than gaming, 2022 brought some new changes to virtual reality technology.

What is the Metaverse?

The term Metaverse, very simply, refers to an augmented virtual reality that you can experience as if it’s real. Currently, the only way to do so would be through a screen or using a VR (Virtual Reality) headset. It’s a simulated, digital environment that allows you to experience things as you would in real life, even when those things don’t exist. It can also be described as a 3D virtual world that focuses on social connections.

Changes in Virtual Reality

Changes in Virtual Reality

In 2022, several international companies started to use this augmented reality platform or some part of VR technology.

Facebook Store

Facebook has changed its name to Meta in preparation for the shift to augmented reality. They are also one of the first platforms set to open a physical store in a virtual world. This Meta virtual store will open in 2022 and will revolutionise the way the Metaverse is viewed.

Horizon Workrooms

Although there are virtual meeting spaces already available, Meta took it a step further with their Horizon Workrooms. The technology is still in its beta stage but can be used as long as you have a VR headset. It allows employees and business associates to meet in a virtual room, with each person represented as an avatar.

The Otherside Virtual World

The same company that created the Bored Ape NFTs has also started creating a virtual world. They have generated more than $285 million by selling crypto tokens representing land in that virtual world. This virtual world is called The Otherside and is a multiplayer gaming environment.

Serie A Virtual Platform

The Italian Serie A is popular worldwide and one of the first football leagues accessible from this augmented reality platform. People with VR headsets can access this augmented reality platform and watch these matches live. This sets the tone for more sports matches to be broadcasted in augmented reality and allows people to watch it with friends and family that might not be close by.

The Rise of the Metaverse

These are just some examples of how companies have adjusted to stay on top of the Metaverse. There are many possibilities and potential when it comes to virtual reality. While not all of them are currently possible, technology is being developed rapidly, and the first steps into the Metaverse are being taken on a global scale.

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