12 Yoga YouTubers to Keep you Active

Fitness has always been one of the top niches on YouTube. However, in recent years, more and more channels have started to discover that yoga is a channel idea that can become very profitable. For this reason, you will find that a lot of fitness channels are focusing on yoga.

If you want to establish a new fitness channel, then consider developing one in this niche. Many creators are trying to figure out how to get YouTube subscribers, and the niche is the first and most important step towards a successful career on the platform.

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#1 Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is not only the most successful yoga channel, but it is the most famous fitness channel overall. With 8.38 million subscribers and 726 million video views since 2012, you understand that this is the best channel to study. The friendly attitude of Adriene, along with the variety of her workout programs, make this channel the best option for users who want to do yoga at home. 

#2 PsycheTruth

PsycheTruth is a YouTube channel that aims to help its views look and feel better. By taking care of themselves, their subscribers will live happier and more fulfilled lives. For this reason, its content doesn’t only focus on yoga programs. You will also find beauty routines, nutrition tips, massage, and psychology videos. This content has brought 3.84 million subscribers to the channel.

#3 Boho Beautiful

Juliana and Mark Spicoluk are the creators of Boho Beautiful that promote a digital yogi lifestyle. The channel’s content is all about workout programs and guided meditations. Moreover, they post videos on vegan food and conscious mindful living. If you want to make your yoga channel stand out, then you should create diverse content. Once you do, visit Stormviews to enhance your videos by buying YouTube views, subscribers, and likes.

#4 Yoga with Kassandra

Lately, it was discovered that 6 out of 10 people like to watch videos instead of watching television. This means that they are steadily replacing this old habit with new ones influenced by the channels they are following. Therefore, users interested in fitness will seek for videos to work out at home. Yoga with Kassandra is a popular channel with 1.1 million subscribers. Its programs are for all experience levels, attracting a large audience.

#5 SarahBethYoga

SarahBethYoga is a YouTube channel with 1.08 million subscribers and 92 million video views. On the channel, the YouTuber is offering yoga videos 5-30 minutes long for all experience levels. Her videos include yoga for beginners, prenatal yoga, and workout yoga among others. The channel’s owner has expanded it to include a mobile application with 45-90-minute programs.  

#6 Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga has found an interesting twist within this niche. The channel focuses on uploading programs specifically developed for kids. The programs are trying to be interactive and fun and aim to build confidence, strength, and balance. This channel has found a great audience as it is close to 1 million subscribers and a little under 200 million video views. 

#7 KinoYoga

Kino Yoga is a YouTube channel for every user interested in learning more about yoga. On the channel, there are full-length beginner programs that guide viewers and help them understand the most important yoga poses. Moreover, there are tutorials that show the correct postures and even videos on yoga lifestyle and philosophy. By buying YouTube views from Stormviews, you can also start gathering an audience that shares your passion.

#8 Fightmaster Yoga

Fightmaster Yoga helps its viewers become more active in their everyday lives, thus beginning to feel more energetic. The channel’s creator encourages everyone to try the programs, even when they lack flexibility or they don’t know how to do the poses. With patience and positivity, the viewers will gradually improve and achieve the desired mindfulness. Fightmaster Yoga has now 608 thousand subscribers and 43 million video views.

#9 BrettLarkinYoga

BrettLarkinYoga is a YouTube channel that teaches its viewers that yoga at home can be fun. The videos on the channel are both for beginners and experienced people, while their duration varies. Moreover, the channel’s creator often posts tutorials on every yoga pose that the viewers should know. These videos offer viewers a transformative experience that will make their lives better.

#10 EkhartYoga

EkhartYoga is a YouTube channel with many useful workout videos. This channel focuses on exploring different types of yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga. Furthermore, the channel’s contributors are doing live sessions and webinars. In general, EkhartYoga is a channel that promotes its website that offers an even greater variety of yoga lessons.

#11 TaraStiles

Tara Stiles is a yogi that has created Strala Yoga. Her approach to yoga is unpretentious, inclusive, and straightforward, and aims to create a unique bond with her viewers. Apart from yoga and meditation, you can also find some videos on Tai Chi and Shiatsu. Strala Yoga also has a website that is promoted on the channel’s videos, with a great library of workout sessions.


YOGATX is a YouTube channel that brings together many yoga instructors. This way, viewers can discover the one they prefer and enjoy programs that are to their workout style. The channel has 316 thousand subscribers and 35 million video views. If you want to make your content reach these numbers, you need to visit Stormviews. By buying YouTube views, you can approach an even wider audience that will generate more views.

All of the above channels have discovered a specific fiend within the fitness sub-niche. Yoga can truly be profitable since there is a passionate audience for it. If you are interested in establishing a fitness channel, then yoga might be your best option. No matter what you choose, though, your effective strategy begins by buying YouTube views from Stormviews.

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