Why India Could One Day Lead the Way in Online Gambling

Gambling is no longer synonymous with just a few rich countries, it’s become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to rise of the internet. Online gambling is now a popular activity in all continents across the globe, no matter whether they are rich or poor. From table games in the Far East, to slots in the US and Roulette in Europe, every country has their favourites. But online casino has meant sites can open up their virtual doors to nearly everyone on the planet – laws permitting.

In this article we are going to explore how the recent boom in online gambling in India could be an indication of things to come. If things were to continue in this way could we see India becoming a superpower in Online Gambling?


India has the second largest population in the world, soon to be the largest if growth rates continue as they are. Standing at nearly 1.4 billion people, India has the power to make a significant mark on any industry if they are that way inclined.


Online casino has made serious steps since the invention of smartphones. Gamblers can now log on and play from the palm of their hand in nearly any location. Gone are the days where you need a desktop computer setup in an office at home, and gone are the days where people felt the need to hide the enjoyment they got from gambling.

Smartphones have truly revolutionized the industry, and India is one of the leaders in smartphone usage across the globe. In fact, they have 300 million smartphone users, which is only going to increase in the future. “India is in a very sweet spot in terms of smartphone growth,” said Shobhit Srivastava, an analyst at Counterpoint Research. That means online casino companies have a great opportunity to market their websites and apps to a huge potential customer base that already have access.


Although online gambling isn’t illegal in India, it remains somewhat of a grey area. This prevents any sponsorship or advertising of gambling companies across the country. If this were ever to change, and the government of India were to regulate gambling, we could truly see a revolution in the country. With it, would come thousands if not millions of new job opportunities for Indians. The results would surely reach further than just India, and it would make the country one of the gambling superpowers.


As mentioned, the population size in India is a huge factor in their potential as a leader in online gambling. Their love of cricket is also a factor. Cricket is fast becoming a serious competitor to soccer to hold the title of world’s most popular sport. Online gambling sites can take advantage of this (if laws change) through the sponsorship of some of the country’s biggest cricket teams. They only need to look at The English Premier League to see how online gambling and betting companies have taken advantage of the team’s global exposure. As cricket continues to grow, competitions like the IPL could have the same reach and influence.


Every country has their favourite casino games they like to play. In the US it’s slots, in Australia it’s pokies, and in India it’s the traditional Indian games. Teen Patti and Rummy are the two most popular. In the last couple of years, casino game providers have woken up to the Indian market and begun to create their own versions of these Indian classics. These are now accessible and playable in many online casinos across the world. India is truly stamping its identity on the casino world. India is no longer just a consumer, but also a trend-setter in this genre.

At this moment in time, India only has the potential to make an impact in world of online gambling. But all the points discussed point to the fact that India has a real opportunity to become an online casino superpower in the future – which will more than likely benefit the country socially and financially.

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