Top 5 Highest-Paid Players In IPL 2021

Despite the present situation, IPL is back with pomp and show this year with adequate safety precautions. Besides the excitement, thrill and emotion it brings, one of the aspects that remain constant is that the best performing players bag the highest salaries. This international platform makes players from different countries and different parts of India come and play together under other franchises. Not only for the Indian players but also the global players, IPL has become a great way to make substantial financial gains. They get paid according to how they showcase their potential.

Before you start your IPL online betting, consider the list of top 5 highest paid cricket players who got fat paychecks this year, which include Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma among the Indian players and Chris Morris and Pat Cummins among the international ones.

1.     Virat Kohli

Captain of the Indian cricket team is very popular when it comes to the Indian premier league. That is quite understandable as he brings significant value to the game due to his popularity and gameplay. During the gameplay, his fitness and aggression play a substantial role in the game for which he is quite known. Virat Kohli has been a part of the same team since 2008. These reasons were enough to get the world’s best Batsman a paycheck of 17 crore rupees (2.4 million dollars) and being the highest-paid cricketer of IPL 2021. Including this player in the online cricket bettingsquad will definitely be a great decision.

2.   Chris Morris

This South African all-rounder was sold at the highest bid in the 2021 IPL auctions by Rajasthan Royals. He was traded to RR at a price of 16.25 crores rupees (2.2 million dollars), making him the player who received the highest bid ever at auctions. He has an average bowling delivery speed of 145 kmph and also hits the ball hard out of the boundary rope. This 33-year-old cricketer has played many match-winning games for his country and his previous IPL franchises as well. Considering him in your squad ofparimatch ipl predictions platform will be highly beneficial for making profits.

3.   Pat Cummins

This Australian bowler can now be marked as an all-rounder after his recent strikes. He has proved his worth with his ball and bat in the matches he has played for his country. This 27 years old Australian cricketer was paid 15.5 crores rupees (2.1 million dollars) for playing IPL 2021. His matches with the previous IPL franchise were not up to the mark, but after being bought by the Kolkata Knight Riders, he found his natural strength and started shining. He will definitely be an excellent pick for your squad at the IPL betting parimatchplatform.

4.   MS Dhoni   


MS Dhoni or MSD has been playing for Chennai Super Kings since 2008, that is, the first season of IPL. He is always known for his excellent and calm mindset during captaincy. The former Indian Captain knows well how to manage the team in a proper way. This wicket-keeper Batsman has won 3 IPL trophies for his side, making it very obvious for him to become the fourth highest-paid cricketer of IPL 2021, being paid a hefty amount of 15 crores rupees (2.06 million). No wonder he is one of the most obvious choices for your squad at fantasy game platforms like parimatch IPL.

5.    Rohit Sharma

This Indian Batsman is quite a famous name when it comes to gameplay. His technique and captainship abilities have been absolutely spectacular when it comes to lead play for Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indian franchise has paid this 33-year-old Indian Vice Captain 15 crore rupees (2.06 million dollars) for playing IPL 2021. The betters will make huge profits during IPL 2021 betting.


The players mentioned above are undoubtedly the most trustworthy performers with outstanding track records, which is why they are the highest-paid among all other cricketers. Along with cricket players, the spectators also get fair chances to earn money through IPL online betting. Considering them while making your squad during online IPL betting will increase your chances of winning a bet.

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