Top 6 Consumer Trends For the Next Decade

Now that the last decade is over, let us have a look at the trends for the next year. These are exciting times for India, the Indian population is booming, set to overtake China by 2027. At the same time, more Indians have internet than ever before. The internet quality is increasing and there are more people with money to spend. All of this will lead to an exciting new decade for Indian consumers. Here are the top six consumer trends for the next decade.

1. More Female Consumers

Until recently, most consumer decisions were made by men. However, women are slowly taking over. The education gap between men and women has already disappeared, and it looks like women will soon even overtake men. When it comes to household decisions, women already have the lead. Research shows that women are now responsible for 54% of all purchasing decisions. This is likely to increase even further, as women’s decisions are being made in more categories than ever before, including transport, education and travel.

2. More Beer Consumption

The next decade will be a beer decade, according to the India Beer Market Outlook 2023. The past few years have seen a boom on the Indian craft beer market, and we can only applaud. Domestic and international brands are also growing steadily. The report estimates that the Indian beer market will grow by 6% per year until at least 2023. More Indians will switch to craft beers, driving the market share to 25% in terms of revenue and 12.5% in terms of volume. That means we Indians will likely be drinking more and better beer by 2030!

3. More Mobile Games

We expect to see millions more Indians playing mobile games the next decade. This has three main causes. Indians have better internet access than ever before, and more Indians have access to data plans. The Indian middle class is growing, meaning more Indians have time and money for games. App developers have also begun creating games for Indian players. Indians can also play international games like Call of Duty Mobile, Evoland 1 and 2, or Nintendo Games. India is projected to have 370 mobile gamers by 2022, a staggering number.

4. More Online Casinos

Just like mobile games, online casinos are also set to take over, and for the same reasons. People have more time and money, better internet and more internet! That gives them more money to safely risk at a casino and more time to enjoy the games. Online casinos typically offer slots, roulette, and blackjack, however they have started to cater to Indians as well, offering teen patti, andar bahar, Indian rummy, Indian dice and more. This site offers a teen patti game guide so you can learn more. We also expect to see more Indian players betting on sports like IPL, Pro Kabaddi and more.

5. More Indian Sports

Speaking of sports, sports are also going to be increasingly popular in India next decade. More free time means more time to exercise as well as more time to watch popular sports, both from India and the rest of the world. We also expect bigger and better things from our country’s athletes, as our professional sports programs and community sports programs keep improving.

6. More Infrastructure

India’s booming population will need a place to live. At the same time, infrastructure will need to be improved. India’s cities are famous for being some of the most polluted and congested in the world. It is time for policy makers as well as private investors to develop infrastructure that will support India in the next decade. Luckily, some schemes have already been introduced, such as the “Housing for all by 2022”. Still, there is lots of work to be done

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