Top Indian Cricket Victories in History

India has seen its fair share of victories in cricket throughout the years. Every competition they are a feared competitor, and rightly so. They have a long history in the sport, with many successful campaigns, of course there are also some sour loses, but no team has a perfect record. However, cricket betting tips will always give them good odds.

This article will look at the most amazing Indian cricket victories in history. While this is not a full list by any means, it is a testimony to India’s winning mentality.

1983 World Cup Final

This victory is significant because it was the first time India won the World Cup. It was a match between India and the West Indies held in the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground, on June 25th, 1983. Within 52 overs, the Indian bowlers sent the West Indies batsmen to the dressing room, scoring 140 runs. They won with a score of 183 in the first and greatest Indian victory in the sport.

Adelaide Oval Test, 2003

Winning against Australia in cricket is always an amazing victory, especially if you are able to do it on their home soil. On this occasion, India won with 52 over still in hand. It was thanks to the ‘wall of India’, Rahul Dravid, who scored 72 runs in their victory over the Australian side.

2007 T20 World Cup Final

Playing against old rivals, Pakistan, a side the Indian squad had never lost to in World Cup history, India was able to secure another trophy. It was Dhoni who would be the main man for the squad, thanks to his composure and intelligence. Misbah was to strike for Pakistan, who needed 13 runs from 6 balls. However, he failed to hit Joginder Sharma’s bowls for six and ended up being caught out by Sreesanth.

2011 World Cup Final

This was a highly entertaining match versus Sri Lanka, with them scoring 247 in the limited overs edition. However, Dhoni was once again going to be the man of the moment, alongside his teammate Gambhir. The two combined for a total of 188 runs, with Dhoni hitting 91 in 79 deliveries. But it was Gambhir who put in the most effort, with the greatest knock in Indian cricket history with 97 runs.

The 2 Runs in 3 Balls Game

This game is unforgettable for any cricket lover. It was the Super10, Group 2, ICC World T20 match against Bangladesh. 2 runs needed from 3 balls. Bangladesh player Raheem had began celebrating early. A big mistake, as India’s Dhoni was at the center of the action again. With 3 wickets being hit in 3 balls, he made an incredible last run to secure India the victory in the most memorable fashion.

India has seen many great triumphs throughout the years, such as a notable win against England in 2002, the best victory India has achieved in Lords since 1983. However, this list is proof that India is a competitor any team should be scared to match up with.

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