What Gambling Enthusiasts Can Expect in India

India is not exactly famous for gambling, but that does not mean it has nothing to offer to gambling enthusiasts. The country known for the Taj Mahal has a few places you can visit if you want to enjoy some casino time. Playing slots, backgammon, blackjack, poker, roulette, and other casino games can be as fun in India as in other places.

Gambling with an Indian flavor

Three states in India are known for their gambling spots. These are Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. Sikkim has two casinos namely Casino Sikkim and Casino Mahjong. Daman has only one casino, but it features over a thousand slots and other gaming machines. Goa has the most number of gambling places, four of which are floating casinos operating on the Mahadayi River.

You don’t have to go to these physical locations to have a taste of India’s casino industry, though. You can play a wide range of games at various Indian online casinos. A number of sites such as India Casino Info provide guides and other information about online gambling in India. There are many web-based casinos that feature live games with personable Indian dealers. You can also go to poker rooms with Indian players.

Legality of gambling in India

Gambling is generally prohibited in India, but it is regarded as a state concern. As such, states are allowed to come up with laws that make it legal in their respective jurisdictions. As mentioned, gambling houses are legal in only three states in India. If you are not in these states, it is advisable not to get involved in any gambling.

Citizens and non-citizens must know about the status of gamblilng in the places they visit in India. The fine for violating the country’s anti-gambling laws may not be that much at only five hundred rupees. However, the prison term is quite harsh. Someone caught gambling illegally can face up to six months of imprisonment.

Despite the restrictive laws, illegal gambling is said to be rampant in the country. According to a report from The Independent, the country’s illegal gambling market is worth around 220 crores. It is around the same value of the legal gambling market of India. This, however, does not mean that it is okay to gamble illegally in the country.

Why risk getting penalised or imprisoned if you can just enjoy casino gaming online? Most of the online casinos that operate in India are legal. The country does not see offshore online casinos that operate in the country as illegal. Interestingly, the Indian government prohibits Indian casinos from promoting online gambling or having sites that encourage players to gamble on the internet.

India is not just about the cultural tourist spots, magnificent architecture, beautiful beaches, and natural destinations. It is an excellent place for exploring a distinctively rich Asian culture, hospitable people, and natural attractions. Also, it also offers unique experiences for those who love playing games of luck as well as games of skill. Image source – pixabay.

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