Best Two Wheelers For Ladies

Girls are not out of range while talking about speed and bikes.Girls are more crazier for speeds,they love fast but safe driving. Bike manufactures companies like Honda, Suzuki, Kinetic and TVS are launching bikes for girls in India as well after the fastest sports bikes. Honda is a top auto mobile company in India, their product are really trust able. Honda design their product as pet Indian customers and according to Indian roads. The technology used for woman’s bikes is quit different in terms of engine, there is no gear and no clutches, High pick up, Light weight easy to handle and a good looking appearance. Here is a brief description about the best two wheelers for girls in India.

Latest Model of Two Wheelers and Lightweight bikes for Girls

Honda Activa

The compact and stylish look of Honda Activa make it very successful among men and women in India. The Activa has awesome acceleration, elegant design and superb control and good looking scooter in India.

Honda activa

Honda Activa Specification:

Engine Type: 102 CC 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled OHC
Weight: 107.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 6.00 ltrs
Brakes:Drum brakes for both.
Top speed: 80kph
Price: Rs.39,558 (Ex-showroom, Hyderabad)
Mileage: 35-45 Kmpl

Honda Dio

Honda Dio is the best one for young girls and teenager. Its stylish and a complete babes bike. Honda Dio has been design as per young generation of India boys and girls with a good pick up but low mileage.


Honda Dio Specification:

Engine Type: 102 cc 4Stroke, Single Cylinder Air Cooled OHC
Weight: 102.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 6.00 ltrs
Brakes:Drum brakes for both.
Top Speed: 78kph
Price: Rs. 41,400 (On Road)
Mileage: 35-40 Kmpl

TVS Scooty Pep

Scooty pep is comfortable in driving,has good power breaks and a great mileage.


TVS Scooty pep Specification:

Engine Type: 4 stroke single cylinder air-cooled
Weight: 85.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 5.00 ltrs
Brakes:Disk breaks
Top Speed: 60kph
Price: Rs.39,500 (On Road)
Mileage: 35-45 Kmpl

Hero Honda Pleasure

This is the first scooter launched by Hero Honda is Pleasure, it become successful in India Market.




Hero  Honda Pleasure Specification:

Engine Type: 100 cc, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled OHC
Weight: 104.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 5 ltrs
Brakes: Drum brakes for both.
Top speed: 77kph
Price: Rs.36.5k (ex-showroom) in Delhi
Mileage: 35-45 Kmpl

Kinetic Flyte

Mahindra has launched Flyte into Indian market with kinetic Flyte.




Kinetic Flyte Specification:

Engine Type: 125cc, 4stroke engine, single cylinder, Air Cooled OHC
Weight: 105.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 5.00 ltrs
Brakes:Drum brakes for both.
Top speed: 80 kph
Price:Rs. 37,499.00 (ex-showroom Delhi)
Mileage: 35-45 Kmpl

Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access is a mid sized scooter designed specifically for Indian market. The competitor are Honda activa and pleasure.


Suzuki Access Specification:

Engine Type: 125cc, 4stroke engine, single cylinder, Air Cooled OHC
Weight: 109.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 6.40 ltrs
Brakes:Drum brakes for both.
Top speed: 92kph
Price: Rs. 48500 (On Road)
Mileage: 35-45 Kmpl

Mahindra Duro

Mahindra’s launched its tow city scooters: “Mahindra Rodeo” and “Mahindra Duro”. Duro stylish good looks and powerful 125 cc engine making it a competitor of other giant two wheelers.


Mahindra Duro Specification:

Engine Type: 124cc, 4stroke engine, single cylinder, Air Cooled OHC
Weight: 114.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 6.50 ltrs
Top speed: 80kph
Price: Rs. 47000 (On Road)
Mileage: 35-40 Kmpl

Piaggio Vespa LX125 

The Italian scooter company has also launched a new brand identity of Vespa, The 125cc model of two wheeler is only for India while keeping the Indian road. Piaggio Vespa was one of the robust design and powerful engines scooter, with the same name simply Vespa will brings you back the joy of riding. The beautiful and lady design of iconic Vespa returns to India.


Piaggio Vespa Specification:

Engine Type: 125cc, four stroke, 3-valve single cylinder air-cooled
Weight: 114.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 8.0 ltrs
Top speed: 100kph
Price: Rs. 66,661 (ex-showroom)
Mileage: 45 Kmpl

Yamaha Ray


Yamaha Ray Specification:

Engine Type: 125cc, four stroke
Weight: 104.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 5.0 ltrs
Top speed: 100kph
Price: Rs. 46,000 (ex-showroom)
Mileage: 50Kmpl

Yamaha has launched its latest 125cc scooter for women, with the launch of 4-stroke motor Ray Yamaha has entered into the segment of ladies two wheelers market in India. The low cost ladies bike will give a good competition to the rest of two wheeler bikes.



Kinetic Flyte

  • These companies has brought very nice ideas… and have given opportunity to women to have fun on bike… The Hero Honda Pleasure and Suzuki Access i liked most…
    i just imagine how a girl would be looking while drifting and wheeling on these bikes 😉

    • Gautam

      Hii! U r right but if you want to see drifting and wheeling then try it yourself

      • LIRA

        Best Said! LOL 😉

  • shree

    i like Honda Dio & Suzuki Access.
    very nice bikes & very comfirtable for girls to drive…

  • these beautyful 2 wheelers are made specaily for girls and women.its make our life easier and fast. i think that we are now self dependent with these 2 wheelers. all are good but i like most honda activa.iski to baat hi kuch aur hai.

    • Yeah now every girl is self dependent with these 2 wheelers. Enjoy your ride with care.


    I would like to buy Suzuki Access through Hire Purchase System. Please inform me about Down Payment, EMI, Rate of Interest (Flat/Reducing), other documentation details etc. at the earliest.

    • Hey Guruhari, You can visit nearby showroom for all the details.


  • Emanuel Chargois

    Having been simply browsing for useful blog articles intended for a project research when I happened to stumble on yours. Many thanks for this useful material!

  • pranali dandekar

    hello sir
    I wish to purchase ladies bike which is low weight good average height is less and proper servicing so please suggest me.

    thanking you.

    • @ Hello Pranali,
      Scooty pep+ and Honda Dio will be good as per your requirement.

  • revathi

    i need to buy a two wheeler that should be low hight and weight please suggest me which one is good for me
    thank u

    • sridevi

      scooty pep+ is best

    • hafeez

      Scooty pep+,purple color . 2006 model ,self start .20000 km,single owner lady drive .good condition.

      • Rashi

        pl. write back if the deal is till open

    • Revathi scooty is good in all terms.

  • Gowtham

    I’ve been looking about for ladies bikes for my wife. I found honda activa the best if it wasn’t too heavy for her to handle. So, dio & pep are the correct choices if you’re looking for a lightweight one.

  • Gayathri

    I want buy a bike any body say which is best

    • Honda and TVS vehicles are best, choose the one.

  • hem

    I need to buy two wheeler..I am ready to drive any type..but it should give good performance and mileage.which will be the best?
    can u provide me the prices of each type if u know?

  • @Hem,
    Suzuki Access will be good for you and price may vary but i guess its 58000.

  • lakshmi

    i would like to purchase honda activa or suzuki access please specify which is more comfortible for man and women

    • Hi Lakshmi,
      Go for Activa, it’s good for both.


    Hi frnds, pls suggest me a gud bike which is weightless for less height.. my height is just 4’11 so suggest me yar.. very big confusion…

    • Hey Jennifer go for Honda Dio, it will suit you most.

      • JENNIFER

        thank u so much frnd…

        • dnyanada

          how about scooty teenz?

  • i think scooty pep is d rit 1

  • hi frnds,,,,,
    i m looking 4 a 2 wheeler ….m 5 ft 2 inc…n often i hv 2 go out…so which 1 wl b good 4 me…pls suggest….

    • Hey Pankaj i will suggest you Dio.

  • sowmya

    can u please suggest me a two wheeler fit for ladies, keeping following criteria:-
    1) Light Weight
    2) Gud 4 doubles
    3) Maximum Mileage
    5) Scooty pep or activa which is best

    • Hi Sowmya go for Scooty Pep.

    • siva

      honda dio is best suted for you

    • PREM

      Keeping in mind about light weight TVS pep is the best known for girls biking.
      Also mileage is achieved well compared to Activa.
      After sale service is good , TVS have numerous service centers compared to honda.
      Only drawback is PEP can’t reach more speed, but can serve essential speed of max 65kmph easily.
      Last but not the least handling is easy, can move the bike to and fro with little energy.

      • Subha

        Thanks for Ur valuable suggestion

  • Neelee

    I want to buy a light weight and low price bike.anyone please suggest me one.thanks 🙂

  • rama

    i want to purchase a lite weight & low price scooty ,my height is 5 ft.
    actually i don’t know how to ride the scooty but i heard about balanced wheels are avalible for scootys i feel happy by hearing this good news.
    which is comfortable for me?
    say the scooty models details including price (on road) & finance details per year.
    please kindly send reply to my mail address
    thank you.

    • Hello Rama,
      The TVS Scooty pep + cost around 36,900 to 39,334 (on-road price), Please contact your nearest TVS dealer for yearly finance detail.
      Thank you for visiting.

  • Pawan

    Is Suzuki Access is good for my sister..??

    • Yes Pawan.. Suzuki Access is a good bike for girls.

  • Mukt

    Hi Kailash,
    You forget to put information for ” Suffire ” ‘the Bajaj product’.

    Bulandh Bharat ki Bulandh Tashvir hamara Bajaj.

    • Hey Mukt,
      Actually Saffire production was shut down by the Bajaj long time ago, that’s why i have not counted here but indeed it was a great bike.


  • kalyani

    I would like to buy Kinetic Flyte bike, and i am ready to pay money in installments. Kindly guide me.

    • Hey Kalyani,
      Please contact your nearest dealer, they will finance bike in installment.

  • tanu

    Hi am planning to purchase Mahindra Rodeo…can any one tell how is it?

    • Its overall performance is good. It’s light weight and best for girls.

  • Mrs. S Kumar


    Need to buy a two wheeler, which has:
    – light weight and can be used by both gals and guys.

    I first thought of Scooty Pep, but believe it has galish look and guys will not use.
    But if I will buy any other then it will have more weight. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mrs Kumar, Most of the vehicles are 100+ Kg, Honda Dio or Suzuki Access will be one of the good choice.


  • Lava

    I am planning to buy a 2 wheeler.I am very confused that Honda Activa or Hero Honda Pleasure which is good?Actually my height is 5 feet.,i don’t know to drive a scooty…….Please suggest me and also give some 2 wheeler driving schools for ladies in Bannerghatta road,Bangalore. Please give reply.

    • Hey Lava,
      Please search in yellowpages for a near by Driving school at your area and Hero Honda Pleasure will be a good option.

  • arpitha

    First of all I want to thank u for the good article & the replies u have been giving.

    I have a question, I want to buy a bike which:
    1. does not skid easily,
    2. is not very heavy,
    3. good mileage and
    4. Less maintainance

    Which one will u suggest Pleasure, Dio or Scooty (Activa I think is heavy so is not in my list).

    • Hello Arpita,
      Thanks for your comment, i will suggest you go with Dio it’s fit as per your requirment.

      • arpitha

        Hi, thanks for the reply.
        I want to know the criteria for selecting Pleasure and when to go for Dio. Difference b/w them.

        • Hello Arpita,
          Pleasure has good mileage, Less maintainable but heavy a bit and Dio is good looking, and great pick up bike for girls to enjoy the speed. So choice is yours.


  • sai prasad

    sir, I am intrested to buy honda pleasuer @ o% on hire purchase at Hyderabad. Pl send me complete details by return mail.
    CELL NO. 8121495562

    • Hello Sai, Please search in yellow pages for a nearby Honda auto dealer.

  • Ritu

    hey, I am planning to buy a two wheeler. I am very confused coz my height is just 4 ft 9 inc and i am a bit tense also that i can drive safely or not. can u plz suggest me a gud bike which is weightless and comfortable for me.

    • Hey Ritu,
      I will suggest you to go with Scooty pep+

  • Lava

    Thank u for ur suggestions.My height is 5 feet only ,so i can go for scooty pep plus or hero honda pleasure.

    • Welcome, Go for Pep then.

  • Lava

    Thank u.

  • moni

    Hi, i’m looking for a bike that’s fast, great pick up, neither small and nor too bulky, mileage. can u suggest me a bike ? people say honda aviator is good. Is it? Or can i go for something in Mahindra? I’m also concerned bou the looks…Thank u.

    • Hi Moni,
      Honda Aviator has good feedback till now, Try Honda Dio its another best option for you, it look cool and has great pick up as well.

  • Janhavi

    I want to purchase a two wheeler which should be lightweight, easy to handle,stylish and gives a good mileage
    Which 1 wud be bettr scooty pep+ or honda dio

    • Hi Janhavi, Scootey pep give a good mileage.

  • Jai

    Hi, I wanted to buy one of this but i am looking for longivity (with no or less maintenance cost) & good milege. Please suggest me good one.

    • Hello Jai, All bikes need regular service at right intervals and as for good milage,style and comfortable is concern choose one of the Honda product Activa, Dio or Aviator.

  • Sachin Jain

    Hey admin,

    First of all thank for your post. This is the exact article i was looking for as i am planning to buy one for my dad as well as my wife.
    So my requirement is a bike for both male and female. By looking all options i shortlisted
    1) Honda Aviator (But heard that honda activa and aviator has 6 mnth waiting),
    2) Mahindra duro (Found 4 product on net Duro, Radeo, Flyte, Kine but don’t know how good mahindar is in 2 wheeler segment and don’t want my wife to stuck on middle of road due to malfunction).
    3) Honda is good in this segment but didn’t like to position of head light of Honda Dio.
    4) What about TVS wego.
    As i dont know much about this segment and my requirement is also more, So i am considering all options. Thanx in advance.

    • Hello Sachin,
      Thanks for visiting, As you have already done so much analysis and i am agree with the points you shared here. I will suggest you to go for TVS Wego, As it is the latest product and its feedback is really good. It is excellent on road, light weighted, good mileage and easy to drive for both male and female. At the same time please take a look on Suzuki Access.

  • Shilpa


    I am 5 ft 6 inches tall and a little on the heavier side. I have not driven a scooty much – just couple of times in college. I drove Activa but found it way too heavy.

    Can you suggest an option that is sturdy and has a good mileage but not too heavy ? I am considering Honda dio, would it be fine wrt my build?

    Awaiting a reply soon,

    • Hi Shilpa, Thanks for Stopping by. As per your build first preference would be definitely Activa But it’s really heavier than others bikes, So i will also suggest you the same Honda Dio as you like it . It’s one of the most selling bike and good for girls in terms of pickup,mileage,style and comfortable to drive, Go for it and enjoy you ride. 🙂


  • Sudheer.CHSR

    I verified all the bykes.,
    I had gone through the specification of

    Honda – Dio, Activa, Aviator;
    TVS – Pep+, Wego;
    Mahendra – Radeo;
    Hero Honda – Pleasure.

    But I want to know one thing I want a vehicle with semi fiber body, 45+ mileage & capable for rough drivable.

    I hope Pep is the best in cost wise,

    Access 125 & Mahendra Radeo are the best in pikup,

    Wago, Radeo, Pep+ are light weight vehicles.

    At final which one is the best you will prefer Mr. Admin 🙂

    I am trying to purchase for my wife she is 5.2 height and I am the capable to purchase upto 54,000. And the most thing is I want at least 50+ milege with rough drivable vehicle.
    Admin can you make a help in this decision.

    • Hi Sudheer, You have verified alomost all the good bikes its great, So i have to answer in the same way 🙂 here we go:
      1. Honda products deliver performance and rough driving but fuel consumption rate is high.
      2. Mahindra vehicles are light weighted but overall performence is not so good.
      3. TVSAccording to me as per your requirment you should go with TVS Pep+ It gives good mileage, great looks, fiber body, rough drive with servicing in time and best for girls. Choice is yours my dear.

  • rizwana

    Hello Admin

    i am office goer, mother of one, medium body (70 kgs) in search of a bike that can pick up fast, light weight, and some times have to carry my mom (about 80) for shopping. plz suggest me a bike that can fill my requirement. Last but not least low maintanence bike plz, cuz i hardly get time for extra works like visit to get it serviced.

    • Hi Rizwana, Every bike need regular maintenance for better pick up and long time use. I will suggest you for Honda Activa, it has great pick up and fit best as per your requirement. It’s quiet heavy but manageable by you.

  • I m Kiran ….


    I m going to buy honda Activa for myself. my height is 5’1 plz suggest me accordingly with price (showroom)….early reply will be appreciable…..

    • Hey Kiran, Honda Activa is good bike go for it, Activa Price varies from location to location in the country, Honda Activa Ex Showroom Price lies in the range of Rs.40,814 to 47,500.

  • chandana

    Hi Admin,

    I am planning to buy a scooty pep.. I have enquired in a tvs showroom and the rate they r giving is 44 to 47 thousand……..does the price vary from place to place?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Chandana, Yes Vehicle price may vary from location to location across the country. I guess the price should be in the range of 35 to 42 thousand, please verify at other locations near yours.

  • chandana

    Hi admin,

    Thanks for a speedy response..I will enquirer in other showrooms


  • srinivasa rao

    How to purchase an online bike for ladies on above rates.

    • Hey Srinivasa,
      Why don’t you go for physical purchase rather then online, It will be good to test before buy.


  • Satya lakshmi

    Hi, Which is the best scooter suitable for men & women keeping height( seat top to road ),weight,fuel efficiency,low maintainability,spares & service availability,balancing while taking 2 children for school,long run durability and no skidding.

    • Hi Satya Lakshmi,
      Now a day’s any two wheelers can be used by both and all vehicles needs servicing at right time for long run. For you i will suggest Scooty pep, Its not much heavy, has good mileage,easy to handle and any one can drive.


  • kaveri

    Hi, I need to buy a 2 wheeler but have a confusion as my height is just 4.8”. Please suggest which is best suited bike for me.

    • Hi Kaveri,
      Scooty pep+ and Tvs wigo both are good for you, As they are not much heavy and easy to handle.

      • kaveri

        Hi Admin,
        How is Kinetic Blaze? Height wise it’s good but how comfortable it is for girls. Please reply

        Thanks & Regards,
        Kaveri M

        • Hi Kaveri,
          Kinetic Blaze is one of the best bike and its very much comfortable for girls too with a different looks.
          Its quite a Big Machine so your height will be a factor here dear.

          • kaveri

            you are right.

  • Hey Admin, I would like to buy a bike….. it takes 15km for me from my home to college so overall 30kms. i need a bike which gives great mileage please suggest me…….

    • Hey Nithya,
      One of the good option is Hero Honda Pleasure or you can go for Scooty Pep as well,
      Your call.

      • What about Activa ?

        • Hi Nithya,
          My first opinion is Activa but its a heavier then others and has a long waiting list at showrooms.
          If you are not in hurry then wait for Activa, else go for Honda Aviator or pleasure.

  • Anu

    I am looking to buy a 2 wheeler with requirements as mentioned below.I am slightly thin and height is 5.4′ so i need a vehicle which is easy to handle.

    *Should have good looks and light weight
    *good mileage
    *Value for money

    I have these options in mind
    *Honda dio – like this one,however heard it doesnt give good mileage and foot board is not so much comfortable 😐
    *TVS Wego – Good feedback but doesnt have gr8 luks unlike Dio.
    *Hero Honda Pleasure

    Which one would you to suggest to go for.


    • Hey Anu,
      Why don’t you go for Honda Activa, Its the best one. You have good height you can handle it. Else Hero Honda pleasure is also a good option with great look and better mileage.

  • Ashok kumar

    Hey, i need to purchase a vehicle for my wife.
    she is 5 foot 3 inches taller and i would prefer a light weight vehicle and which gives better looks and mileage and reliability. which one can i go?

    • Hello Ashok,
      Thanks for visiting here, Most of the vehicles are 100 + in weight, for mileage and better look Honda Aviator, Pleasure and Suzuki Access are good option, choice is yours sir.

  • Bhavani

    Hi Admin,
    I want to buy a bike, please advice me which one is best.. i am confused whether to choose Activa/Dio or Tvs Wego.. by look wise wego is good. but not sure whether it is standard as activa as some blogs says few problems came with wego like battery discharge and not starting in beginning not sure of it..
    so please suggest me a good one which should be comfortable in driving and low weight and good millage and should not get repairs frequently..

    • Hi Bhavani,
      Activa is best one, good looks,better mileage and less maintenance but a bit heavy, Dio is stylish and today’s generation bike for girls with great pick up. My suggestion is Dio now choice is yours dear.


      • can i knw which is better pleasure or rodeo or activa or streak?
        i want to purchase a bike which suits to my dad and for me too.. my weight is 70
        and i wan the bike immediately…
        could u please suggest the acurate bike satisfying my conditions…..
        thank u…

        • Hi Suan, Give a try to Activa and Pleasure both are good, Go for the one you feel comfortable to drive.

  • Hi i want to buy a bike for my wife but i am confuse between Honda Activa or pleasure.
    My wife have field works to do, her daily drives are 40-50km. so please advice me which one i should buy.
    My wife height is 5’2″ and weight 40kg please send me answer hurry in my email.

    • Hi Lomash,
      Go for Activa, its the best one, A bit heavier but easy to handle and drive.

  • nilam

    I wantto buy a bike , should be light weight and easy maintenance. As per this, Deo is a prefered one. But it bestsuited for teenagers girl. i want a bit decentone to go to office. Please can you advice.
    What about Hero honda pleasure.

  • Nilam

    Hi Admin
    i want to buy 2wheeler but i want good mileage than scooty end less than activa….
    so i don’t have idea between this two bikes…& i have concern about good look &speed .& my budget is 35 to 40 thousand because i have to buy in installment so can u give me good suggestion as earlier…

    • Hi Nilam,
      Thanks for stopping by, Hero Honda pleasure and Suzuki Access are two good option’s for you. They both are good looking and better mileage but above your range 🙁 . As you are a office goer so choose one of them.

  • isack

    Hey admin
    I want to buy a 2 wheeler for my mother, her height is 4.9 she wants light weight and which is less in height. I suggested her to by scooty pep+ but she does not like look of that bike so please suggest which bike can i buy for my mother it is urgent because my mothers birthday is on 27 Sep so tell me faster.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Isack,
      Its very nice that you are going to buy a two wheeler for your mother, Scooty was the first option indeed but you already rejected it so go and check for Honda Pleasure and Suzuki Access, both are good looking,greater mileage but bit heavy.

      • isack

        Thank u for your suggestion

        • No Problem, Thanks for visiting.

  • Priyanka

    Hi Admin,

    I wanna buy a vehicle. My height is 5.4 and weight 60.. I am confused between honda dio and access.. which one is better for girls??? Please do suggest me na?? I am waiting for ur reply

    thanks in advance..

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Thanks for visiting, If you are office goer then i will suggest you to with Suzuki Access, it has a good mileage and great looks too.

  • Suresh

    Hi Admin,
    I am planning to buy a vechile for my wife for her office use, her usage will be 40 – 50 kms /day, She is 5.5 ft height & 65 Kg weight. Our requirements are
    1. Good Mileage
    2. Easy to Handle

  • Hey Suresh,
    Hero Honda Pleasure and Suzuki Access are two good option as per your requirement, easy to handle and gives good mileage as well.

  • Viswanath

    Is tvs scooty pep+ suitable for doubles for stout people????

    • No, better go for Honda Dio or Activa.

  • Rick Jones

    Though a nice bike to ride in city, Honda Dio has a big flaw. Mainly, the headlight which is fitted on the body space instead of on the handle space. So if you are riding in the nights with the lights on, be very careful on the curves and turns. While turning the handle to left/right, the lights would still be straight and not towards the direction you turn.

    • Hey Rick,
      Agree with Honda Dio, It’s a great bike to ride with in the city but as you mention its headlights are static, it does not move with handle. Thanks for your valuable comments i hope our riders will take care of this.

  • latika

    Hi Admin, I am planning to buy a new two wheeler, but m confused which one to opt for, hero honda takes three months so i cant go fr it, how abt mahindra & tvs? which one is better and which vehicle wud u suggest? I had chkd on mahindra – flyte, rodeo, kine & tvs- wego, i find scooty pep too girly n din lik it, & when i checkd online regarding the abv options there seemed to b a lot of complaints n CONFUSED!!! plz suggest somethn best, thank u….

    • Hi Latika,
      TVS vehicle are good, but as scooty pep is rejected form you so go and check these Suzuki Access, Honda Pleasure, Dio or Honda Aviator. If all vehicles from honda are in waiting list then Suzuki Access is best option in terms of looks and mileage.

  • Uttara

    Hey ma height is 5 and weight is around 40. plz suggest d bike dat i can handle well especially in the traffic..ppl say if vehicle is too heavy u wil get tired waiting in d traffic… n my colg timing is of peak hours only… so plz suggest very confused right now… dnt wanna go with pep… u suggest wat u feel pep is d only option..

    • Hey Uttara, Thanks for visiting here. No pep is not the only option, there is no need to worry for bike’s weight you can handle all of them easily. What is your requirement in a bike mileage, looks and maintenance ? Have you choose any one like Honda Dio, Pleasure or Activa ?

  • Kavitha

    Hey my height is 5’5 and weight is around 50. plz suggest d bike dat i can handle well especially in the traffic..ppl say if vehicle is too heavy u wil get tired waiting in d traffic… so plz suggest very confused right now… I wanna go for the bike which
    1.does not skid easily,
    2. is not very heavy,
    3. good mileage and
    4. Less maintainable
    5.Long life… plz suggest which one ll be suitable for me..

    • Hello Kavitha,
      Your height is well enough to handle the weight of all girls bikes, so forgot about the ppl saying. Go for one of these Hero Honda Pleasure or Suzki Access. Enjoy the ride.

  • I want to buy a bike, it should be light weight, and i am learning now only, so, i thought of buying Scooty Pep+, so, i have little confusion that to buy scooty or Honda Dio, my husband suggested me to buy Honda Dio, but, i feel it will be little heavy and he told that scooty will give lot of trouble is it true? my height is 5.1, please suggest me that whether scooty is good and it gives mileage or not and i am not going to use daily, i will use weekly 3 to 4 times not more than that, because i am staying near by to my Office and i will use the bike to go for shopping and in case future my Office shifted to far place, that time i will use daily my bike. And i want to know if we keep the bike not using for more than two days means it will give trouble while starting is it like this. please tell me and suggest me to buy scooty or Honda Dio.

    And i am planning to buy in this dasshera, so, reply immediately. thanks.

    • Hi Poonam,
      Thanks for commenting here, if you are choosing between Honda Dio and Scooty, i will suggest you to go with your husband decision so you both can use it, that is Honda Dio. Please first get full confidence before jump into the heavy traffic area to drive, Yeah every bike gives the starting issue if not used for two days so use kick to start every morning rather then self start. All the best for your vehicle.

  • Murali

    Want to buy TVS wego !! any reviews on this vehical …
    Not seen much reviews , so please if any one .. comment on this 🙂


    • Hi Murali,
      Till now TVS wego has overall an average reviews, starting problem,good mileage, etc.. wait for some more time to get a good view.

  • B

    Hi ..

    I have a question. I have a car but with the rising fuel prices i was thinking of getting a two wheeler instead. I am 5’1 so it needs to be low to the ground, is there any bike i can get. I dont know about a scooty i dont think its for me.. but i am still open to suggestions. The only 2 wheeler i know how to ride is a cycle, but i am sure i can learn. Light weight will be great but that may be too much to ask for considering i am looking for a bike and not a scooty.

    Any suggestions??

    • Hey B, There are lots of best bike available or girls in the Indian market some of them are honda pleasure,Activa, Dio and Suzuki Acess. TVS is categories as scooty brand but Wego is also a good option as light weight, low to ground and easy to handle. All of the above bike are more then 100 Kg in weight so please learn first then only jump into ride. Choice is your ?


  • Pushkar

    I want to buy bike for my father as well as my sister..
    i m looking fr a bike, that does not skid easily, should not be very heavy, good mileage, Less maintainance and stylish look.

    i m confused between TVS scooty pep+ and Honda deo.
    can any one tell me which one is best fr long term??
    or for which bike should i go??

    • Hey Pushkar, Between your choice of TVS scooty pep + and Honda Dio, Scooty pep is well suited as per your requirements good mileage, not too much heavy,stylish look and every bike need servicing and maintenance at regular interval for long term.

  • Rahul

    I want buy a bike which can be used by me and My wife.
    My preferences are –
    1. Activa
    2. Suzuki Access
    3. Aviator
    reading your above Q&A these 3 are good bikes. But Activa’s waiting time is so high, Aviator is very costly and I heard about maintenance of Suzuki Access is very expensive. Access parts are very costly and and easily not available in the market (show Room). I am in Pune.

    Please clear my doubts. or suggest other good bike for us. like others I want low maintenance, good mileage, good looking and strong bike.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hello Rahul,
      As you have already surveyed a lots of things, Yes Honda products are on high waiting list, In that case Suzuki Access is one of the best option for you. Its good in mileage, looks and its parts are available in the market as well.


  • pushu

    Hi,I need to buy Honda Aviator but have a confusion as my height is just 5.1”. Please suggest does it suitable for me.

    • Hi Pushu,
      Well Honda Aviator is a bit big bike so I guess you should try Honda Dio or Pleasure.

  • Savita


    I am planning to buy a 2 wheeler with good Mileage. Daily usage for 20 km.
    I was planning for Honda Activa but the waiting period in 2 months.
    Also Access, Deo also have a waiting period.

    Can you please suggest any other bike with good mileage and good to drive for myself and my husband.


    • Hi Savita, Try Honda Pleasure or TVS Vehicle pep+.

      • Savita

        Thanks admin,

        But my husband is not willing for pep+. which once of the below would be the best
        TVS Wego
        Honda Aviator
        Honda Pleasure

        Please help.

        • Hi Savita,
          In that case i will suggest you Honda Pleasure, stylish look, good mileage and you both can drive. Choice is your

  • Shradha

    Hey I cannot decide between Suzuki Access 125 and TVS Wego. Preference is for high mileage, low maintenance and long term usage. Please give suggestion.

    Thank You.

    • Hi Shradha, Suzuki Access 125 is good in looks and mileage, For long term use you have to take care of bike with proper servicing at right intervals.

      • Shradha

        Thanks for quick reply….
        Have a Good Day ahead.

        • Thanks Shardha, Wish you the same.

          • Shradha

            Hey I inquired for Access 125 but for it I will have to wait for 6 months……
            Can you tell me about the performance of TVS Wego.

          • Yeah it have a long waiting list, TVS Wego have average performance report so far, With some of good features like excellent on road, light weighted, comfortable, easy to handle and Issues like
            Self-Start Battery issues, Suspension and Mileage.

          • Shradha

            Please tell me about Honda Aviator………..

          • Hi Shradha, Honda Aviator is the new version of Activa with features like new style,shaped headlamp,metal panels and very easy to handle in traffic.
            Reviews are very good so far, except battery problem.

        • Shradha

          Hello Admin,
          Now I have to choose between Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. Both will take 2-3 months to get delivered. My cousin owns an Activa, we have observed that every morning it gives starting problem.
          So can you tell me whether Access gives same problem becoz thats what is making me think that I shld go for Access.

          Thank you for your answers.
          Have a good day.

          • Hi Shradha, Go for Suzuki Access, Its better then Activa and Its advisable to use Kick to start any two wheeler in the morning.

  • gopu


    • Hello Gopu, Try Scooty pep or TVS Wego and honda pleasure is also a good option.

  • partha

    which is the ideal vehicle for ladies 22 years working weighing around 50 kgs prefers light weight comfortable ride less maintenance more mileage cost around 45,000/-

    • Hey Partha,
      Thanks for visiting, you can handle any one of the bike, try Honda Activa,Pleasure or Suzuki Access.

  • Nidhi

    Dear Admin,

    I’m 5 ft tall and 53 kg in weight. I am crazy about Honda Pleasure. With this height, is it advisable for me to opt for Pleasure? What are the other options except Pep+?

    • Hey Nidhi, No doubt go for it and enjoy.

      • Nidhi

        Thanx for the boost Admin…..I hope I can convince my parents now……. I appreciate ur prompt reply

        • Hey Nidhi,
          No Problem, Enjoy with care.

  • Pinki


    I am a working women and planning to buy a two wheeler. I heard about EV (electric) vehicles and like to try as the petrol prices are increasing day by day. Do u have any suggessions? Is there any EV scooter available for bangalore roads??which brand is the best? any drawbacks of EV vehices?


    • Hi Pinki,
      EV (electric) are very popular now a days due to petrol price as you said, It gives 40-60 KM run in one full charge battery, It needs 8 hrs charge every day before use. The issue with electric bike are battery will dead in couple of years, Review’s are not so good so far.

  • Krunal

    I want to buy a vehicle for my wife , her hight is 5.4 so can u suggest any good vehicle which is resonable in price & giving best milege with low maintanance…..?


    • Hi Krunal, Go for any one of these Honda activa,pleasure or suzuki access.

  • Deepa

    Hi i’m average built, and i’m looking for a 2wheeler for daily use. i live in Cochin, i’m 5.5ft tall,
    I’m looking for vehicle with good stability, milage, & value for money. which vehicle would be my best choice.


    • Hey Deepa, You are good to handle some of these best bikes Honda Activa,Honda Pleasure and Suzuki Access. Try Honda Pleasure for its stylishish desingn, good mileage and will suit you the most.

  • Manjula

    i would like to buy a bike.. wit more fuel efficiency n less maintenance,,.. can anybdy suggest?

    • Hi Manjula, Try Honda and Suzuki Vehicles for best Performance.

  • JAT

    I am a college goer,154cms and weigh around 51kgs. Will need to join work soon. I wanna buy a bike which is good in terms of mileage, pick up and performance. I am not very inclined towards pep+. I can drive Bajaj scooter (old model)so I am sure I will be able to handle other bikes too. I wanna go for a new one as this scooter is a bit too heavy. Considering my physical standards and other factors mentioned above, kindly suggest me 3-4 preferences that would suit me the most. I would be grateful if you could mention the rough mileage alongside. Thank You. :))))

    • Hi JAT,
      Here are the options Honda Activa, Pleasure and Suzuki Access. These three are best suits as per your requirment, Try any one of these.

  • Bobby

    I am looking for a scooter for my office going wife. She is 5’5″ and 65 Kgs. I am confused between Honda Activa, Hero Honda pleasure and Suzuki Access 125. Seen the first two and waiting to see the last one. Please give me a good suggestion. My preferences are 1. Stability, 2. Low maintenance 3. Driving comfort. If possible please compare them with on road prices in Kerala.

    • Hey Bobby, Honda Activa is the best option to fit into your selection criteria. It will cost you around 50K in Trivandrum and Cochin.

      • Bobby

        Thanks man, booked one today

        • No Problem,Enjoy 🙂

  • archana

    want to buy TVS WEGO………..
    give me the suggestion for the best one…..!

    • Hello Archana, Review of TVS Wego is good so far, you can buy it.

  • Pinky

    Sir, I am a searching for a comfortable two-wheeler for myself. I like scooty pep for its weightless feature and I am only 5” and 45 kgs, So I would like to carry one according to my body language, but I heard its not worth to buy as its servicing and kick-start system doesn’t attract much people. Hence, I am now a bit reluctant to choose Pep. Though I heard about the good features Honda Active posses, I am afraid to handle it due to weight!. So, I would like to know which are the best options available to me, and the on road price and best service centres in Cochin.
    Aiming at : good mileage, smooth and comfortable driving, fuel consumption, self start, weight easy to handle, low maintenance.

    thanks in advance.

    • Hi Pinky,
      You can go for TVS scooty pep, It will suits you the most. Rest of the vehicles are quit heavy and every bike needs regular servicing for better performance. Scooty Pep price will be around 40 K in Cochin.

      • Pinky

        Thanks alot for the quick reply!… Will be getting one soon!

        • No Problem.. All The Best

  • hii
    i’m a college goer….i’m 19 my height is 5’4” and 56kg..i’m little bit afraid of riding bike in traffic..
    very confused about pep+ and honda deo..heard dat deo is a little bit heavy..nd scooty pep+ skids easily among those two which gives
    *good miliege
    *light weight
    *stylish look
    pls suggest me fast..bcoz i want too buy on 11-11-11..y dnt u mention about scooty streak?

    • Hi Swetha, Thanks for stopping by here.
      For College goer Honda Deo is the best bike so far, Stylish look and great pickup. Its mileage is not so good and a bit heavy as well as compare to other bikes. You can try Honda Activa or Honda Pleasure as well.
      Scooty Streak is latest product will add it soon.

  • manish

    My self Manish, I would like to gift my father a scooter which is heavy in weight , great CC and above all fuel efficient . Also it should last long.

    • Hi Manish, Go for Honda Activa that’s the best choice.

  • Hi dis is Sruthi..can u pls tell me the clear details (i.e.,mileage,light weight,stylish look) about pep+,streak,pleasure,etc. except activa bcoz it is a bit heavy.
    which one have:
    -Light weight
    -Less maintenance

    • Hi Sruthi,
      Pep + has a good review so far and streak has lots of problem so don’t go for streak.
      As per your requirements honda pleasure is well suited, stylish look,better mileage and regular servicing will keep it for long term use.


  • Harsh

    Hello Mr. admin
    I have been driving a kinectic nova for over 7 years and nothing has been mentioned about it. I plan to replace this. What I liked about nova is the comfortable footspace and the spacious underseat storage and moreover the body was strong enough to bear my falls without getting damaged. Though a heavy one,it was bearable at most times . I don’t see similar qualities in activa or dio. What can be the best option for this with a good mileage and smooth and comfortable hassle free -ride?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Harsh, Indeed Kinectic Nova is good bike in terms of comfortable ride, mileage and space. Now a days bikes manufacturers very much interested in low weight, stylish design, According to me Activa or Dio only these two bike are best for you.

      • Harsh

        Oh! I wanted an option other than those two. Anyway,Thank you!

        • Harsh, Other than those two you got Kinetic Blaze, Suzuki Access and Honda Eterno.

  • Ranjith

    Suzuki Access,Tvs wego,Tvs Streak
    Give me a price list of these 3 modles also tell me
    Which One is Best ?

    • Hi Ranjith,
      Here are the price list: May Vary Place to Place.
      Suzuki Access: Rs. 52,468
      TVS Wego: Rs 51, 500
      TVS Streak: Rs. 42, 800
      So far Suzuki Access report is best as compare to these three.

  • jarna


    I am a little bit on heavier side woman and wanna buy a 2 wheeler, i have driven before long time back and now i am going to start again to move about picking and dropping my kid from classes. i do not know anything about bikes since i am used to driving more. so can u suggest a bike that would benefit me considering mileage, speed, parts availability, etc……

    • Hi Jarna, There are many bike available in the market now a days, As per your criteria Honda Activa,Dio and Pleasure are good option. Try any one of these and be confident before going into the traffic.


  • ishu

    I wanna buy a scooty which gives best mileage and needs less maintenance for school purpose please help me.
    And does pleasure have metal body and kick start too ??

    • Hi Ishu, Hero Honda Pleasure is best choice and yes it has metal body and kick start too.

  • SJ

    I wanted to buy a two wheeler. I am 5.7” height. Honda Activa is too heavy for me to manage. Which one is suitable for me?

    • Hi SJ, You are good enough to handle Activa, if you don’t comfortable then go for Suzuki Access or Honda Pleasure and Dio.

  • amruta

    Hi, i am in great confusion….
    i m 5 ft in height, weigh around 41 kgs. i want to purchase a two wheeler which suits my requirements-
    easy to handle as i do not know how to drive two wheeler but have to learn first, should be able to drive safely in congested lanes as well. price not a constraint . please suggest best suitable option..

    • Hi Amruta, Thanks for commenting.
      Go for Honda Pleasure but first learn and get full confidence in driving then only jump into road and congested lanes, As road’s are full with idiots so be care full while driving.


  • swetha

    hi i don’t know hw to ride a bike …my ht is 5’3 and 52kg..can i drive activa safely???r pleasure.giv the details about miliege

    • Hi swetha, You are good enough to drive Activa, but first learn and get confidence to drive in heavy traffic area’s.

  • amita

    hi….i am driving scooty pep for the past 4yr onwards….now i want to buy a two wheeler with good Mileage,easy maintenance. Daily usage for 30-40 height is 5.1ft weight 52kg.
    which one will suit me.

    • Hi Amita, Go for any one of these Activa, Honda Pleasure or Suzuki Access.

  • Anisha

    I am 5’3 and 55Kg and I am a beginner (I have just started driving classes). I am very confused that which bike should I buy. My main requirements are mainly based on safety, good mileage, good performance, less maintenance. please help and suggest on this!

    • Hi Anisha, Honda Activa or Pleasure will work for you and be confident in driving first before using.

  • Teena Sindhi

    hello sir
    I wish to purchase ladies bike which is low weight good average height is less and proper servicing so please suggest me.

    thanking you.

    • Hi Teena,
      You can try TVS scooty pep,wego, kinetic flyte and Mahindra Rodeo.These are low height, and not too much heavy to handle.

    • Hey Teena, These below option suggested by Raja are good and well suited as per your requirements try any one of these.

  • annoyans

    Hi i m very thin n short height girl my weight is 35 kg n height is 4.8 which is the lightest two wheeler .is there any two wheeler weight around 65 to 70 kg

    • Hey annoyans, You can try any of these TVS pep+ mahindra flyte,TVS streak or wego. Most of the bike’s are around 100 + in weight and i guess you can handle all of them.

  • Arjun

    Hi I am looking for a scooter for my wife, her height is 5.3″ and weight is 65.. I am looking for stylish ,good mileage, good performance, less maintenance , safe and easy to use .. as my wife and my dad both can use..
    and I am thinking about TVS Wego .. please suggest me a good one..

    Thanks in advance .

    • Hey Arjun, Why don’t you go for Activa, Pleasure or Suzuki Access, These are the few best bike available in the market. Though TVS wego is also good but review’s of wego is average as compare to other bikes. Choice is yours.


  • kausalya


    I m planning to bike Mahindra Flyte.Can u please suggest me which is good when compare to other bikes?

    • Hi Kausalya, Mahindra Flyte is good bike you can go for it.

      • kausalya


        Thanks for your reply.
        I m planning to buy Mahindra flyte. when i saw the customer feedback regarding flyte, they are giving lot of complains and issues in this bike. So i got fear. This is my wish to buy Mahindra flyte.If i m not choose the right one, then i have to worry for the future and get scolding from my family because this is not a simple thing exchange and replace. My dream is to buy good Bike for life long use.I think in this bike tyre size also somewhat big , some good feature available like light in luggage part,security key,front petrolling etc..this all advantage …Please give trustable ,truable and valuable comments for my issue..Awaiting for your reply.and Kindly let us know the disadvange of this bike when compare to other bike…..finally i m expecting valuable point to decide at last….

        thanks so much….

        • Hi Kausalya,
          So far Mahindra flyte review’s are not so good in terms of long life, battery problem etc, forget about the light weight and all you should go for a long term bike so i will suggest you to go Activa, Pleasure and Access. These are few good bike’s, choice is yours.


          • kausalya

            thanks so much..

            Shall i know about aviator?

          • Yeah sure…Honda Aviator is very comfortable in ride, has a stylish design, great look and good mileage. There is not much difference between Activa and Aviator so it could be a better option to have.


  • shorty

    am 4’6inches(relly short) and weigh around 32kg.can u suggest a bike with good mileage,low maintenance costs and easy to handle other than scooty,i also want somethin stylish with good performance.I am a beginner.

    • hey Shorty, You should learn first then think about any bike, my suggestion will be any TVS product will suits you like Wego, Strike and Pep.

      • shorty

        wat abt dio?

        • Hi Shorty welcome again, Dio is very good bike for the girls height like you only matter of concern is mileage. If mileage is ok with you then Dio will be best for you, It has stylish body and nice look. Go for it.


          • shorty

            tnx a lot dis website is really useful nd speedy…among da 3 tvs bikes wich has da best mileage? nd weight that i can manage? tvs scooty has low cc rigt?

          • Thanks Shorty, TVS scooty has good review so far as compare to wego and streak as these both are new and does not perform good enough to set their marks in the market till now.
            Give a test drive to all three the check your level of comfort.

  • sekhar

    I am using TVS Scooty for the past 12 years. Wanted to go for a new two wheeler. Please suggest me one taking into consideration of following points:

    1. Will I be able to manage Heavier bikes? like activa etc.,
    2. What would be the best bike?

    • Hi Sekhar go for Activa or Dio.

  • rekha

    I would like to buy a 2 wheeler. My option is scooty pep+, but my hubby suggesting hero honda pleasure.
    I will be in normal height with normal weight. Mileage is also important.
    Suggest me the best one.

    • Hey Rekha, Your hubby is absolutely right, go with his decision Honda Pleasure is good.

  • Hey Admin i don’t know who are you but you are very cool Man….!!!!! Please suggest me a good bike for my mom of height 159cm and weight 75kg please suggest as quick as possible.

    • Hi Gautam Thanks for comments, I will suggest you go for Honda Activa or Suzuki Access.

  • VSB

    Hello Admin:

    I am planning to purchase a bike which will be useful for me & my wife. What are the best options available considering the safety, good mileage & performance, less maintenance and comfort? I am confused between Activa and Wego. Please suggest !!

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi VSB, There is no chance of confusion, go for Activa.

      • VSB

        Thanx Admin.

        Now, a new confusion given by my friend.

        Considering all the aspects that I have mentioned above, should I go for Activa or Access?

        • Well VSB, Both bike has delivered great performance so far, Access has a new look, stylish design and better mileage so a good option to have. Choice is your

  • FS

    I am thinking of buying a bike my regular travel would be 20 kms through highway which do u suggest duro / wego


    • Hi FS why you don’t go for either Activa or Suzuki Access for better mileage and good in highways.

  • bharathi

    what is milage of new avaiter or activa

    • Hi Bharti, Activa and aviator both can deliver mileage of 40 to 50 km/litre.


    I am a physically handicapped student.I wants to buy a small and light weight kindtic honda.which one i prefer…

    • Hi Vipin, I support your courage as you already mention that you want to buy Kinetic Honda. Its good go for it and enjoy your ride with care.

  • Vandana

    hi my height is 5’4.i want a bike that is suitable for me nd my dad also.plz suggest me the best one along with its rate

    • Hi Vandana, Honda Activa – 48,000 or Suzuki Access – 45,000 are best suitable option for you, pick your choice here. Price may vary location to location.


  • kausalya

    please reply

    • Replied kausalya, please check the thread.

      • kausalya

        ok thanks so much..

        My height is 4.8 nearly 5inch and my weight is 50kg ..shall i able to drive aviator? Please suggest ..i have fear once i bought then i m not able to drive…….its very tough time for me…may i know the weight for scooty streak and aviator bike..this is final query..i m going to buy by this week,,,,
        After ur reply, i ll decide the scooty streak or aviator..please tell somethink about for aviator..
        Please reply asap.eagarly waiting..but my like is aviator..if i m not able to drive aviator, i ll gofor streak..this is my final decision.

        • kausalya

          Hi my height is 5 feet…please suggest scooty or aviator…..

          • Hi kausalya, You are good enough to drive aviator, its a bit heavy but very comfortable to drive. Visit near by showroom for a test drive and If you feel safe and confident then only go for it else go for streak. Okay All the best.

  • Leela

    Hi, i like to buy cheap bike with good petrol contention, what i means to say is, i am very poor i have 10,000 only so can i go for finance. pls tell me good bike. i like to buy Activa but for my mother in law not sit on that bike, becoz its very heavy.

    • Dear Leela, If you wish to buy Activa then go for it, Other option’s are Honda pleasure, Aviator or suzuki access. You can easily get a bike through finance.


    Dear Friends,

    I want to light, Latest model & Economy so I go with Kinetic-flyte, what about your opinion,

    • Hi Radha, There are lot of complain about its mileage and review are also not good so far, So i will suggest you go for Honda Pleasure or aviator.

      • RADHA

        Thank you very much for your replay, what about scoty pep+

      • RADHA

        Thanks, what about Scooty Pep+ in economy view & durabality

        • Its overall performance is very good, you can go for it.

      • RADHA

        Dear Admin, some one suggested me to buy a Mahindra bike what its performance.

        • Hi Radha, Mahindra products has average review so far, Rodoe gives poor mileage, bad ground clearance and battery problem and Duro has a bit good review so far. i will suggest try something else.

  • Anjani

    Hey.. I want to buy a bike which must be lighter in weight.. as i don’t have experience about driving.. pls suggest What would be the best option for me & easy to learn..

    • Hi Anjani, There are few bike which are lighter in weight as compare to other bikes such as Streak,Wego and Flyte . You can also try Honda Pleasure,Aviator or access, a bit heavy but worthy. Pick any one of these, its easy to learn but make sure you are confident in driving before get into heavy traffic.

  • Preyas


    I am looking for a gearless 2-wheeler which gives good mileage and having less maintenance cost and enjoy riding. Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Preyas, Go for any Honda product Activa or Suzuki Access.

  • M in a big confusion…m goin 2 buy a 2wheeler I hv nly 2 options-Hero Honda Pleasure or Mahindra flyte…which wud b a gud 1??plz help meh!!

    • Hi Priyanka, Don’t be in any confusion get the first option dear, go for Honda Pleasure. Its far better than the second one, Enjoy your ride.


  • Subramanian

    Hello Sir ,

    I am interested in buying a light weight ladies two wheeler for my wife with average height. would you please suggest me the right vehicle along with the present price and facilities provided. I am interested a bit in Honda Pleasure.


    • Hi Subramanian, You can go with Honda Pleasure, its a good bike new design, good mileage and easy to drive. It cost you around 41500 to 45000, Price may vary place to place so confirm at your location.

  • Thnz..Bt sir,as far as d designs n colours r concerd Flyte seems 2 b mor attractive dn Pleasure…cn i plz know d advantages of Pleasure over Flyte??

    • Hey Priyanka, So far Mahindra flyte review’s are not so good in terms of long life, battery problem, ground clearance etc. It gives mileage of 30 only so keeping all things in mind you better go for Pleasure i guess.


  • Pravi

    My hieght is 5.6 and I am opting for the bike – Pleasure. As far as from your reviews pleasure seems to be very good. But my husband insist me to go far Wego due to good pick up.
    But I need a bike with good ground clearance, best mileage, and light weight and it should be used for long drives, as i need to travel 60 KM per day on average. Also gimme more comments on Scooty streak too, as i heared it gives good mileage.

    • Hi Pravi, Yor are heading toward’s the right way to choose Pleasure its great bike, For a better pickup you can go for Honda Dio. Wego is also a good bike with few issues like starting problem,ground clearance,mileage and streak also share the same problem’s. So i will suggest you to with Honda Pleasure.

  • Shrn

    Hi….. i want to buy two wheeler ladies bike, can anyone suggest me which one is best according to mileage and look and rate

    • hey Shrn try any of these Honda Pleasure,Activa,Aviator and Suzuki Access.

  • Babu

    i want scooty pep+, what is the mileage for pep+? which one is the best mileage given?

    • Hi Babu, Go for pep+ it will give mileage around 40-45 kmpl.

  • Babu


    why you suggest most up all activa or access? pls advice

    • Activa has the credit of best bike so far for Indian road, strong bike for both men as well as women. These both bike gives good performance in terms of looks and mileage. Honda is one of the trustable brand for bike in India.

  • Hima Bindu

    Hello Mate…:)
    Very informative reviews are being given, here…:) Good job…:D
    Could you please suggest a bike suitable for both me and my dad? I am a girl of 18… 5 feet 5 inch tall, and 55kgs in weight… and my dad is in his mid 50’s must be around 5’7-5’8, 70kgs.
    And judging by the comments here, it feels like choosing Mahindra vehicles would be a risky task.. isn’t it? Activa… I really don’t think i can handle it… So, i would like to hear on Honda Pleasure, Honda Aviator and Suzuki Access and let me add TVS Wego too.. Kindly, let me know all the pros and cons of the mentioned vehicles..:) And putting all of them in mind, give me your valuable advice on which is THE BEST among the listed ones… So that i need not regret later… And one more thing is should give a very good mileage, mustn’t be very hefty in weight, good pick up, maximum ground clearance, and all the other added features…In short, it should be sturdy, stylish and long lasting…
    We are ready to bring one home in a day or two… in an EMI scheme..
    Awaiting your sooner reply…


    • Hi Hima, Thanks for beautiful comment.
      TVS Wego is good but not best as compare to other listed bikes and it has an average reviews so drop this option here.
      Honda product gives good performance and also one of the trustable brand in India, Pleasure has a very good feedback so far in terms of looks,mileage and comforable in drive. Aviator is almost same as activa with easy to handle and comfort drive. Suzuki Access a new TVS product and a competitor of above listed bikes with a beautiful body, good mileage but heavy.
      For long term, every bike needs proper servicing at right time and for ignition issue avoid self during the first start in the morning.
      Give a test drive to pleasure, aviator and suzuki access, see if you can handle them or not also check the comfort level while driving and your dad can easily drive the one you choose. All the best

      • Hima Bindu

        That was an instant and a very detailed reply, mate.. Thanks a ton for that..:))
        And.. I forgot to mention that i do not know how to drive…:P
        Well.. i’ll learn, though…
        So, you say that Pleasure, Aviator and Access are equally good in the terms of mileage and performance too.. right? But Access is a bit heavy when compared to others…!! Okay!!
        Hmm… if i ask you to choose one amongst the 3.. what would you?

        Thanks mate…


        • Hey Hima learn first to drive and get full confidence before jumping into traffic Okay ? As per my view i like the suzuki access its classic with beautiful body and design white color. But i will first suggest you learn get a test drive and check according to your level dear. Pleasure is good and aviator is very comfortable to drive so again choice is your here my dear. Ride with care


          • Hima Bindu

            Yeah sure mate… Don’t expect me to get into traffic without knowing how to drive…:P
            But the purpose of purchasing is mainly for my dad than me… 🙂
            And once again thanks a bunch for the review. I tell you, I was really in a fix since the past 2 days… So now finally i got an idea and all thanks to you…:)


          • That’s Great Dear..Enjoy your ride… 🙂

  • Priya

    My grandpa is looking to buy a two-wheeler which meets the below requirements.
    – Easy to balance; He is short (5 ft).
    – Good pick-up
    – Light weight
    – Does not skid easily
    Please suggest.

    • Hi Priya, Try Scooty pep its good for old age people and during the raining season all bike skid so need to drive care fully. Choice is yours

  • Lakshmi

    i need to travel daily from vijayawada to guntur..i can drive any type of ladies bike as i am driving from past 15yrs.can u suggest me a good ladies bike which can give me good mileage..per day i will be travelling (on bike) nearly 80kms..

    • Hello Lakshmi, for a good mileage bike you can go for Pleasure or Suzuki Access. These both are good bikes for girls. I guess you should avoid 80 KM daily run using bike, use bus or some cab and use bike some times only.


  • Pallavi

    Hi i have honda activa ..i just love my bike n its performance..but nowadays its giving me some problem …n m not able to find it out..n its also very heavy for me…so m thinking to replace it with new one …will you please suggest me bike which perform as good as activa …

    • Hi Pallavi there are only few option available if compare to Activa, So give a test drive to Suzuki Access and Honda Pleasure, aviator and feel the difference and comfort level according to you. For a good pick up go with Honda Dio the generation bike.


      • pallavi

        Thanks alot i have taken test drive of pleasure n access but i am not that happy with them..will give try to dio n aviator…

        • Hi Pallavi, Go for it, i guess you will like Dio also you can give a try to Duro and Scooty Pep.

  • priyanka chaudhari

    please give me information about ladies bikes having best result.

    • Hi Priyanka, There are so many good ladies bike available in market like Honda Pleasure, Activa,Aviator and Suzuki Access, scooty pep. You can choose any one according to your requirement and needs.


  • priyanka s

    hey m looking for scooty…but my ht is 5…. m bit a confused….. should i buy pleasure….is it better then wego or not ??? wego/pleasure?? wic scooty is best according to functioning and maintenance etc

    • Hey Priyanka, I will suggest you to go for Pleasure, as Wego reviews are not so good.

  • Falu

    Hey hi,
    can u suggest me which bike should i buy ?? pep+/ Pep/ pleasure/ dio
    My height is 4’11, i need a bike of light weight , lesser price , good mileage and low maintenance.

    * if i buy a bike wid in how many days will i get it??
    * what is d difference between price on road n Ex-showroom?? pleases tell me?

    • Hi Falu,

      Give a test drive to Pep + and Honda Pleasure then select the best one as per comfort level. Honda Dio has great pickup but mileage is low, So pleasure will be a good option.

      Ex-showroom price is the actual price of vehicle at running condition and on Road price is vehicle price + accessory + Insurance + road Tax.


  • Shabs

    Well it feels gr8 to go through such informative reviews before one can actually buy a vechile……..Gud Job, I just wanted some suggestion abt the Honda Aviator in terms of performance, prize, mileage & weight. I am 5.3″ and i weigh around 54kgs will i be in a position to handle the Aviator…

    • Hello Shabs, Thanks for appreciating the work.
      You are good enough to drive it, give a test drive and check the comfort level first.
      Honda Aviator is a good option, there is not much difference between Aviator and Activa, both deliver same mileage of around 40-45 km/litre, Price may vary from location to location and its weight it 103 kg.

  • HSFM

    I want to buy a two wheeler for my wife. She just learnt driving last week.
    She is around 90 kgs, height = 5Ft.2”, age 37 years. New learner.
    I need a vehicle which will not skid easily, easy to ride, best suited for her height and weight.
    Safety, comfort and ease to drive is first priority
    Mileage and cost is next but not at all important compared to the above ones. After all my wife and daughter are my everything
    Thanks in advance for your reply
    Best regards

    • Hi HSFM,
      My suggestion would be Activa or Suzuki Access and Honda Dio is also a good option as its pick up is good. Please take a test drive with your wife and check how comfort she is while driving these bikes, Also she should be confident in driving before get into heavy traffic so take care of these thing in mind.


  • Margaret

    Please let me know a vehicle which is puncture resistant and light weight.

    I have Scooty Pep+ and monthly once i need to go to Mechanic for puncture.

    • Hello Margaret, I guess TVS Scooty Pep+ has tubeless tyre and i don’t think there is any puncture resistant bike available in India till now.

  • nilesh

    hi admin,

    i am 35 with average travel requirement of just around 20km daily.

    features required are:-
    a. Easy handling (as i + my wife will be new 2w learners)
    b. Relaibility (dont want my wife to stuck on raods)
    c. Economical in long run (less maintenance+more fule effecient)

    ive made up my mind to go for TVS wego for its
    1. body balance
    2. traditinally scooty type company
    3. competative/better mileage than other like activa/aviator/rodio
    4. bigger wheels for road grip
    5. easy availibility

    Can you suggest me weather my decision is right ?


    • Hi Nilesh, I agree with your listed point about the Wego, I have seen till now that its review are not so good in terms of mileage, battery problem and ground clearance so please keep these in mind as well. Why don’t you try Suzuki Access, Honda Activa or Pleasure these are also good bikes to have. I will suggest you to have a test drive of all these and see the difference and also check the comfort level for your wife.
      Well its my opinion, choice is always yours.


  • Lipika Sahoo

    My weight 45& hight 5 .what type of bick better pl suggest me.

    • Hi Lipika, You are good to ride any type of bike like scooty Pep,Wego streak and pleasure. Check any one of these according to your comfort level.


  • Hi,
    Actually, I want to buy a two wheeler. But I m not having any experience regarding this. So, Pls tell me which is the good bike having light weight and also for handling going to easy.


    • Hi Minakshi,
      As you are a learner then the best bike as per your requirement are TVS scooty,Wego, Streak or Mahindra Radeo. These are light weight bikes as compare to other bikes like activa or access. Take a test drive and choose the one you like.


  • Hi,

    I am a learner and planning to buy two wheeler. My Height is 5′ with 54 Weight. Which two wheeler will be best for me for Bangalore roads and Traffic
    Need to have good mileage, less weight.

    Pls reply

    • Hi Ramani, As you are a learner then the best bike as per your requirement are TVS scooty,Wego, Streak or Mahindra Radeo. Please test these vehicles and check your comfort in terms of weight, height and easy to handle than only make a choice.



    • Hi Sadhana, If you are comfortable to drive then try Honda Pleasure or Suzuki access for mileage else Wego or scooty are also good option, Choice is yours.


  • vijay

    Dear Admin, Many thanks for giving your unbiased views and guiding the readers for selecting the right bike for them. I went through your advice throughout the thread and I got my answer for the best scooter ie “Pleasure” for my family. Thanks once again

    • Thanks Vijay, Enjoy your bike ride.

  • Srividya

    Hi Admin, My height is 5″3 and 60 weight. I never drove a bike before but i have bi-cycle experience. I want to buy a 2-wheeler now. I like wego, Hero honda pleasure and scooty pep+ and Honda Dio.
    People say that pep+ is side engine and balance is not good. Which wud u suggest for me. balance and comfortable driving are my preference as iam new to driving.

    • Hey Srividya, You are good enough to drive any bike for better performance go for Pleasure and for great pick up and looks Dio is best. Give a test ride and check the one you like as per your comfort level and confidence. Also be sure in driving before getting into heavy traffic.


  • Srividya

    Wego has mixed review…..iam confused……pls tell me if pleasure has side engine or middle engine and if it’s weight is manaegeble?

    • Hi Srividya, Pleasure is good bike and its easily manageable and comfort to drive, Give a test drive and feel the difference.

  • Sowmya

    After going through a lot of vehicles and reading wonderful reviews here I’ve finally booked an Activa. I’m having thoughts of going to a driving school to get my licence. I’ve a 4 wheel licence and have been cycling throughout my childhood. But I’ve never driven a 2-wheeler. I need your opinion on this.Can I teach my self (with my neighbors TVS) and go ahead slowly using my Activa? or are the feel of both the vehicles different and hence would not help me. Your opinion would be helpful in coming to a decision.

    • Hi Sowmya,
      You can teach yourself with any bike TVS is good for learners because of low weight. Once you get the confidence you can easily switch to Activa, there are no driving difference in both the vehicle except weight and comfort drive. I will suggest you do not enter into heavy traffic until you get full confidence in driving Activa. All the best.

  • soni

    Anyone help me am 5.8 feet tall girl which scooty is suits for me. want to buy scooty pls suggest.

    • Hi Soni, You are good to drive any bike prefer either Activa or Suzuki Access. These two will suit you the most.

  • Joyce

    Hi. Have used TVS Scooty for 10 years till 2006. Want to buy a two wheeler now. I’m 5ft tall. Would like to buy a light weight, low height bike with enough room in the dicky to keep the helmet while not driving. I travel on a busy road with heavy, sometimes slow moving traffic, so I don’t need speed. Please suggest a good bike.

    • Hello Joyce, Get a test drive of Wego, Streak and Rodeo these are light weighted bikes, pick the one you like the most in terms of look,mileage and comfort level. Also check the reviews before purchase.


  • Anamika

    I am looking for a bike with less weight, balance and comfortable to ride and low height.
    Please suggest. The options that I have are Mahindra Wego/duro, Hero honda pleasure, TVS scooty pep OR Honda Dio. Any other options?
    Also, wanted to add that I am a learner and in future looking to drive along with my son (3 years). Any particular scooty having accessories such as baby seat in front? Mileage is not a requirement as I will be travelling less distance (5 km radius).

    • Hi Anamika, You got all the option here. give a try to all of these and pick the best one suited according to you. You can attached an extra seat for baby in front of any bike like scooty pep etc.

      • Anamika

        From reading all the comments, it seems that Mahindra 2 wheelers are having low ground clearance and other issues so that is out. Scooty pep might be too light so keeping that and second option. So now my first option is either Honda Dio or Hero Honda Pleasure. Dio had a new model released on valentine day. Any suggestion on which is better Honda Dio or Hero Honda Pleasure according to my requirements. I am planning for test ride sometime over the weekend.

        • Hi Anamika, Honda pleasure has a good review so far in terms of mileage, look and performance. Honda Dio is a good bike too with great pick up and good speed. According to your requirement i will suggest Pleasure, at the same time please get a test drive for both pleasure and Dio and pick the best one as per your comfort level of driving and easy to handle.


  • sriram

    i am age of 56. I am having a tvs 50 superxL for the past 15 years. I am going go for a operation for appendices in short period. So i want a vehicle with less weight with self starter etc can u suggest the things

    • Hello Sriram,
      You will be good to drive any bike such as Mahindra Flyte, TVS Wego etc.. check with your comfort level of driving and all these bike’s are available with self start.

  • ananya

    hello sir,
    i am looking for a bike with less weight and have to ride with my 2 and half year old kid…………. what abt mahindra flyte

    • Hi Ananya, It’s good as light weight vehicle with some notable issues, give a test ride to some other like Wego or streak then pick the best one.

  • Nitin

    I am 5.3 and weight around 58 kgs will honda aviator be comfortable for me or any other suggestion. Dont like activa.

    • Hi Nitin, Go for Honda Dio its good for you, why don’t you go for Men’s bike like pulsar or Karizma.

  • imran

    I am looking for a scooter to buy for my Dad as his retirement gift. I live abroad and do not have much idea about the Indian scooter market. Please advice what would be the best one for him.
    Many Thanks.

    • Hi Imran, Indian scooter market has some of the best two wheelers in the world, The bike you can buy should have less weight, more comfortable and easy to handle by old age people right. So i can give you option’s like Wego,flyte or pleasure. Ask your dad to get a test drive or any one he likes to drive. This will help us to pick the right choice.


  • Fatima

    I was using scooty streak for 2.5 yrs. But i got shoulder pain and it is also high for me. Many are telling me to buy honda activa.I am comfortable with it but don’t like the looks and colors. Which bike is god for me. Keeping in mind style, comfort, low height.

    • Hey Fatima,
      Honda Activa is the best one and if you are comfortable then try Suzuki Access or Honda Aviator also check Dio as a third option.


  • Swarupa

    I wanna buy two wheeler. i wanna know price and which 1 is good? hero Honda Pleassure, honda dio, suzuki access, honda aviator.

    • Hi Swarupa, All of the above specified vehicle’s by you are best so far, in terms of mileage,look and long run. I will suggest you give a test drive to all of them and feel the difference in driving and comfort level according to you. Honda Dio is best for pickup, Honda pleasure is good in mileage,Suzuki access and Activa shares same specification so choose accordingly, Price may vary location to location.

  • Bargavi

    Hi ,
    I want to drop my 2.5 years old baby to school. can i have a front seat for my baby?i want only safe driving, which bike suits me?

    Please reply soon and thank you for your answers.

    • Hello Bargavi, Do you know driving a bike very well ? Please consult with your husband and get a test drive of TVS scooty,Wego or any low weight bike than pick the one according to your comfort of drive and handling.

      • Bargavi

        thanku for ur answer. i am not in touch with the bikes now. my husband prefers to honda dio.wil it be safe and comfort for my baby and me?i atleast need 1 month practise to ride it please
        compare hondadio with ur choice of tvs scooty and wego.

        • Hi Bargavi, Honda Dio is good bike, you can go along with your husband choice. Give a test drive to Dio as well as pleasure than pick the one you feel good to drive and easy to handle. Also keep driving till you get full confidence before jumping into heavy traffic area.


  • priyanka

    hii admin
    i want a two wheeler which is low height n light in weight .i lked scooty pept but i hv heard that it is not durable…please suggest how many yrs can scooty pept give and if ther is any other choice

    • Hi Priyanka, Scooty pep is a good bike low height and light in weight go for it. durability will depends upon the use, maintenance and proper servicing of bike, i guess Pep will give you 5 + good years of riding.

  • I can easily handle all these two wheeler. I want to know the which is the best vehicle by quality.

    • Hi Reema, Product of Honda’s like Activa, Pleasure,Aviator and Dio are good bikes also Suzuki Access.
      give a ride and pick the best one you like.

  • Nagaraju

    TVS Wego
    Scooty Pep plus
    Hero honda pleasure

    Please suggest a bike, its for my father, 60 yrs of age,
    Note : Good mileage, Less maintenance !

    Thanks !

    • Hi Nagaraju,
      If the daily running is low then don’t worry about the mileage, you can pick any of the above all are good in terms of mileage and look. Ask you dad to try Wego, Pep or flyte and pick the one he feels comfortable and easy to handle while riding. His choice will be the right one not mine.

  • trina

    Hi, admin..i would really require your help!! i dont even know how to ride a cycle, but since mobility has become essential for me, i would like to know which would the right choice bike for me which i can balance easily n learn easily as well? my height is 5.2 and weight is 50kgs…thanx

    • Hi Trina, You are good to handle any bike, go for a test drive of Honda Pleasure, Dio, scooty or any one you like to buy. first learn and get confidence in driving then only go for ride.
      Let me know for any more information or review.


  • k.raghunandhan

    hi i would like buy mahendra duro dz for my daughter but she prefer hero honda pleasure pls tell me what can be my choice to buy now .

    • Hello K Raghunandhan, Go along with your daughter’s choice hero honda pleasure is a good bike, after all its for her right? so let her decide.

  • Rimpa maji

    I’m working woman,ht 5′.I want low ht,good mileage scuty.ply advice me which is best 4 me,and its price in kolkata,W.B. ?
    Thanks . . .

    • Hi Rimpa, TVS scooty is one of the good option, have a test drive of pleasure or flyte, wego too for a better comparison.
      TVS Scooty Pep+ Price in Kolkata: Rs. 34630/- (ex-showroom price)

  • Suneeti

    Hi admin
    m 5′ 2″ i want a 2 wheeler which will be good on delhi roads for daily office going perpose. i want light weight vehicle… it should give good milage and should be comfirtable on delhi roads…

    please help me out on this

    • Hi Suneeti, For better mileage choose any one of these Pleasure, or Aviator also give a try to Activa and Suzuki access for better comparison. These bikes are bit heavy but you can handle so pick the right one according to you driving of comfort and confidence.


  • sandy

    Hi Admin,
    i m thinking to get hero Honda pleasure.. how is the performance of the bike.. i m 5ft and my weight is 45kgs.. can i handle the bike??

    • Hi Sandy, Pleasure is one of the best bike from Honda in terms of performance, looks and comfort driving. give a test drive and see how much you are comfortable to drive it and able to handle it easily. I guess you can.

  • Lakshmi

    Thanks for your comments. Can you please suggest for a 2 wheeler which gives good milage 50+ and good pickup

    • Hello Lakshmi,
      Thanks for appreciating my work here, Best bike in terms of mileage would be any honda products like pleasure or aviator.

      • Lakshmi

        I want to buy honda activa/ hero honda pleasure/suziki access
        Please tell me which is more confort and which give more milage

        • Hi Lakshmi, All three are good bike and deliver mileage between 40-50, Activa and Access share mostly good features. Get a test drive of these and pick the best one you feel to drive comfort and easy to handle.


  • ruchi

    Hi admin,
    I m 5′ & i wanna buy a scooty. Which will be the good option for me from ACTIVA , WEGO ,or MAHNDRA DURO? Which will be comfertable to me ? And plz give me road price o fall these scooties in BHOPAL(M.P.)?

    • Hi Ruchi, Both the option are good Duro and activa but i will also suggest to give a test drive to pleasure as well and pick the best one you are comfortable to drive.
      Price may vary between 40K to 45K for activa and pleasure.

  • Deepika

    Hi Admin,
    I am 4’9” in height and 70 kg weight. I want to buy a 2 wheeler that suits my height and gives me good mileage. Could you suggest me what suits me best

    • Hi Deepika, Try either Scooty Pep or Honda Pleasure,Aviator. Get a test drive and pick the best one according to your driving level of comfort.

  • Pooja

    Hey, i wanna buy a scooty with good mileage and low weight… I dnt wanna buy plz sugges me a gud one…

    • Hi Pooja, Give a test drive to pleasure or aviator, check these bikes with your level of comfort and easy to handle while driving. Let me know for more suggestion.


  • nupoor

    hey admin,
    i am planning to buy hero honda pleasure..i am 5ft tall and around 37kg in weight and i am still learning to ride a pleasure a right choice for me??plz suggest.

    • Hi Nupoor, Go along with your choice its good and you are good enough to handle it easily but make sure you have learn and got confidence to drive in heavy traffic area.

  • Sana

    Hi dude,

    I’m planning to get a scooter. Its look should be catchy.Performance & mileage should be good.Wanna to have mazaaa while driving.. Price is not a issue.Resale value should be there

    • Hey babe,
      Honda Dio is best for Mazaaa type driving high pick up, great body work and design but mileage could be a concern here. Also give a try to activa and suzuki access for best drive.
      Let me know for any more suggestion.


      • Sana

        Hey dude,
        what options i was planning the same you have suggested.Last month i booked dio but they giving the new model.I dont like its outlook.So i have booked suzuki swish 125….. Is my choice is correct….

        • Hey Sana, I guess Suzuki Swish 125 is launching in March and as per the specification and features it looks good. As of now we don’t have information about its performance and other reviews. It can be called as sister of Suzuki Access 125 and Access review and performance are very good so far.

          • Sana

            Hi Folks,
            I have owned Suzuki swish 125 Bike…. I’m happy with its pick up,smooth ride,can handle easily……I’m not confirm with mileage and maintenance yet….

          • Hi Sana, Very thanks for your reviews on Suzuki Swish 125,This will really help the people here. I guess Swish will deliver mileage between 45-50 kmpl.

            Many Thanks Sana.

  • Sirisha


    i am already using honda active since 2010 and would like to go for a new one… Duro DZ is very good but i m just concerned about the mileage. as i have to travel 30-40 kms every day…can you pls give ur comments on this


    • Ranga Suresh

      I think you can bet between Honda Activa and Hero Honda Pleasure since Duro would definitely expensive as far as maintenance is concerned due to low mileage. Though Honda Activa can score 1 mark more than Pleasure, since you have already used Honda Activa either you can think for a change and go for Pleasure or even stick to Activa for its high ranking it this category.

      All all the best for your new wonder.

      • Hey Ranga i agree with your comments here.

    • Hey Sirisha,
      As you have already used Activa and its one of most successful two wheeler in Indian market. As for as Duro is concern it does not have a good review so far, mileage and maintenance will be lagging factor with duro. So i will suggest you to try Honda Pleasure, Aviator and suzuki access the pick the one you like the most.


      • Sirisha

        tq…. aviator i dont like the look and body …. i can count on access if the mileage is good?

        • OK..Suzuki access will deliver a mileage range between avg 40-50kmpl.

          • Sirisha

            Thank You

  • Shovas

    m frm nepal n m a learner looking for the best scooter for my height i.e. 5′. many of my frnz suggested me to hv honda dio becoz of its pickup. so plz suggest me some scooters which have style, milege and pick up n that consumes less petrol…
    thnkx! 🙂

    • Hi Shovas, Thanks for visit and comments here.
      Your friends are absolutely right about the Dio, It has all the feature’s you are looking for except less petrol.
      Dio is a bike with great pick up so mileage and fuel efficiency will be a factor here otherwise its good bike to ride.

      Thanks 🙂

  • Ranga Suresh

    My wife wants is vacillating between Hero Honda Pleasure, Honda Activa and Mahindra Duro. Please suggest me which of the above suits her better considering the following:
    > Long Battery Life of Auto Start ignition.
    > Driving comfort
    > Optimum weight and proper balance since she is new to two-wheeler driving
    > Economy in Mileage
    > Low maintenance cost
    > Road grip
    > Best Look

    • Hi Ranga, As you already know about the Duro reviews so lets choose between Activa and Pleasure.
      Activa got a new look and design and called as Honda Activa Deluxe, Its very good in all term’s .
      I will suggest you both to give a test drive to Honda Activa Deluxe along with Pleasure and Aviator and choose the right one according your level of comfort.


      • Ranga Suresh

        Thanks a ton for your expert advice. We would certainly go for a test ride and decide ‘particularly between Honda Activa Deluxe & Hero Honda Pleasure’ and ‘generally among the Activa, Pleasure and Aviator’.
        Will come back you after a few months with our experience/views on using any of the above.

        • Thanks Ranga and sure looking forward to know your views for the same. Enjoy your ride.

  • Ms. Singh


    I have tried Honda Activa for few years. I now want a new bike which is comfortable, gives good riding experience, good mileage, convenient, low maintenance and good looking. I was looking for suzuki access, tvs wego and honda aviator. please help me choose among these or any other. Also, I don’t want to wait for months to buy one. Kindly suggest accordingly.


    • Hello Ms. Singh, Give a test drive to Suzuki Access and Aviator, Access has a very good body, design and look along with good mileage. You have to pick the right one according to your level of comfort and check at your nearest two wheeler agency for availability.

  • Nitin

    Hi Admin,
    Is Hero Maestro is good scooter in terms of overall performance. Looks are gr8 better than activa. Your valuable advice needed for newly launched Hero Maestro, please.
    Mumbai price Rs. 57000 on road price.

    • Hello Nitin, Hero is now making an entry with Maestro and indeed its look and design are nice and they are promising mileage around 50kmpl. Give a test drive and feel the difference in driving. Feedback is average so far but price may be a big concern here. I will suggest wait for some time go get a review of overall performance.


  • Chikki

    i am fresher in driving, my height is 5.3 and weight is 55 kg.
    so please tell me which vehicle is good for me in these.
    hero honda pleasure
    honda activa
    honda aviator
    suzuki access

    • Hi Chikki, You are good enough to handle any one of them, So tell me which one you like the most?

      • Chikki

        they all are good looking.
        i like pleasure more then other,

        but i want best. which will not stop in meddle of the way.
        and i can handle with care that vehicle.
        so please help me

        i live in jaipur
        so please tell me the price also

        • OK.. Then go along with your decision for Pleasure, Its a wise choice. Also every bike need a proper maintenance at right interval so keep this is on mind always. Give a test drive to other bikes as well (Suzuki Swiss, Hero Maestro)and see how much you are comfort to drive then pick the best one.

          Let me know which bike you want to have so i can tell you price.


          • Chikki

            but please tell me the differences between Pleasure, Suzuki Swiss and hero Maestro

            it will help me to take the decision.

          • Hi Chikki, Pleasure is good in mileage, look and these two are new in the market with stylish design and looks but feedback is not so good as compare to Pleasure. So you can choose the Hero Honda Pleasure as your bike.

            It will cost you between around Rs. 40000 to 50000. Price May Vary.


  • naresh

    Hi Admin… i have booked Mahindra duro DZ for my cousin.. she just have to drives it to very near by places to her home and will not drive in traffic.. i have not final the color of bike still,which color is the best of all except white. can u pls suggest ?

    • Hi Naresh, Please ask you cousin to choose the color according to her.

  • I want to purchase new two wheeler for my wife, pl.suggest which one is best and why ?
    average & maintenance is most important factor .
    TVS scooty pep plus, suzuki access, Mahindra duro/rodeo & honda pleasure

    • Hi Vijay,
      In terms of mileage Honda bikes are mostly preferable, Suzuki Access also got a good review for looks, design and mileage.
      So i will suggest ask your wife to give a test drive (Pleasure, Duro and Access) to the one she like the most, also check the level of comfort while driving (Height and Weight Balance, Easy to handle etc…) These factor will help us to pick the best bike for your wife, after all she has to drive it so think for her point of view too.


  • srivani

    i am planning to buy a bike so please suggest me which is the best. and i am new to driving also, my weight is 46 kgs.. Is Pleasure best or Mahindra duro dz is the best??? please suggest

    • Hey Srivani, Both are very good bikes in terms of mileage and look, Pleasure has a good feedback as compare to Duro, as its newly launched. Give a test drive to both and check which one you can handle easily and comfort to drive.
      Let me know for further information, Learn first and get confidence in driving.


  • Myths

    Wahh.. this is an amazing site.. I really found lot of useful information here,Thanks admin.
    I have no two wheeler driving experience but due to my situation i need to buy a two wheeler and need to drop and pick up my 2.5 yrs old kid. Hence please suggest me good, moderate prize, least weight, good mileage two wheeler that will suit me. I am 5.3′ in height and 56 Kgs in weights. Your response will be appreciated very much.
    Thank you

    • Hi Myths, Thanks for comments and appreciating the work on site.
      As you have no driving experience so far, in that case you need a bike with low weight and easy to handle right and i guess you to travel less as well. So if mileage is not big concern then give a try to TVS Scooty, wego, Streak. Get a test drive of these and check according your driving level of comfort. Honda pleasure is good bike in all terms give a try to that also.
      let me know for further queries.


  • vasantha

    Hi Admin,
    Presently i am driving honda activa and looking for a new bike.So dropping a a messages for your inputs.
    My requirements are:
    1.smooth drive
    2.Great mileage
    3.less maintenance

    Since i am already used to Activa, i am looking for a bike which is better than Honda activa and should have good shock absorbers.

    Please leave ur valid inputs..

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Vasantha,
      As you already have experience to drive one of the best two wheelers in India, Activa. There are three new bikes has been launched Suzuki Swish 125 , Hero MotoCorp Maestro and Mahindra Duro 125 DZ. For a change give a test drive to these super bikes and feel the comfort. Else give a try to Suzuki Access 125 and if mileage is not a big concern then Dio is also not bad.


  • Aashish

    Hi admin,
    Firstly i would like to say that you are doing a great job.. Keep it up.
    now my query is. I want to but a scooter for my sister. She is 24yrs, height : 5.5, weight : 52kgs.
    1) good mileage
    2) stylish looks
    3) good reviews and can sustain in the long run
    4) It’s not too heavy
    5) Budget: Below 50k
    I would like to add that i havent heard good about TVS scooty pep plus. As per my knowledge, many issues are reported. Am I right ? And Honda products have a huge waiting time, do all products have huge waiting time ? Is Suzuki Access heavy for girls ?

    Please reply with the best options for me to gift my sister. 🙂 Thanks a lot.

    • Hey Ashish, thanks for the comment.
      As you have already mention the answer’s your self, TVS are not so good in overall performance as compare to Honda and Suzuki so you are right here.
      Second i don’t think that all products of Honda have a long waiting list to deliver ( Dio,Pleasure,Aviator and New activa) and Third Yes, Suzuki access is heavier than others but i guess your sister is good enough to handle it.
      I will suggest ask your sister for the one she like the most, as she is the one who have to drive it right? so it should be according to her. Ask your sister to give a test drive to Pleasure, Activa and Access. These are good in terms of mileage, looks, design and all have good reviews so far. For a change one can also try Mahindra Duro dz, Hero MotoCorp Maestro and Suzuki Swish.
      I hope this will help you, else let me know for more information.


  • radhika

    Hi am planning to buy a bike so please suggest me which is the best. activa or suzuki access (good mileage and stylish)…and i am new to driving also,..

    • Hi Radhika, Both bikes mention by you are good in their own, they deliver almost same mileage and also got stylish body design, I will suggest to get a test drive of both the vehicle and feel the difference in driving ( learn first 🙂 ) and level of comfort,handling (Height and weight) then pick the best one according to you.
      Let me know for any thing else.


  • Prema

    First of all it is very useful website for us.. Thank you..

    Before visiting I know nothing about bikes.Now I could say that Suzuki access is the good one.Upto march u have suggested this but after that you have added Mahindra duro Dz also.My friends are suggesting duro.I like both bikes.
    Please Compare these two so that I can buy the best one..:-)

    • Hi Prema, Thanks for good word about site 🙂
      Suzuki access has good review so far in terms of mileage,look and design but heavy as compare to other. Duro is the latest product in the market of Mahindra, Its good in design too and deliver mileage around 40-45 but still not so good reviews so far. I will suggest you to go for a test drive and check driving of comfort and handling capability of both then let me know so i can assist you further to pick the best one.


  • vedika

    i want to hunt for a scooty for my mother who is 40 and has just learnt to ride a scooty and her height is 5 feet.Plz suggest me a scooty that is light weight,in budget.

    • Hi Vedika, Go for TVS scooty or wego as these are light in weight and easy to handle. Ask your mother to get a test drive to check weather she is able to handle easily these bikes.

      Thanks, let me know if you require any other information.

  • lavanya

    Is Hero Maestro bike suitable for women? nd what is the mileage? kindly suggest me a bike that is light in weight and budget.

    • Hey Lavanya, Yes its suitable for women and it will give you mileage between 40-45 kmpl but price may be a concern here. Give a test drive to pleasure too if you like then go for it, Its good in mileage and price too.


  • Swarali

    My height is 4’11” & weight is 44. I had driven scooty long ago but not in traffic area. No practice since last 4 to 5 years. I like Access. Will it be suitable for me? Can I handle Access? Please suggest

    • Hi Swarali, Access is a very good bike but heaviest then others so i won’t recommend you this but you can give a test drive to check your self. Please learn good driving before getting into traffic area to reduce the chances to get hurt.


  • khushi

    i already have activa honda… but wanna buy new one em realy confused please help me out!!!! :-/

    • Hello Khushi,
      You are still driving a good bike Activa, but for a change you can switch to Access its as much good as activa. also If you are not much concern about the mileage then Dio is also a good option to have.

      Let me know for any more information.


  • sonu

    Hi admin,

    I saw yours review and reply. Really great job done.
    I want two wheeler which will be suitable to criteria of mine. My home is on high hill. so i need bike must have good accelerate and pickup. I am slim (45kg). so bike must be of light weight so i can handle it in trafic. and also in way to home ,their darkness so bike must give proper light on road. I check activa is gud but because of its weight ,i cannt handle it. and i doubt scooty can ride me to high hill as it dnt have so much pickup and accelerate like activa. please suggest me which bike suit to me. and please also mention those which fill my criteria and also luking stylish. waiting for reply.

    • Hi Sonu, Thanks.
      For best pick up honda Dio is good, Give a test drive to Dio as well as Suzuki Swish, Duro and pleasure and check the comfort level of driving and weight that you can handle. Let me know once you done with test drive then will discuss more to choose the best one.


  • Hema

    Hey Guys!

    Pl suggest..

    I am planning to get a two wheeler. Now that I have stream lined my choices to Honda Dio, Scooty Pep+/Scooty teenz! My requirements are:- it should be light weight and in case of any spare parts replacements it must be easily available in the market. Heard that Scooty Teez is very comofrtable, light weight but not that successful! I can’t take my eyes from this vehicle however. Pls suggest whether Honda Dio is light weight and is worth buying. Scooty teenz owners pls share your thoughts!

    Thanks in adv!

    • Hello Hema,
      Scooty teenz is good but a good option for a long drive with double weight is Dio, It is very good in design, look and performance but mileage is not good as it have best pick up so Dio is best as compare to Teenz.


      • Hema

        Hello there,

        Thanks a lot for your suggestion. As days are passing by, I am getting different opinions on different vehicles. Every bike more or less has the same features. It is very difficult to pick from these lots. And you are doing a great job in giving opinions and to narrow down our search. Hats off!

        Just a quick question to your response. How will you evaluate scooty pep+ over Honda Dio. Pls share your thoughts. As told earlier, I mainly stick on to light weight bike. So pls highlight the difference!

        Thanks a lot!


        • Hi Hema, welcome back and thanks for comment.
          Honda Dio is babe bike with high pick up and normal weight, i guess you can handle. As its pick up is good so you will not get enough mileage.
          On the other hand Scooty have a good design but not good as Dio, It will deliver you mileage between 40-45, a low weight and good performance bike.
          If you are not that much concern with the mileage then go for Dio else pep is best, in fact give a test drive to both along with Pleasure.


  • sowmya


    My height is 4.11 and 42 kgs weight,am looking for a two wheeler which has
    1.Good Stylish looks
    2.good milage

    Suggest me pls..

    • Give a try to Pep, pleasure and Duro.


  • sowmya v kumar

    hello sir, its very confusing which to buy and which not whether to go wid deo or activa or any other
    pls suggest me in terms of better bike for me which

    should go wid

    1. light weight
    2. price
    3. mileage
    4. performance
    5 durablility

    pls suggest me sir

    • Hi Sowmya,
      If you feel Scooty Pep is good for you then go for it, It will suits you the most and have all the requirement as mention by you. Give a test drive to Pleasure and Dio (Mileage will low) for better option to choose and check the level of comfort and balance (Height and Weight). Let me know for any other query.


      • Pat

        Hi.. Can TVS models or any of the girly scooterettes sustain 15km to & fro (total 30 kms) distance travel each day?
        I am asking whether it will affect its performance & user comfort! Heard scooties are better for short distance travels!!!
        Also out of Honda & TVS which is the best option to go for???

  • Usha

    Hi admin!
    I’ve gone thru all ur advises frm d start n m very much satisfied n impressed. U r doing gr8 job.
    All the best keep going..
    I’v com to conclusion dat whether to buy Honda pleasure or Mahinder Duro DZ. U mentioned mileage wise pleasure is gud n ur nt sure abt Duro DZ. But i wanna go for latest one ie Duro DZ coz my frndz ve already got pleasure n dio which i don’t want to buy. I wanna ve diff n latest one.. Plz suggest me i feel access, activa, aviator r all heavy ones though i’m 55 n 5’4. But at the same time i wanna buy Duro DZ n i don’t want to regret ltr (Plz advice)..
    plz plz plz plz plz suggest me is Duro DZ light wt, comfort n grip of tyres on road, reasonable, mileage(How much is it) n look wise is best r nt, compared to Pleasure since its old one.. I don’t want Dio coz i’v some personal reason for it..
    Then too plz give me comparision with mileage n rates for the following Gaadi i’m from Bengaluru:
    1) Duro DZ 125( M more 2wards diz plz giv me best suggestion, is diz spacious for doubles n mileage. My mom is 75kg she sits oneside can i balance her coz i’v joints pain in fingers n knee caps if i drive for long or better go for Pleasure(Old model na))
    2) Pleasure
    3) Dio
    4) Access 125
    5) Flyte ( I feel its lik skeleton so lean without any flesh. Is diz also spacious for doubles n mileage, can i balance her for long drive)

    What incase i go for battery vehicles, For how many hrs n kilomts can i drive.. Wat if battery goes off in middle of the road. plz suggest some sooner..
    Waiting for ur reply soon..

    Thanx for reading patiently, Hope ur nt confused Admin.

    • Hi Usha, Sorry for late response.
      First of all thanks for appreciating the efforts.
      Through your comments, i can see that you are most likely to go for Duro DZ. I got to know about its mileage couple of days ago, Its around 40-45. I will suggest you to go for a test drive of Duro to feel the level of comfort while driving and also the balance. If you like it the sure go for it and enjoy your ride with care.

      As you don’t want to buy Dio and other bike like activa and Access are quite heavy as compare to Duro, Flyte and battery vehicles are not worth so let them go.


  • Priya

    vibrant specification for each vehicle, but no one has provided mileage of any of the vehicles

    • Thanks Priya, let me know for which vehicle you want to know the mileage.


  • Amrutha


    I am planning to buy a vehicle. Can you suggest between Dio and Pep+ ?

    My main concerns are:
    -Good Mileage
    -Low Weight

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Amruta, Dio will not give you good mileage, Scooty Pep is good in your all concerns also pleasure is also a good option to have. Give a test drive to Pleasure and Pep and check the level of comfort driving and balance.


  • ruchika bhartiya

    hii admin
    i m 17 yr old ,dont know how to ride a cycle ,heavy weight and 5 feet.which scooty to go for honda dio,scooty pep+ or pleasure.
    Also i heard that tvs performance is not good and its not safe to ride is it true?will pleasure be better option?

    • Hi Ruchika, TVS scooty is safe and good to ride ignore the rumors, If you are a bit heavy then Dio is good but you will not get enough mileage as its pick is good else pleasure is best for mileage. Learn before jump into traffic.


  • shrey

    hey m looking for a sports bike nt i cant find 1 that uits mt height m 5″3 and i despirately need a sports bike ! please help!

    • Hi Shrey, Go for Honda Dio its one of the best bike as of now, Its sporty look and stylish design makes it perfect for girls like you.


  • shama

    how is scooty streak? is it good? pls let me know…….

    • Hi Shama, TVS streak is good in terms of mileage and look and its reviews are average with some technical problems like noisy, some time stops in between and ground clearance. I will suggest give a test drive to it and check according to you.

  • Deep

    Hello , I want to buy a two wheeler which is light weight and average height , i know few but i am totally confused between Mahindra Rodeo , Honda Dio ,Suzuki access , pleasure or can u suggest me any other ?

    • Hello Deep why get confused ? Just go and have a test drive for the one you like the most…
      Honda Dio ,Suzuki access, pleasure and Duro, Check you level of comfort and pick the one simple.
      Let me know if you again stuck in dilemma.

  • siddhi

    I want a scooty, bt m confused which one to buy. i need low-maintance scooty. i recently relocated so m nt dat comfortable with the traffic. i need something which suits me accordingly.m 5’4 . have tried kinetic campus chill earlier.kindly suggest.confused between activa/dio/access/wego.

    • Hi Siddhi, Go to the nearest Honda show room and test these bikes Activa, Pleasure and Dio, Activa is a bit heavy then others and Dio has a bit concern of mileage as its pick is great, Pleasure is best in all terms.
      Check the level of comfort while driving and choose the one which you can handle.


      • siddhi

        hey thank you so much for your reply.i have not yet finalised, i went to honda showroom for dio, bt dint liked its color they are tooo flashy , i am prefering to go for pleasure(plz tel me abt its comfort and milege along with other necessary info)
        and wat about duro?. what do u suggest? and yes i really appreciate your efforts in resolving our queries.really great work and great initiative!thank you so much!

        • siddhi

          one more thing iw ould like to mention m located at pune, and its famous for its monsoons, so kindly suggest a bike that doesnot skit much.n m still nt sure weather to quit from dio or nt? m terribly confused kindly help. will buy in this month itself.

          • Hi Siddhi, Thanks for appreciation.
            Honda pleasure is good one in term’s of mileage, look and handling. As you don’t have enough driving experience in traffic right? so please go for a test drive and check the level of comfort, balance (height n weight) and handling according to you, As you are the one who will drive so it should be according to your comfort.

            Second thing Duro response is good so far in all term’s but you need to give a test drive to Duro as well, then only we can compare these two right ?
            I know weather of Pune, Its awesome and Monsoon is just arrived here so enjoy rain, Every bike slips in rain so you to have take care of few things while driving in Rain: drive slow, avoid mud area in road etc.

            Please be confident in driving before jumping into the heavy traffic area. Let me know if you have any other query ?

  • Hi,

    I want to buy a bike for ladies, but i did not know how to drive, need to learn, so please suggest me which one is suitable for bigginners, can i go for used bikes or no need.
    Please gimme ideas, which i need to choose, new or used,and which brand or model.


    • Hi rajani, you first choice to learn the bike does not matter any brand or new/old. Once you got to know driving then go for test drive of a new bike and check how much comfortable are you with it.
      Either you can learn from friends bike or get a new one of your choice. Let me know for any other information.

  • Hi Admin,
    This is Kaveri again! My height is 4’7” .I am learning scooty driving from an instructor. Trainer bought Scooty ES for first 3 classes. Next she bought Kinetic Kine which I felt bit difficult since my legs couldnt reach the ground properly.

    I am much comfirtable with Scooty ES but this model is not available in market which one I should go for. Basically I need bike just to drop and pick my daughter from tutions and all.

    Price is not a matter but I need bike with low weight and height. Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Kaveri, Welcome back.
      Try any of these tvs product Scooty Pep+, Teenz, Wego or tvs streak rest of the bikes are a bit heavy.
      Give a test drive to all above and pick the comfortable one as per you.


    • meghna raj

      hi my height is 4’9″ i want to buy latest model of scooty. but i dont know how to drive.later ill learn my frnd suggest me not to buy my leg is too short i cant balance the scooty. is it true no need to buy scooty. money no matter in honda brand i want to buy. pls suggest me according to my height which scooty is better dat i can easily balance.

      • Hi Meghna,
        I will suggest learn first with your friends bike may be with Scooty Pep or Wego and Pleasure as well. These are few low height bike and deliver a good mileage. Please check how much comfortable you are with these bikes. If you are good enough to handle then go for any one these.
        Let me know for any other query. Thanks

      • Seema Kumari

        Hello sir,
        Plz help me in purchasing a vehicle. As my height is 5.4″ & weight is 55kgs. I am confused which vehicle to buy, tvs Zest, Honda Dio or Activa I. In TVS I feel that its engine is not as good as Honda vehicles. So plz suggest me fast as I have to purchase in 2days.

      • anjali

        Suzuki lets is better for u mam : it’s weight nd look was awesome , any time if u r interested so call 8392947505

    • Guest

      is it necessary to know cycling to drive scooty?

    • manisha


  • diks

    Please guide me on buying a two-wheeler which gives a good mileage, is durable & suits my ht. 5’2”.Thnks

    • Hello diks, for better mileage Honda products are good to have, check on pleasure, aviator etc..also give a test to duro as well.


  • Thiru

    Admin, thanks for your valuable inputs. I am phisically handicapped and planning to buy a 2wheeler. Another 2 wheel will be attached. Which 2 wheeler is good for me.

    • Dear Thiru thanks, Honda activa or pleasure are good bike you can go for these, any bike you like the most ?

  • ilayaraja

    Hi ,

    Please suggest me to buy new bike for ladies saidapet to ramapuram daily travel basics . which model will be good and less weight model


    • Hello ilayaraja, If you want a good mileage bike then pleasure,duro and scooty are good, give a test drive to see the comfort of driving and balance (weight and height).


  • ruchika bhartiya

    HII is scooty pep+ unstable and disbalanced?is pleasure better for me?is scooty pep+ good enough for 2 ppl to go on a long drive or a bumpy ride?

    • Hi Ruchika, Scooty Pep+ is good bike, there is no dis-balance and unstable kind of things. It all depends on how you drive, handle and take care of the bike. Pleasure is good for two people as well as for a long drive rather then Pep.


  • chaitra

    Hi Admin,i had dio n had used for four years n nw sold it before that i had activa now again i am planning to buy dio but my cousin is stressing me to buy access 125 so i am confused between dio and access as wel as activa can u pls tel me whch has got highest mileage and low maintenance and quite long life amongst above three n also i heard abt dio present luks itseems its not gud as it was before pls help me to decide the best amongst above three pls do reply as soon as possible.
    also pls tel me which is the fast moving vehicle as of now.

    • Hi Chaitra, As you have already drove the best two wheelers from Honda ,Activa and Dio. Suzuki access is the main competitor of activa as of now but mileage of Access is a bit less or almost same as compare to Activa. Give a test drive to Suzuki Access and feel the difference between the one you have drive (Activa) and this one in terms of comfort and balance (weight and height), If you like the access then go for it.
      New model of Dio is not as much attractive as the older one but still the fast moving vehicle in the above three due to great pick up, The only concern is mileage else this is speedy babe bike.
      Let me know for any other suggestions.


    i want to purchase a honda is available on instalment payment plz send more details

    • Hi Sanjeev, Yes Vehicles are available in Installment payment basis, Please visit your nearest Honda show room for details, A representative will help you regarding this.


  • skiha

    Hi Admin,

    I want to know which two wheeler will suit me as i hv less weight of 48kg and height 4.9.
    Fr scooty peepy i hv heard it gets stoped on mid road very often is it true?
    plz suggest me.

    • Hi Skiha,
      Its not true about the Scooty, Every bike need servicing at proper period of time to avoid these type of behavior. Give a test drive to pleasure, its good in mileage and i guess you can handle it too, have a test drive and check according to your level of comfort and balance.
      let me know for any other query.

  • arunkumar

    i am searching for a scooter for my sister with good fuel efficiency with affordable price(she use to travel in rural places). suggest me some best of the best

    • Hi Arun,
      Honda Activa and Pleasure are good bike for rural places too with a good mileage. Please be care full while driving in raining season at rural place or interior area of villages, as road’s are not in so good condition to drive in rain.

  • Alveena

    Please tell me the name of without gear bikes.

    • Dear Alveena, Above listed all the two wheelers are gear less, Here are name few more Honda Aviator,Mahindra Duro etc..

  • Ashok


    I would like to know if any of you had bad experience with honda pleasure?

    Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

    • May be some one have, what’s your ?

  • divya

    hey i want to buy a good bike and i have activa and access in mind…!!!
    which one is better..?

    • Hi Divya,
      As of now both are good, give a test drive to both and check the comfort level of driving, balance (height n weight) as per you and pick the one according to you.
      Let me know for any query later on.

  • new scooter swish, dio,wego have metallic body or fiber body ?

    • Hi Akshata,
      Swish come with fiber body, wego is Metal Body and Dio is fiber too.

  • Arti

    Hi frnds I wish to buy a two wheeler,I’m a tall nd normal weight person.
    expcting a bike wit gud millage,control and long life.pls suggest me a gud bike…..

    • Hello Arti,
      Give a test drive to Suzuki Access and Honda Activa, Feedback of these two bikes are very good. As you are tall girl so i guess one of these two will suits you the most, check the level of comfort driving and pick one for you.

  • hi……i m a 19 yrs old
    i want a scooty which is STYLISH , LATEST, having low weight & medium price……….WHAT’S UR SUGGESTION……

    • Hi Deepanjali, How about the Scooty it self, i mean TVS scooty pep +, Wego, streak etc.. these are few low weight bikes with and deliver good performance with some known issues and average review.
      Give a test drive to any of these and check according to you, Also take Honda pleasure as an good option.

  • sudha

    hi… please mention the mileage details of pleasure and Suzuki access 125cc….
    I’m confused to choose between pleasure and access. please specify whats the better choice between both of them in terms of mileage, space and durability…
    by the way your website is very useful for girls like me 🙂 .
    keep going… all d best….

    • Hi Sudha thanks for appreciating the work, i m glad you girls are liking it.
      Hero Honda Pleasure delivers a mileage of around 45-50 kmpl in city and Suzuki Access delivers around 35-40. Honda vehicles have good feedback as compare to TVS, but design and stylish body of access makes it more beautiful for girls to have. Now choice is yours again here.

      Thanks, let me know if you are still confused or it helped you out.

  • priyanka

    sir i go to office far away bt there is no any auto or bus service i wannna take a not aheavy bt nice bike please sujjestb the one waiting for ur reply….

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Any one in your mind ? Go for test drive to pleasure,wego and scooty and check the load balance you can handle, I’m assuming that you don’t know how to drive a bike right ? so please learn before jump in the road.

  • Shalini

    hi all,
    Can you sugesst me on the best bike on mileage comparing Honda activa and Suzuki access.

    • Hi Shalini,
      These two bikes shares same features and almost same mileage too, Both vehicles delivers around 35-45 kmpl.
      Give a test drive and pick the one you like to drive.

  • Milu

    TVS Streak is now fast selling vehicle. with its new style, good mileage, less than 10000 rupees compared to its rivals like activa, access. For ladies its ideal two wheeler, with less weight (96kg), easy to handle, less spare parts prices, maintenance. For extra 10000 ruppees , you can put petrol to drive more than one year in streak.

  • Charanjit Kaur

    hello, liked all the bikes….. i would like to know if the modifications for a handicapped person is done by the company and usually what is the procedure?
    thank you

    • Hi Charanjit, Modification is not done by company but they can provide you the required details and location of the shop who do the modification.
      Or you can also find it around the city who do.

      Let me know for any more query.


  • hi admin, i liked ur article &thanks fir the info. i am a person who never drove a bike but of course a bicycle but wanna buy a bike for myself and learn driving. so, i cannot test drive before buying it. my height is 155cm and weightis 58kg, i am looking for a bike which can stay with me for a long time, has good milage,low maintainance.
    i don’t want to go for pep+ or streaks.
    i liked pleasure,flyte,vespa,access.
    tvs wego-one of friend said seat is high.
    I would also like to know about the E-bikes.

    • Hi Kiran, Thanks for visiting here.
      Pleasure is one of the good bike to have and deliver a good mileage as compare to other bikes, Activa and Access share almost same mileage and both are most successful bike till now. You can go between these three Activa, Pleasure and Access. These bikes are heavy a bit then wego or flyte.
      Choose wisely according to your level of comfort and balance, I guess you are good enough to handle any one of them.
      Also be confident in driving before jumping into traffic area alright let me know for any other query.

      E-bikes are now a good option, as price of fuels are continuously rising but they does not have a long life to use and you have to planned every time before going out. As it need recharge the battery.


  • pavani

    can anyone plz suggest me which will be good pleasure or activa???
    my dad is telling activa but am so scared weather i can handle or not….

    • Hi Pavani,
      Go and get a test drive of both if you think you can handle the Activa then go for it else pleasure is always there as second option.



    hey! can u plz suggest me whic vehicle can i tke? my requirements are as follows…..
    >good milage
    >light weight
    >comfortable to both d persons sittin
    wat do u think abt activa,access and scooty pep+?? or plz suggest any other options taking into consideration abt my requirements….

    • Hi Nagasmitha,
      Choose between Activa and Accees these two are best bike in the market so far, get a test drive and check according to you. Let me know for any other query.


  • Praneeth Ravi

    Hi guyz.. My galfrnd is planning to take a gearless bike. Cud u plz suggest a gud one..?? Was thinking of Honda Dio or Scooty Pep.. Actually, want this requirements:
    – Stylish
    – Less Weight
    – More Comfortable ride
    – Better Mileage
    – Easy & low Service

    • Hey Praneeth,
      If you are choosing between these two then go for Dio as per requirements except the mileage, though Dio delivers mileage around 35 kmpl. Ask your girl to have a test drive and check according to her level of comfort driving.


    • Well Wisher

      Plzzzz Don’t waste Ur money!!! Gentle advise!!!

  • Shashirekha


    I’m used to drive gearbikes but now I want to go for gear less bikes (as I have become mother now ;-)) I’m confused between TVS Wego and Suzuki Access. Well I didn’t have test drive yet but anyone could suggest me.

    • Hi Shashirekha, Suzuki Access is better than the other one, though its a bit heavy but i guess you can handle, as you have drove other heavy bikes with Gear. Give a test drive and check the level of comfort.

    • sangeeta

      pleasure or kinetic flyte is very much effective for u

  • honey

    im very thin so i cannot drive heavy weights plz suzzest a bike for a girl

    • Hi Honey,
      You can go for the less weight two wheelers like Wego,Streak or Pep.
      These bikes are a bit less heavy than others get the one you like.

  • DIYA


    • Hi Diya,
      You can go for the less weight two wheelers like Wego,Streak or Pep. These bikes are a bit less heavy than others get the one you like. Learn and get confidence in the driving first then only jump into traffic and drive slow.
      Let me know for any other queries..

    • Reenadak

      I am also very thin n i have scooty streak. so i think it will be best for u.

  • nida

    Hi, i m planning to get a bike..i havent rode a bike earlier…i have few options in mind such as activa,aviator,wego,maestro and pleasure…can u suggest the best amongst all the above based on mileage,price,availability…i am bit heavy n height is 5’2…so which will be suitable for me? pls share ur inputs

    • Hi Nida, Honda Activa and Suzuki Access are two best bikes among the other listed and it will suit you the most according to your height and weight. Give a test drive to these two and check the best one.

  • nilofer

    Hi i m planning to get a bike. i like pleasure my height is 5.2. wight is 52. this bike competuble for me .i want this requirements less wight ,good mileage, less meindenens pls reply

  • Shylaja

    Hi, I want to buy a vehicle, I am already using Scooty Pep, i am interested in Suzuki Access and Honda Activa, what is your suggestion?

    • Hi Shylaja,Suzuki Access and Honda Activa both are very good bike and shares almost same features as well as mileage but look wise access is pretty good and stylish. Give a test drive and check the level of comfort while driving, as Access is bit heavy so check according to you.
      Access is good as my suggestion let me know for any more query. Thanks.

  • Geeta

    hiii, kindly suggest me which one is best among these: suzuki access, pleasure, mahindra duro, TVS wego for my sis…she z a school teacher….

    • Hi Geeta, thanks for commenting, I would first say ask you sister which bike she like the most,after all she has to drive right ? Second Suzuki Access and Activa are two a bit heavy vehicle as compare to others. So please take a test drive of the bike you like such as Access, activa and pleasure and check the level of comfort while driving then will choose the best one.
      Let me know if you more query regarding the same. Access is good one as of now.

  • Risha

    Hello Sir
    I am planning to buy a bike first time in my life.I am gal of 5’4” (weight 59kg).Since Hyderabad traffic is very bad I want to take a bike with good grip and which wont go out of balance easily and which is safer.Also, in my bad schedule of PhD, I want a bike for which I have to spend least time for her maintenance or else the company should provide good service for maintenance.Of courese I will be so happy if my BIKE is fuel efficient polluting the environment least.For that I want good mileage bike with nice engine.Looks are not important for me.I want my bike to be strong and safe with least maintenance.

    • Hello Risha, Hero Pleasure is one of the good mileage bike as of now, TVS wego and scooty pep are other two other less weight and good mileage two wheeler. Do you any option is your mind ? so we can choose according to your thought as well let me know ?

  • hiiiiiiiiiiii i want a less weight bike…coz ma weight nd height is both r low…………..plssss tell me a good meilage bike…..

    • Hi Mamata, Please try Scooty Pep or TVS Wego, these two are good mileage and less weight bike.

  • Manjula muralidharan

    Hi, I would like to buy a vehicle. Please suggest best bike at present conditions. Scooty or Pleasure or Honda activa or maestro
    Please suggest the best one.

    • Hi Manjula,

      In the below listed vehicles by you, I will suggest Honda Pleasure or
      Activa, Hero Mestro is the newest one so don’t have review as of now.
      New Activa is good in mileage as well as performance but will be heavy a
      bit. Pleasure is considered as one of the best two wheeler. Give a test
      drive to both of them and pick the one as per your level of comfort.

      Let me know for any other query.

  • RIsha

    I am confused between Dio, aviator, activa and access…….!

    • Hi Risha,
      Dio is good but its mileage is less around 35, even Access and Activa also share almost same or may be around40 and both are a bit happy.
      If you can handle it, then go for Access is a good one as of now. Take a test drive and check the level of comfort.
      Then will decide is it make sense ?

  • shruthi saya

    Hello Sir ,
    I m planning to buy a bike for first time. I m gal of 5’5″ (weight 66kg). My dad is asking me to buy TVS Wego bike.Just let me know how much mileage it will give & more over how about the engine will be good. I m very much confused about this Or else let me go for the HERO Mastero …..plz suggest me for the good one admin plz

    • Hi Shruthi, TVS wego is delivering average mileage and its less heavy as compare to other bikes but in terms of engine and performance its not up to the level and after couple of months its look very old. Overall review are average so far better to go with your another option Hero mastero its new and good looking bike from Hero give a try to both and see the difference and pick the best one.
      let me know for any more query, thanks.

  • sashmita

    Hi, I wanna buy scooter immediately .. i have scooty pep which i am driving… i am looking for gear less bike that is easy to maintain, light and has good mileage. I would not prefer scooty as my option. please guide/suggest.

    • Hi Sashmita,

      As you have already drove Scooty right, so for a better option try Honda Pleasure, Suzuki Access or Activa.

      They a bit heavy but deliver a good mileage and Pleasure is one of best
      among them as far. Get a test drive and check as per your comfort level.

      Let me know for any more query, thanks.

  • Rashmitha

    which is the best vehicle for teens?? plz suggest me… em confused wit scooty streak n dio…..

    • Hi Rashmitha, Dio is one of the best for teen but mileage may be a concern else its best. Streak is low weight TVS bike with an average reviews and mileage. So for a test drive to both and pick the one you like most probably Dio is good rather then streak as per my view. After the test drive you choose the one according to you.

  • rahul kataria

    Hi, I want to buy a vehicle, I am already using Scooty es, i am interested in
    Piaggio Vespa LX125 and Honda Activa, what is your suggestion?

    • Hi Rahul, Go for Piaggio Vespa LX125 its new stylish and powerful scooter, its good to drive something different.
      Hero Mastero is another good option.

  • Pranati Swain

    Hi, I have already gone for the Test rides of Dio, Hero Maestro, Pleasure and Mahindra Rodeo RZ, and Rodeo is more lighter and comfortable.So, I thought of buying Mahindra Rodeo RZ, but confused about its mileage. Is there any difference between the Old Rodeo and new Rodeo RZ. The seat height is one of the major concern for me bcz of my low height. plz suggest me the right option.

    • There is no major changes in the Old and New Radeo, as you are very much comfortable with the balance and driving then go for it. Scotty pep is another good option, if you feel your height is a concern then.


  • pooja 4’11 tall which scooter should i buy?

    • Hi Pooja,

      Scooty pep will be good as per your height also it has a good mileage n less weight as compare to other, Wego n Dio are other two options also available if you don’t like the pep.
      Thanks, let me know for any other query.

      Kailash Kumbhkar

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  • Jai

    How about hero’s maestro?Is it good?

    • Hi Jai yeah its a new bike in the market from hero and reviews are average as of now. You can give a test drive and check it out.

  • shastri

    Dear sir,
    i am a 6’foot male of 95 kgs in weight.
    can you tell me- which scooter will be suited for me?
    my requirements are- (1): more milage
    (2) weight lifting capasity of 200-250 kg.
    (3) sturdest suspension.

    can yu tell tjat which is the most milage giving of all the scooters. and also which of them can have the toughest suspension?
    BECAUSE these are the only things that are todays nesesity, (NOT the style).
    personly i hate style & will opt. for performance.

    • Hello Shastri, There is only two bikes available Activa and Access both are good and share almost same features,style and performance you can with any one of them. Give a test drive and check as per your requirement, also new Hero maestro is another option available.
      You don’t you go for Royal Enfield or any other bikes, those will suits you the most i guess.

  • shastri

    what will be the most sturdest , most milageble & powerful suspension bike in india , today?

  • VIPS

    i wanna buy a two wheeler n im interested in dio and pleasure. im crazy about im a lean person. will it be too heavy for me to handle? also, which is the better one? dio or pleasure?

    • Hi VIPS,
      You are crazy about Dio and then go for its forget the rest of things and enjoy your rides, Pleasure is good in terms of mileage as compare to Dio but in pick up,look and feel and stylish design of Dio makes it a good choice.

      Now choice is yours, thanks.

  • sangeetha

    Hi, I want to buy vehicle.. dnt knw drvg.. aftr byg new vehicle then only i learn .. so pls suggest me the best height is 5.6 nd wight is 53.

    • Hi Sangeetha, You are good enough to handle any bike like Activa and Access, these two are very good bike but heavy in weight. Tell me any bike you like the most or wanted to have like Dio,Swish etc. It will help us to choose the best one for you.

      • sangeetha


        I don’t know driving.. so please suggest me the best vehicle.

        • Hi Sangeetha,
          Go for pleasure or Scooty pep.

        • sangeeta

          hi sangeetga. ithink mahindra kinetic flyte or pleasure is best for u

  • shruthi

    Hi, I want to buy a vehicle.
    my height is 5 feet. weight is 85.
    so please suggest me the best vehicle.

    • Hello Shruthi,
      Give a test drive to Pleasure,Activa and Access and pick the one you like the most.

  • shreevidya

    hi ,i have already booked dio white latest model but my friends are telling the model is too heavy ,this is my first vehicle my height is 5″ plz suggest me ?

    • Hi Shreevidya,
      Forget the things of your friends, its you who have to drive.Just enjoy your ride with care OK.

  • Sanjana

    Hello , I wanna buy a vehicle for daily purpose as i am working.but dnt knw driving.I am 5’2” and 56 kg.I liked Dio and flyte.I have heard abt aviator too.Please suggest me a good vehicle.

    • Hi Sanjana,
      Dio is a good option with mileage is a bit concern and flyte reviews are not so good so far. As you have to learn first right, please learn with your friends bike then get a test drive of Dio as well as Aviator and choose the best one as per your level of comfort.
      Let me know for any other query.

  • Swathi

    Hi, i m new to driving and i would like to buy a 2 wheeler(gear less) . please suggest me a good one with less weight, stylish, more mileage and comfortable to drive

    • Hi Swathi,

      If you are able to handle a bit heavier vehicles then Activa and Access
      are two best bike for girls,Give a test drive to pleasure and Duro too.
      These are few bike with good mileage and for a stylish design and body
      Dio is perfect for the new generation girls.

      Let me know for any more doubts.

  • Sachin

    Hi, i want to buy a two wheeler vehicle for my wife. my budget is maximum 47K. Please suggest me good two wheeler with good mileage.

    • Hi Sachin,
      Hero Pleasure is one of the good option to have with the price range and delivered good mileage. Please ask your wife if she like any vehicle, it will help to choose the best one.Thanks

  • rahul

    hii my height is 5’4 ft n m a guy please suggest me a scooty out of these three-
    Maestro / activa / access which one should i go for???

    • Hello Rahul,
      You are good enough to handle any one of these and Maestro is new in the market and good looking for boys. Give a test drive to all three and check the one you like the most.
      All three are good, thanks.

  • shreevidya

    hi review of suzuki swish is good?

  • Rajesh

    Thanks for prompt reply. I want to gift two wheeler to my wife without gear she is a school teacher she is to wear saree daily she is afraid of sitting on 2 wheeler so she walks around 6k.m daily she is very thin my only preference is light weight vehicle

    • Hello Rajsesh,
      Scooty pep or wego are the two bike with less weight and deliver a good mileage. Honda Pleasure is also a good choice to have in terms of mileage and look,its heavy a bit but i guess she can handle it.

  • Simmi

    hi! i waana bike having gud mileage bt weight is d constraint for me. so i waana ask either i go for Yamaha Ray or Pleasure or some1 else? plz suggest me.

    • Hi Simmi, Get a test drive of both Pleasure and Ray and check how much comfortable you are while driving and pick the one you like. Yamaha ray is the latest vehicle in the market and reviews are yet to be get but pleasure got good feedback so far.

  • Jagadeesh

    I want to buy a bike for my wife and me. At present she do not know bike driving. We are not going to use daily. my friends comments are like go with Honda Activa or TVS WEGO. what is u r suggestion pls?

    • Hello Jadadeesh,
      Give a test drive and choose the one as per your requirement. Honda Activa is far better then Wego but may you wife does not like it as its pretty heavy then Wego.
      Choice is yours, if you thinking for your wife perspective then Wego is good.

  • hello, I want to buy a new scooter. Can somebody suggest me anything about Hero Maestro and Yamaha Ray, as i am looking for it.

    • Hi Madura,
      Thanks for stopping by here.
      Hero Maestro is a muscular bike with fiber body and high price range and deliver mileage around 40 kmpl and Ray is the first girls two wheeler from Yamaha and its reviews are yet to be collected.
      I will suggest please get a test drive of both along with Suzuki Access too and check the level of comfort driving,easy to handling and space.Then choose the one you like the most.
      Let me know for any more queries.


    • Saju.T.C

      Hai mam you just look in to Hero plessure it is suit for you.Take care

  • shaila

    hi.. i want to buy a vehicle…my height is 5’3 n weight is 50.i dont know driving so i think ligh weighted vehicle will be good for me.iam thinking to go for pleasure . so please suggest good vehicle for me which ican handel easily

    • Hi Shaila,
      You got your answer’s your self,Go for pleasure its good in look as well as in mileage also it will suits you as per your weight and height. Please learn driving first before jump into heavy traffic areas and drive care fully.

  • Neha

    Hi ,no matter how funny this may sound, i find it very difficult to kick start a scooter. Could u please suggest a light weight two wheeler?

    • Hi Neha,
      Well its the issue with most of girls so its ok to ask and most of the bikes share almost same weight except soctty pep+,wego and steak and flyte. You can give a try to these bikes. Let me know for any other issue.

  • munna

    What About Vespa …. i want to know milage and maintenance cost … i have 2 options vespa or active which one is nice … plz suggest me …

    • Hello Munna,
      Vespa is the latest two wheeler from Piaggio, its reviews are average so far and cost is a bit high.As compare to Vespa, Activa is the trusted and good bike but seems very common.
      Vespa is good to have for a new experience only if you like it then.

  • Mrs. Smita Sonawane

    Hello Kailashji, I am a working women, from last 8 years i am using scooty pep, nice vehicle, but now I want to change my vehicle. my daily running around 20 to 24km. Please suggest me a vehicle suitable for milage, weight. my height is 5.3. Thank you ..

    • Hello Mrs.Smita.
      Thanks for visiting here.
      As you have enjoyed driving pep and its really a nice bike.
      For a better mileage pleasure is one of the good option to have.Any bike you liked so far ? please let me know so i can try to suggest you the right one as per you.

  • Dhana

    Hi i want 2 buy a bik….. my weight s 65… so i thought 2 buy pleasure…. its comfordable 4 me or not?????????????? can u say???

    • Hello Dhana,
      Yes it will comfortable for you, Give a test drive to Access too along with pleasure and check the one you like the most in terms of comfort,easy driving and weight.
      Then let me know for any other query.

  • sahithya

    will ray suit me

  • jain


    I want to buy a vehicle for my sister she has 5 inch height and 48 kg weight.I want to buy a vehicle that has good milage and also she can handle it easily as she dont know driving and she will learn driving after buying.Pls suggest me the gud vehicle.

    • Hi Jain,
      Please ask her about her choice of vehicle, get her to test drive of Scoty pep,Dio and Pleasure.


  • Duke

    hi.i want to buy scooty for my father in the range of Rs. 30,000-35,000. Please suggest me some ,moped or scooty for rural areas.

    • Hello Duke, Activa and Access will be two strong vehicle for rural areas. Please check with your father as these are a bit expensive.

  • pavan

    Hi, I want to two purchase new vehicle for my wife. She’s height 5″ & weight 45. Which comfortable Honda Activa or any other. Please suggest me.

    • Hi Pawan, If she is good enough to handle Activa then go for it another choice in the same weight is Suzuki Access also try Hero Pleasure, Let me know for any other query. Thanks

  • divya

    I am torn between scooty pep plus starlet series grey one and yamaha ray black one!! i do want a light weight easy to handle two wheeler !! and i can spare only 45000 max!!! plz tell me which is worth and light weight!!

    • Hey Divya,
      Get a test drive of both and pick the one you like the most while driving.

  • venkat

    hii sir, i am 4.6″ height and 40kg weight, please suggest me kind of a 2 wheeler to go to office for my height.

    • Hello Venkat,
      Any one you like ? let me know that will help us to choose the best one. Meanwhile you can give a test drive to pleasure and Dio.

  • jinesh


    i have a vehicle.but my leg had a problum.scooty pep as correct i gave another vehicle….plz good anwer me……

  • vijaya

    Hi Admin, I am vijayalakshmi. I am doing network marketing where it depends to go long distance somtimes. I am jus 149cm of tall. Kindly suggest me a weightless ladies twowheeler….i expect it should be with style too, but low in height

    • Hello Vijayalakshmi,
      There are few low weight and height girls bike available such as Wego, Scooty,steak and flyte.
      Low weight with style and mileage of course, so for a test drive toTVS Wego and Pep and check the one as for your level of comfort for long drive.
      Thanks, let me know for any more queries.

  • vijaya

    Again its me.. Also kindly suggest that which it should not get easily puncture

  • Guest

    i am 164 cms and very thin..i am confused betweem scooty pep and scooty streak,sinfully black.does scooty pep suit for tall girls like me?or go for scooty pep?can you specify the height of above 2 models?

  • nia123

    Guest • a few seconds ago

    i am 164 cms and very thin..i am confused betweem scooty pep and scooty streak,sinfully black.does scooty pep suit for tall girls like me?or go for scooty streak???can you specify the height of above 2 models?

    • nia123

      i am only 42 kg,so can’t go for heavy weight scooters ,i am confused between these two.. reply soon

    • Hi Nia,
      Yes suits for all girls, if you still got confusion then get a test drive and check the level of comfort else go for pleasure.

  • Pratikshya Adhikari

    hi admin,

    I am thinking of buying two wheeler,mainly i am going for DIO ,but the headlight of DIO is not on the handle of Scooty like other Scotter. Does that create any difficulty in riding at night in turning. So I am lil bit confused. Please advice.


    • Hi Pratikshya,

      Yeah that’s the issue with every bike with fixed headlight, it gives a little problem of visibility while making a turn in night else its perfect. Get test drive of any other bike you like else you have the option open any time Dio.
      Let me know for any other query.

  • anush reddy

    hi, my height is 5.4 and my weight is 48kgs. Which bike is most and best suitable?

    • Hi Vanitha,

      You are good enough to driver any of the bike,Do you have any option in your mind like Pleasure, Dio etc.
      Get a test driver and check the one you like the most, let me know for any other query.

  • Loga

    Hi… what is your opinion on Scooty teenz? My only requirement is a light weight vehicle. Hope teenz is the light weight vehicle in the market with 82kg. I am 62kg weight with 5.5 height. Will it suits me?

    • Hello Loga,
      You are good enough to handle any of the bike,get a test drive to Suzuki Access, Pleasure along with teenz and pick the best one as per your level of comfort.

  • Guest


    My name is Huma. I am planning to buy a bike first time in my life.I am gal of 5’4” wiegh around 55kgs.I want to take a bike with good grip and which wont go out of balance easily and which is safer, i like yamaha ray,honda dio and scooty pep though i still have to go and check it at the showroom, which one would you recommend for a first timer like me.

    • Hello Huma,
      I will suggest choose from Dio and Ray for stylish body and grip. Scooty pep is a good for new learner as its light weighted. Get a test drive and check the level of comfort then let me know so i can help to more.

  • manasa

    Hi Admin,
    I m manasa planning to buy a vehicle my height is 5’2 n weight is 60kgs.

    This is my first vehicle. I dont have much knowledge about bikes. Please suggest me a good bike and also to select the vehicle what are the feature have to be seen. I live in hyderabad. Can we get bikes on EMI basis please suggest me.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hello Manasa,

      Yes you can buy a bike in EMI basis.
      Do you like any bike ? Dio, Scooty or Activa etc. It will help us to choose the right one and best suited bike for you.
      Can you please share your requirement with us like distance your have to travel on daily basic, mileage, heavy or light weight bike etc.


  • Anjana

    Hi Admin, I want to buy a best ladies bike. budget less than 55K. Height and weight doesnt matter. Please suggest.

    • Hello Anjana,
      As of now best bike is Suzuki Access according to me, you can have a test drive of it along with other like Vespa,Activa and pleasure.
      Do let me know after the test drive for more query.

  • Vijay

    Can any one suggest me best scooter for ladies, best in the sence safety,features and maintenance.

    • Hello Vijay,
      What is your requirement should be less weight, good mileage and stylish ?
      Then Pleasure,wego and vespa are good, let me know for any more query.

  • priya

    hi i’m planning to buy scooty but i don’t which one s best?

    • Hello Priya,
      What is your requirement should be less weight, good mileage and stylish ?
      Then pleasure,wego and vespa are good, let me know for any more query.

    • Hello Priya,
      What is your requirement should be less weight, good mileage and stylish ? Then pleasure,wego and vespa are good, let me know for any more query.
      Kailash Kumbhkar
      Walk Through

  • Lakshmi

    Hi Kailash.. I want to purchase a new bike which gives a good mileage and pick up..I am 5’8 and never mind in heavy vehicle. I prefered to duro at first as i heard its mileage is 57on high way and 45 in city.. but i have seen very rare duro bikes..activa mileage is very bad i heard and even the same with access 125.. so pls suggest me a bike with good mileage..mileage is the only concern for me…Rgds Lakshmi

    • Hello Lakshmi,
      Most of the bike deliver almost same mileage in city and differ in Highways.
      Duro is good option, you can also check pleasure,Aviator and Wego.
      Mileage deliver by these bike will be around 40+.

      Please let me know for any more query in the same thread, happy to assist you.

  • disqus_YlxMkXoqEf

    I am 16 I want a scooter that is easy to drive in a lot of traffic i am 5’6 so the height wont be a problem . The mileage should be good as i will be using it a lot. Should have good balance over bumps and speed breakers. Please suggest acoordingly.

    • Hi there,
      Get a test driver of Honda Pleasure and TVS Wego along with Honda Aviator. Aviator is one of the best mileage bike and its not too heavy as compare to others, It also has good body balance and easy to handle.
      Do let me know for any more query.

      • disqus_YlxMkXoqEf

        It is my first scooter so which ones the best and comfortable too??

        • All three i suggested are good, please get a test driver and check the level of comfort as per you, that will give you better idea and help you to pick the best one accordingly. I’m hoping you know how to driver a bike right ?

  • soujanya

    hi iam soujanya, am planning take yamaha ray. what is your suggestion.

    • Hello Soujanya, Its quite low in weight but mileage is average, Get a test drive to check level of comfort while driving.

      • disqus_bvZtOdjK8Z

        Hi soujanya again,
        thank you for ur reply can you suggest me which one is the best in mileage around 50kmpl, and low weight as well.

        • Hi Soujanya, TVS Wego and Scooty Pep+ are low weight and height bikes with good mileage, around 40-45 kmpl.

  • Dhanashree

    Out of 3 Scooters which one is better TVS Wego,Dio and Suzuki Access 125 Low weight and Good average?

    • Hi Dhanashree,
      TVS Wego is the one with good mileage and low weight as compare to other two, Dio and Suzuki Access are also very good bike but deliver mileage around 35-40 kmpl and a bit heavy.

  • amar

    This is amar , i want to buy good look and light weight two wheeler for my wife. Which one is better can u give a suggestions

  • addy

    hi.. i want to buy a bike for for the first time.. i am thinking of either buying activa or access.. ma height is 5.4 weight 62. but am confused with vespa too.. plz suggest me something. i am from Goa so there is’nt much traffic here. besides i wont be riding it everyday.

    • Hi Addy,
      If you like a stylish bike then Vespa and Access are good option. They both deliver almost same mileage even Activa as well. Get a test driver and check the driving comfort level of Vespa and Access and pick the on accordingly.

  • jhansi rani

    HI my name is jhansi i want to by a bike which bike gives the comfort, millage, stilish, speed. can u give me the information,about the bike

    we want to use the bike both husband and me is scooty is preforable . if it is whant is that

    • Hello Jhansi,
      Any bike can used by you both, Aviator is new one with comfort driving and stylish design and deliver good mileage. Other bikes are scooty pep, Wego and suzuki access.
      Get a test driver of any of these and check the level of comfort as per you.
      Ask your husband as well for his choice if let me know for other query..

  • jhansi rani

    in how many min i get aa reply

  • deepu

    Hi My name is deepu. I already using active 2006 model. i want by a new vehicle in next 3days. my height is 5.3. wight is 62. pls suggest me to which is the best scooter for me.

    • Hello Deepu,
      As you are already using Activa, so in my opinion go for a change and get a test driver of Suzuki Access. Its one of the best vehicle in the current market.

  • Prateeti Johari

    hi,i want to buy a scooty of less weight,nd which matches my height very well(my height is less)…so would u suggest me some scooties,also there body balance should be good…..
    thanxx in advance

  • Dinesh

    Hi. Mr. K.K.,

    I am planning to buy a HONDA DIO 110 (NEW MODEL). I want to ask u is that a good buy..i m a 21 year old boy.

    • Hi Dinesh,
      If you does not bother about the mileage then its perfect go for it, though the Old one is far better.

      • Dinesh

        Thanks for advice…
        But how much mileage i can get from dio 110 ? and please also tell which can be a good scooter with a good mileage..:)

        • Its will be around 35-40, Generally most of them deliver almost same and do depends upon how to driver and do proper servicing.
          Activa and Access are couple of more option to try along with the Hero Mastero the boy’s bike.
          But Dio is very stylish to try as well, so choice is your’s here.
          enjoy the ride with care.

  • shalini

    i want to buy a bike for less weight with good performance..after taking the bike i need to learn so i can’t handle activa on road.aim thinking to buy WEgo but after seeing your comments and discussions now i am thinking to take that or kindly give me some suggestions.

  • Ashu

    i am driving scooty tvs ES since jan – 2013 few months. i take my two daughter for pick up and drop one back sit and another in kangaroo bag since she is just 1yr. now scooty tvs es is giving lots of problem. so now i wish to buy new scooty for same purpose pick n drop. my height is 5ft and weight 50kg. can u suggest me good scooty. i am suzuki access or wego tvs is it good


    hi my height is 5’1″ and wieght 52 kg which scooter is suitable for me

    • Anyone will work, Pleasure, Access or Vespa. Do u have any one in your mind, let me know.

  • sukku


    I am looking to buy a bike, but i dint not learn perfectly yet, thinking of buying and than learn. I wanted to know about Aviator, so is it same like activa, i don’t need more weight bike but not too low like scooty. A medium weight were i can manage to travel with my mom out shopping. i had tried activa once but i was not able to manage it was weight and Dio was like a gear bike, quite trendy but not able to manage.

    So please suggest me what can i buy. were its medium weight, good mileage, and were i can enjoy my ride in bike. My weight is 58 and 5.4 height.

    • Hello Sukku, if you are like Aviator then i will suggest go for it. It’s one of the low weight bike in the current market of two wheeler and deliver’s good mileage along with body balance.
      All the best,learn well before you start riding into traffic area.

  • sukku

    Hi Sukallya here… thank u so much m gonna buy Aviator this month 17th….Once again thank u so much for ur suggestion…. i asked my friends they told there own bikes were they like… but i was searching wat i like to bye…. u cleared it….

    • Hi Sukallya,
      All the best and learn well before you ride.

  • nirmala venuji

    What is your opinion about Yahama Ray as compared to Honda Activa or Scooty Pep+

    • Hi Nirmala,
      Yamaha Ray is one of the newest two wheeler in the Indian market from the Yamaha also the first from the manufactures. There is no comparison of Ray with Activa actually.
      Activa is totally different from this category, It may get compare with the pep+,teenz and straek.
      Yamaha ray is one of the low weight bike with average mileage and feedback.

      • nirmala venuji

        Thanks for the info. But I am looking for lightweight scooter as the distance I have to travel is very less, so what is your suggestion on the best one

        • Nirmala, there are couple of option you can try Wego, and Aviator. Get a test drive and check the level of comfort while driving else Yamaha ray is always there for you.

  • Sandhya

    Hi admin
    Kindly help me to select a scooter among the following: Honda Activa I, TVS streak, TVS Wego. I am 5 ft 8 inches tall. I need one with good height but low weight and most comfortable driving.

    • Hi Sandhya,
      You are good enough to handle any of the above listed vehicle. Forget the TVS streak and Activa i will suggest you to take a test driver of Suzuki access, Honda Aviator, Vespa, if you don’t like any of these the get a driver of Wego.
      Let me know for any other query. Thanks.

  • Priya

    Hi Admin,
    I have Scooty ES and I have driving experience of more than 6 yrs. Now I want to change and wanted to buy a new one which is as comfortable for me just like scooty. I would like to prefer less weight and good mileage. Please suggest me which one i should go for.

    Moreover I want to purchase with EMI basis. I’m in Hyderabad and in which showroom I can get this option. please suggest.


    • Hi Priya,
      There are so many good vehicle in the market now a days, some of the best are Aviator,Wego Vespa, Access and Pleasure.
      Request you to please get a test driver of these and check the level of comfort as per you.
      Probably Aviator is good in terms of body balance and comfort driving but please check other as well.

      You can get your bike in EMI at any showroom, not a big deal.

  • Priyanka

    hi, i am a 20 yr old girl – height 5’3. i am confused between activa and dio. i want a vehicle that is good for navigating in traffic+ low maintainence. also, ive been told that dio i not good for my height. is that true?
    does the new dio have any real problems in it?

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Request you give a test drive of Dio. TVS Wego and pleasure.
      Don’t go for Activa and other heavy metal body bikes.

  • Urvashi Reddy

    Hi Admin,
    I’m Urvashi and I’m from Hyderabad. I’m looking to get a new two-wheeler this Dussera. I currently drive my old Kinetic Honda 4S and want an upgrade.
    People suggest the Activa and I have driven one (my friends), but I don’t like its weight.

    I’m taller than average for a woman, I’m 5’7″ and weight about 68kg.
    Pls help me decide…any suggestion would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Urvashi,
      Thanks for visit and comment.
      You are good enough to handle any kind of Bike, as you mentioned you don’t like Activa much in that case i will suggest get a test driver of Suzuki Access (Best in the market as of now) Aviator (Good body balance) and Pleasure(Great mileage).
      Check these tree and the let me know your thought regarding the same.

      • Urvashi Reddy

        Thank You..took a test drive of the access at Saboo showroom. really liked it, so does my husband. Though I’m in love with the colours the Scooty has to offer, i think the Access would be a better choice.
        Thanks a lot for your advice.

        • Thanks for reply Urvashi, Indeed Access is a better choice, its also offers elegant look with the available colour.

  • Rama

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to buy a ladies bike through CSD. Which ladies bike is best in market. Please guide me

    • Hello Rama, there are so many bikes available in the market, please few from your choice then let me know so we can choose one of them.
      As for my suggestion pleasure, TVS and Activa

  • Sweety

    Which scooty is latest in trend in terms of quality( servicing), mileage and most imp- for girls . ???

    • Hello Sweety, All scooty are made for Girls, Pleasure is known for mileage, TVS Wego trendy along with other low weight bikes and Aviator offers quality.

  • lakshmi

    I want to buy a bike which will not give me starting problem in any season winter monsoon etc. also how can a dispose off my old 10 kinetic zing bike which is 10 yrs old

    • Hi Lakshmi,
      Do you have any bike in your mind like pleasure, Access,Aviator and Vespa. these are few good bikes in the current market and offers a good value of money in terms of performance and mileage.As for as the starting problem is concern you may face this issue with almost every bike in a year or so, even with any two wheelers like Pulsar or other bikes.
      For best use of self start, i will suggest use Kick for the first start in the morning of any season, it will help.
      You can sell your Kinetic Zing directly to any second hand bike dealer at your area.

  • Sandy

    Hi, its me sandy, i am okay with driving and i want you to suggest me a best suitable vehicle for me, my height 5.2, weight 45.
    Purpose: Journey to office. Mileage should be good and suspension is imp and , it should not skit on rainy roads.. and also price matters.. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Sandy,
      I will suggest you to go to test drive of following Aviator, pleasure and Wego and check according to your level of comfort and balance.

  • saba

    hi mod,
    i have been using kinectic honda and kinectic nova since a long time. now i want to buy again two wheeler which i will b driving in gurgaons busy roads n i should b driving very confidently. for that i need light vehicle as well as low height, with gud mileage. but above all a good service station also. plz guide me

    • Hello Saba,
      Suzuki access and Aviator are two good option to have. I will suggest you to go for test drive of these both bikes and check as per your comfort and easy to handle drive.

  • game

    compare vespa vs pleasure vs aviator both in price and mileage and suggest a good one!

  • sharshy

    hai i want to buy a 2 wheeler… but i dnt knw which one is better for girls… can u suggest me… i like ray z, dio and activa

    • Hello Sharshy,
      Dio,activa,access and aviator are good options, get a test drive and check as per level of comfort.

  • Rani

    hi admin ,
    first of all thank for your online help
    i m girl n my height is 5.2 weight 65 kg n i m so much confused between honda dio n hero mastreo
    please suggest which is best for me
    kindly reply ASAP

  • Yogita Gude

    Hey kailash hi,
    first of all thank for online support
    my height – 5.2 n weight 65
    i m so much confused between hero mastreo nd Honda dio plz suggest which one will be gud for me

    waiting for ur valuable reply
    thanks 🙂

    • Hi Yogita,
      Thank you for stopping by here.
      I will suggest you to go for a test drive of both of these two wheeler and check the level of comfort as per you.
      If you need a good pickup(low mileage) and low weight then go for Dio, else Mastreo is quite heavy and cost more then Dio.

  • sumita

    hi admin,i am sumita,my height 4’11” and weight 40kg.i want to buy a scooter,plz suggest me hero pleasure/ honda dio/ honda activa is better for me.

    • Hi Sumita,
      Go for a test drive of Pleasure, Dia and Aviator check the comfort level and body balance as per you and also the weight.
      I will suggest you to for aviator and Dio.

  • kusum

    hi admin,

    i want to vehicle, my hight 4’11” weight42 kg,which vehicle good milege .plz suggest which me which is better tvs wego/ hero pleasure

    • Hi Kusum,
      Thanks for visiting,both the vehicles mentioned by you are good in terms of mileage, i will suggest get a test drive of TVS Wego and Pleasure along with Honda Aviator and pick the best one according to your comfort.
      Feel free to let me know for any more query.

      • kusum

        thank u admin

        • Welcome.

          • kusum

            sir also i want to advise tvs wego or jupitor is better in terms mileage,comfortableness,safe
            ty and repair

          • Hi Kushum,
            Wego is doing great so far and jupitor is recently launched. get a test drive of both and check the difference then choose as per your requirement and level of comfort.

  • farzin

    Any idea when will Yamaha Vino be launched in India?

    • Yamaha will surely launch this scooter country wide in near future, will keep you posted.

  • hi i am ESHA i am 5ft and 49

    hi i am ESHA i am 5ft and 49 kg so please suggest me a bike with good mileage

    • Hello Esha,
      Get a test drive of TVS Jupitor, Honda Avaitor and Pleasure.

  • SN Chaubey

    I want to buy a scooter for my wife and me to pick up and drop my twin kids but very much confuse with the out of reviews/comments of users like wise yamaha ray coments says 07 out of 11 says abt bad mileage and rusting in rear wheel, not comfortable, for hero pleasure one says its hero pain not pleasure ,in honda activa my wife legs are hardly touching grounds, Dio is minimum 01 months waiting ,scooty pep plus is having engine problem as local mechanic suggest, as vespa is costliest of all, mahindra product is not often seen on road. tell me what should i do what to buy?????????????????

    • Hello SN,
      You have already done the research on all the bikes available in the current market.
      I will suggest you(both) to go for a test driver of these few Suzuki Access, Honda Avaitor and TVS Wego or the latest Jupitor.
      Check the level of comfort and weight as well as the easy driving, it will help to choose the best for you guys.
      Let me know for any more queries.

  • preety

    hi Kailash, this is Preety,
    i want to gift a bike to my father, he is an old man, age is almost 50 and weight is also not that much. he is already driving his scooter. but since girl’s bikes are more comfortable, i want him to have more comfortable drive.
    can u suggest me some models with less weight and price.

    • Hi Preety,
      It’s so nice to hear about the gift, i will suggest you to please get a test driver of Honda Avaitor, TVS Jupitor and Wego.
      Please go along with your father so he can also check the level of comfort and body balance, let me know for any more information you need.

  • meera

    Hello, This is Meera. I am 46 yrs old. Never learnt to ride a cycle. Now I want to drive a scooty. Went wth husband to learn on an Activa. Could not balance it. Do you think I can still learn to drive a scooty? Which one do you suggest?

    • Hello Meera,
      Yes, you can learn and drive scooty, i will suggest for TVS pep+, Wego to learn these are low height and weight bike. Once you get the confidence then only go for other option.

  • rutuja

    I have just learned riding. I learned on kinetic model but still i touched my legs in between on road while riding. Its not possible for me to try on friends bike. I am not yet confidant to ride on highways which two wheeler you will suggest me. i am 5.3 in height and 50 kg in weight.

    • Hello Rutuja,
      You are good enough to ride any of the bike, go for the one you like the most.
      TVS wego, jupitor, pleasure and Aviator are few good bikes with a little less weight, get a test drive and check as per you.

  • santhosh

    hi i am in search of good mileage scooter for my wife can you please suggest me an good one? is Activa i an good option ?

    • Hello Santhosh,
      Activa and Access are both good option and deliver almost same mileage.
      Aviator, Wego are also good, get a test drive and check the level of comfort as well.

  • swati padmshali

    from mumbai.
    i m planning to get a bike. i m confused abt pleasure and yamaha ray , wego….my height is 5.2. wight is 62. i want bike which is compatible for me .i want this requirements less wight ,good mileage, less meindenens pls reply…

    • Hello Swati,
      Get a test driver of Wego, Pleasure then Yamaha ray and check the compatibility and comfort driving then go for Aviator at last.
      Let me know then your choice.

  • Salu

    hi admin, i want to buy honda dio. My height is 4.10 and 5o kkg. I am 28 now. is it suitable for me?

    • Hello Salu,
      Get a test drive for it without a second thought, check the level of confidence and comfort then get it.

  • sri

    Hi, I am sri. I have driven kinetic honda before. I am planning to buy a new vehicle now. I want to know about yamaha ray. how do u rate these vehicles in numbering 123….. Activa, Pleasure, yamaha ray, suzuki access.

    • Hello Sri,
      Suzuki Access
      Honda Activa
      Yamaha Ray
      Actually its going to be unfair by comparing Yamaha ray with these three most successful ladies two wheelers.
      Yamaha ray is good bike, low weight, fair mileage and good looking.
      Get a test driver and check,it its suites you then go for it else you already have other option open.

  • Usha Ramani

    Admin, I’m 5’4 and 45kg. I really want a good bike and the one different from others. Not interested in Vespa. How about the new yamaha ray? How well is it ? or should I go with the honda’s pride- pleasure? Suggest me please .

    • Hello Usha,
      Agree honda pleasure is very good bike, along with Suzuki access.
      Get a test drive of both and check the level of comfort while driving and body balance, weight.
      Yamaha ray feedback is good, get a test drive first and do let me know.

  • hii I think suzuki acess 125 is the good two wheeler for me but my height is 4’9 then what should i do ???

  • shaheen shaikh

    Hi admin my height is 5 n I m fond of motor bikes.can u suggest me a bike which I can drive as m short n I can’t ride bikes bcoz of that but I want to….plz suggest me some…

  • sumi

    i want a schooter.but i am confused nw which is to buy?pleasure dio ,wego ,ray activa i, are the schooters i considered . but i dont know more comfortability about this schooters … i want to know about them .my height is 5 feet and weight is 40 …so please refer a schooter for me … which is better for me and whi
    ch is better schooter

    • Hi Sumi, thank for visiting.
      You have consider almost all the two wheelers, I will suggest you to go for a test drive of TVS Wego, Yamaha Ray and Activa i.
      Check the level of comfort and handling as your height and weight then choose the best one.

  • Shivangi weight is 39kg and I’m skinny too and my height is 5.2 ft..I need a suggestion…which vehicle suits me??

    • Hello Shivangi,
      Go for TVS vehicles with less weight such as Wego, Scooty and streak. Also kinetic flyer and pleasure are two more good option.

    • anandhan

      scooty streek worst, thats less weight so dont buy

  • umme salma

    Hai, I would like to get a bike for my daughter who is 16. She is 160 cm tall. which is the best and easy maintained. Can you please guide me

    • Hi Umme Salma,
      Thanks for visiting,
      I have no harm suggesting you about the bikes but please let her complete 18 then allow her and look for a bike, It personal opinion anyway.

      There are so many low weight bikes available in the current market such as TVS scooty, streak and wego.
      Please go ahead and check the level of comfort and handling via test drive.

  • guest

    Lets- is a new entry in the market and light weight too…the brand Suzuki is also trustworthy…this means wider options for ladies

  • agrawal.chetna

    I have to buy a scooty for myself. I am 5 ft in height and a beginner. I can ride activa. However I am not very comfortable when it comes to taking turns or while parking the same. I am also not comfortable when it comes to a halt and the vehile needs to be dragged backwards in case of need. I tried wego n pep as well. Between activa n wego i didnt find much of a difference. Pep i found it light and low raise vehile. I found that most comfortable. However I can ride all of them. Please suggest what should I buy.

    • Hi Chetana,
      Go for the one you like.
      Pep is good bike with low height and weight, go for it.

  • RamyaSri

    Iam Planning to buy a “Activa i”, and my hight is 4.11″ is it “Activa i” will comffortable for me, please replay..

    • Hi RamyaSri,
      Please get a test drive of the same, you feel comfortable riding then go for it, Activa i is less heavy then earlier version of Activa so should be good for you.
      Else try other bikes as well Wego,Pep and pleasure.

  • Kiruthika

    Hi, im planning to buy a 2 wheeler and i’m going to use it for riding to office. Im of 5’6” height and im lean built. I tried riding one of my friend’s 5 yr old activa and i was feeling ok with it. Im planning to get activa 125, but in this my feet doesn’t rest completely on the road. the heel is slightly up. So is tit ok to go for Activa 125???

    • Hi Kiruthika,
      You like the Activa go for Activa 125. Enjoy.

      • Mag

        Hi Kailash, among the bikes discussed in this forum which bike is good in terms of mileage? Except Honda Activa please.

        • Hi Mag,
          Hero Pleasure, TVS Wego and Mastero are few good bikes in terms of Mileage, Suzuki Access deliver 35-40 km/l in the city.

  • Jaya

    My height is 5’2″ and weight is 55 kgs.I liked jupiter and lets….which one should i go for?

    • Get a test drive and check it out, which one you feel comfortable to ride go with that only.

  • Siva

    I like to buy two wheeler kindly suggest which one is best between Yamaha Ray Z, Ray, Access, Dio, Yamaha Alfa..?
    My requirement by lite wait, good pick up & milege & stylish bike. Pls., help me…

    • There are latest range of two wheelers recently launched such as Activa 125, Jupitor and TVS Wego are few good mileage and less weight bikes along with Yamaha Ray.
      Please get a test drive of all these and check as per your level of comfort.

  • PoojithaY

    Hello Sir
    I am planning to buy a bike first time in my life.I am gal
    of 5’4” (weight 58kg).Since Hyderabad traffic is very bad I want to
    take a bike with good grip and which wont go out of balance easily and
    which is safer.Also, in my bad schedule of PhD, I want a bike for which I
    have to spend least time for her maintenance or else the company should
    provide good service for maintenance.Of courese I will be so happy if
    my BIKE is fuel efficient polluting the environment least.For that I
    want good mileage bike with nice engine.Looks are not important for me.I
    want my bike to be strong and safe with least maintenance.

    • Hi Poojitha,
      Here are list of bikes that you should get a test drive, it will help you as well as me to suggest.
      Activa 125-Latest Launched
      TVS Wego-Low weight and good mileage
      Honda Aviator- Good Body Balance
      Suzuki Access-Amazing Vehicle
      Other bikes are also good in terms of weight and mileage but the above listed are far better then those.

      Please check as per your requirement,level of comfort and budget.
      Let me know if you need more information from my side.

  • Syam

    Hey, Please tell me the pros & cons of these scooters and suggest one of them with all the recommended qualities (for women).
    1. Pleasure
    2. Access
    3. Activa
    4. Jupiter


    Hi.. I want to buy a bike for my wife. Height 5′ 3″ and weight 51 kg. Please suggest best lightweight bike for me

  • Smitha

    Hi I am Smitha,
    I am 30, height 5’7 and weight 51kg. I have started learning to ride bike in scooty pep since 3 days and i am able to manage. But i am having difficulty in pushing the vehicle as feels too heavy and also while pushing the stand that part is terrible for me, just need someone to pull from behind to put the stand. I was looking and comparing the low weight vehicle suitable for me…but i am confused with so many reviews and bikes. Please suggest me the good one which will be safe for me.

    • Hi Smitha,
      Scooty pep is one of the most light weight two wheeler available in the market rest are very heavy as compare to it.
      You will learn day by day, stand does not required any force its just simple technique, suggest you to use side stand instead of main.

      You have good height any of the bike will be best for your Access, Activa,Aviator and Wego. Get test drive and check as per your level of comfort.

  • Deepika

    Hi Admin,
    I love Honda Dio! But I’m concerned about its mileage and its front part doesn’t look good. My next choice would be Honda Activa.So what should i choose?

    • Hi Deepika,
      If you love Dio go for it and if u r getting second thought then get a test drive of both and pick the one you like the most. Simple.

  • poornima

    hi i am 5 feet and 63 kg. I never learnt to ride a cycle. My age is 37yrs. Can u suggest a light weight and good mileage vehicle?

    • Hi Poornima,
      Pleasure, Access and Activa-I are good bikes, get a test drive and pick the best one.

  • Shalini

    Hi i am Shalini , 158 cms tall, i want to buy a geared motor cycle, kindly suggest a good 150 +cc motor bike for me.. i am a shor n cannot go for enfield standard, though i like it..

    • Hi Shalini,
      If you like it then go for it, else you want cruiser bike or normal bikes such as Pulsar, Passion, yamaha.
      Yamaha is good though.

  • Arti

    Hi i’m 5’5” tall girl with 57kg weight. I just thought of buying a Scooty which should come under 50k with accesories, I wont like scooty pep and other tvs products. I’m expecting easy carrying,gud millege,long standing,gud looking and less maintance bike. do plz sugest me a bike.

    • Hi Arti,
      TVS Wego, Suzuki Access, Honda Dio Aviator.
      Get a test drive and pick the best one.

  • swathi

    how is vespa ..was planning to buy it value for money

  • kamaldevthapa

    honda pcx 150 when and where lounch in india

  • Thank you very much

  • neha

    My name is Neha. I have a Yamanha Ray at my place but my height is 4 ft 9 inches. Would i be comfortable in driving it and i need to buy a new one?? Once I had tried to drive but my legs were unable to reach the ground..

  • Vandu Maddi


    My name is vandana,I am planning to buy a bike for me..My height is 5.2,Weight is 63Kgs.

    Previously i used Honda Pleasure for 4 yrs…

    Now i want to purchase new one and range between 55,000/- to 65,000/- including all amenties.

    Please suggest me which one is best for me.

  • Vandu Maddi

    Can anyone tell me which best bike is for ladies?

    I am considering following things & planning to purchase bike.

    VERY GOOD Mileage – A MUST
    Less Maintenance
    Good space to keep luggage
    Electronic Start

    • We have listed all of them, get a test drive and pick as per your requirement.
      Every one has different opinion for bikes.

  • Preethi Lakshmikant

    Hi my name s preethi. I am planning to buy either Yamaha ray or pleasure. Pls suggest me th e best among the two. My height s 5’2 and I live at mumbai

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  • Prithi


    I am currently using Honda Activa from past 5 years now and planning to buy a new bike. Could you advise the best bike to go for. Thanks in advance.

  • Avishek Roy

    I feel Mahindra Gusto is the best! I have been rising it past a few months and i really like the features on it.. Since i am petite i have had problems with the weight and height of scooters. But, Gusto gives us the option of reducing the height of the seat. Best two wheeler for girls!

    • Thanks.

    • Norbert Giri

      Yes mahindra is the best but you cant trust as they are pulled out already earlier three models for some reason unless it is fully in the market we cannot trust

      For further calrification please free to call 9742608020 / 9901296666

  • Hetal Mehta

    hi…m 4.11, looking at buying scooty check pep n vespa but found them to be high..which would be lowest seat..i am looking for scooty…used or fresh any would do.

    • Check Suzuki Lets and TVS Zest.

      • Norbert Giri


        For your height the comfortable two wheeler will be of three models of three different brands.
        1. Yamaha Ray z or Fascino
        2. Tvs Scooty pep sries
        3.Suzuki lets
        These are three vehicles were you can reach the ground with ease when compare to other vehicles as their seats are not wide as other lmodels and the heightwise it is the lowest height vehicle in the market presently

        For further calrification please free to call 9742608020 / 9901296666

  • Renu

    hi’ admin.. my height is 4’11 n i hv 36 kg weight..
    iam planing to buy a honda dio scooty.. as far as concern cn u plzz tell me acording to my height and weight… am i able to ride this scooty or not ? please suggest me… and i dont know how to drive a scooty so thatswhy planing to buy a new scooty n learn frm it… plzz sugest reply


  • Kesha

    Hi i am a girl of 14.hieght-5’1 weight-35kg i am planning to learn activa.. Will i be able to drive. I see many girls of 4’7.4’8 driving activa will i be able yo drive activa?

    • Hi Kesha,
      Yes you can, get a drive of Activa 125, its low weight.

  • veena

    Hello Admin,

    I am VEENA from hyderabad ..I want to buy a bike with low weight with good mileage ..As i have to travel minimum 50 kms daily .. iam planning for duro or activa i ..which one is better.

    • Hi Veena,
      Go for Activa – i, is light weight and good mileage bike.

  • Neha Agarwal

    Hi. I am Neha Agarwal. My height is 4’5″. I wanna buy a scooty according to my height. I am learning it from my brother. I know how to drive it. But I can’t drive it alone. I always need a supporter. My legs don’t reach the ground. I m learning scooty pleasure. I just wanna buy a scooty according to my height. Which one is the best please help me. Please.

    • Norbert Giri

      hi neha have u ever taken test drive of scooty or any other vehicle which is equilaent height. If not I would request take a test drive ray from Yamaha which is very comfort in driving and ground reach very good its aerodynamic style will give better comfort on road while driving. The engine is smoother and it has very god durability with 113cc engine with approx 7bhp which gives engine life more than the other vehicle with lower cc and higher bhp. Please make your own decision. If required u cn contact on

    • Hi Neha,
      Thanks for visiting us, Please get a test driver of Scooty Pep, TVS Wego nad Yamaha ray.
      These are few low height bikes available in the market, once you are comfortable with riding you can drive alone.
      Even the new Gusto has a features of lowering the seat, you can also try that one too.

  • Neha Agarwal

    Hi kaveri please help me out

  • menaka


  • menaka

    I want to buy a new scooty, but i dont know the driving. My height is 5.2″, weight 46 kgs please suggest which is the good one to buy

    • Norbert Giri

      hi menka for your height u cn go for yamaha ray z which has very good
      road grip and it is designed aerodynamic it allows you to get good
      control of the vehicle even though u r very new
      for further enquiries you can contact 9742608020 or through mail

  • Manju

    Hello i am aditi my height is 4’10” and weight is 40 kgs so which scooty i should buy? Tvs streak and pep plus is not available in my state. What should i do ..need help…

  • ApBalu

    Hi! Would be glad to know to choose between Activa 125 or Piaggio Vespa 125…..please. The best in terms of maintenance and features

    • giri g

      In 125cc no brand have good review except suzuki. The activa is very good in its 3g but in 125cc it is not upto mark and lacks the mileage. The vespa 125 is good choice but every time when there is any problem in the vehicle no local mechanic will repair it. choose the best and drive the best.
      The vehicle you choose, do not go on mileage it gives, please see what will be the maintenance cost. The higher the mileage the higher the maintain cost, the lower the mileage the lower maintain cost.

  • Nakshathra

    Hi Admin,,, I am Nakshathra and i am here to ask you a doubt for my cousin ,,, she is 4 feet 4 inch height and her legs couldn’t reach the ground, her friends is telling that she cannot use the two wheeler as she have no height that required for a person to use the two wheeler and showroom dealers are telling that she can use two wheeler and now we are facing a dilemma ,,, can u please help us by clarifying our queries,, that whether she can use a two wheeler according to her height or not and if she can use means which one will be comfortable for her height…………… PLEASE HELP US ………………

    • Hi Nakshatra,
      TVS Wego and Scooty Pep + are very good options for low height girls, please get a test drive and check your level of comfort.

  • Surekha Ananth Shinde

    Hi, am 4feet 6 inch heighten lady , planning to buy two wheeler and my weight is 50kgs, can u pl suggest a best one as am afraid of touching ground when seated on vehicle, thank u