TOP 10 User Acquisition Techniques for Online Casinos

Once an online casino platform is up and running, operators face a complicated challenge: they need to attract players. Slotegrator has prepared a list of the top 10 techniques that online casino operators can use for successful client acquisition.


Affiliate programs have become a popular tool for user acquisition. With this technique, casinos join affiliate programs with members who promote gambling platforms in their media and other resources. Operators pay affiliates for bringing new players to the platform.


Another way to promote an online casino and acquire new players is to offer engaging bonuses. There are different kinds of bonuses, as some of them help to retain customers and keep their interest, while others are intended to bring new players to the casino. Operators can offer welcome or registration bonuses, bonuses for filling in payment details, bonuses for making their first deposit, daily bonuses, and many more.

Special offers

In addition to bonuses, online casino operators may decide to provide some special offers. These can include tournaments, specific awards, additional spins, returns of losses, prizes for active playing, and so on.


CRM (customer relationship management) systems are a necessary tool for any online casino aiming to achieve success. These systems help operators to manage and automate customer relations, control the sales process, and analyze their customer base. CRM systems are very useful for better casino marketing as they help to automate promotional tools and collect consumer data and information for better targeting, as well as keeping operators aware of users’ interests.

Social media


Online casinos often open accounts in social networks in order to find and attract potential players. Creating attractive daily posts will help to catch users’ attention and motivate them to visit the casino. Posts can be dedicated to new casino offers, innovative games, and bonuses, as well as containing useful information about the industry or responsible gambling.


Many online casinos start cooperating with streamers to acquire new players. Streamers play games online and broadcast the process in real-time. The trend has become very popular, and captures the attention of people around the world. When a casino cooperates with a well-known streamer who reviews the platform’s games, viewers will probably want to visit the resource and check out the games for themselves.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to re-interest existing users who haven’t been to the platform for a while. Every casino has a database of inactive players who have left the platform for some reason. Email marketing can help bring players back to the gambling platform if marketing experts can create engaging messages with attractive “come back” offers.


Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are an effective retention tool. However, they may help to attract new users as well. Some loyalty programs offer appealing rewards even at the beginning levels, which can be attractive to users who are visiting the platform for the first time. Also, loyalty programs may provide some unique rewards and VIP offers at higher levels, which will encourage players to visit the platform again and again.

Press releases

Online casinos sometimes cooperate with popular gaming information resources and publish articles about their updates on these websites. Gambling platforms may also want to announce new partnerships with well-known leading gaming content providers, which will help to increase brand recognition.


High-quality gaming content is a useful user acquisition tool as well. Popular certified games from leading and reliable providers appeal to players. When users see high-quality games in the casino, they know they can trust the platform and safely make deposits.

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