Comparison of Gearless Two Wheelers for Girls in India

There are list of two wheelers available in the Indian market, which are specially design and launched for girls only, Like Activa, Access, Duro and Dio. Two Wheeler’s companies like Hero,TVS and Honda are launching the gear less and low weight bikes for ladies. A huge competition is going on among these big giants in the two wheeler market,Every next day a new 2 wheeler appears in the market. Features, specification and stylish body of these bikes are designed according to Indian road and targeted the working ladies, collage girls and house wife, so they can move independently for their work. These bikes are very much helpful to Indian women’s and now a part of their daily needs.

Best Two Wheelers for Collage Girls and Working Women

Note: Price may vary as per location and Mileage also depends on way of driving and maintenance.



TVS is one of the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India, it has a very good fan follower among the girls. TVS scooty, one of the best bike for girls is the most successful product and bike of the year too. By launching the TVS Scooty in year 1993 TVS has changed the ladies two wheeler vehicle market in India.

Specification/Name Pep+ Teenz Wego Streak
Weight 95 kg 95 kg 104 kg 96 kg
Mileage 35-45 35-40 40-50 35-40
Fuel Tank 5 ltrs 5 ltrs 5 ltrs 5 ltrs
Price Rs. 39000 Rs. 30000 Rs. 51500 Rs. 42000



Honda, the giant automobiles manufacturer offers all type of motorcycle and Scooter in India. There are list of Honda bikes available in the Indian market such as Activa, Dio, and Aviator. Honda activa is one of the most popular two wheelers among the girls and one of the most successful vehicle for Honda in two-wheeler segment.

Specification/Name Activa Dio Aviator
Weight 111 kg 102 kg 103 kg
Mileage 35-40 35-40 40-45
Fuel Tank 6.0 ltrs 6.0 ltrs 5.0 ltrs
Price Rs. 48100 Rs. 49362 Rs. 53400



Mahindra, The fastest growing industries in terms of scooters and mopeds, who entered in two wheeler industry in 2008 by taking over 80%  of Kinetic Motors in India. Mahindra have launched some great power scooter in the market of two wheelers in India and captured a good range of followers.

Specification/Name Duro Radeo Flyte
Weight 105 kg 105 kg 105 kg
Mileage 35-45 30-40 30-40
Fuel Tank 6 ltrs 5 ltrs 5 ltrs
Price Rs. 47000 Rs. 45000 Rs. 43000



Bajaj the India’s best two wheeler manufacturers and expertise in making of sports bikes,fasted bikes, scooter and motorcycle. Bajaj has launch its teenagers bike kristal and making its re-entry into the scooter segment of 100cc and 125cc.

Specification/Name Kristal Wave Blade dtsi 125
Weight 99 kg 110 kg 163 kg
Mileage 40-45 40-45 30-40
Fuel Tank 4.5 ltrs 5.2 ltrs 14 ltrs
Price Rs. 41000 Rs. 39500 Rs. 45000



The Suzuki Motor has launched its first lady two wheeler Suzuki Access in 2008, after a huge success of gear less scooter access, Suzuki is planning to replicate its success in another version of ladies two wheeler named as swish. Access is the best product of Suzuki in the girls bikes segment so far.

Specification/Name Access Swish
Weight 115 kg 110 kg
Mileage 35-40 40-45
Fuel Tank 6.0 ltrs 6.0 ltrs
Price Rs. 52468 Rs. 52000



Hero MotoCorp, the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India has recently launched its all new bike for girls named as hero maestro. Hero two wheelers are for both the middle-class & upper class families.

Specification/Name Pleasure Maestro
Weight 104 kg 108 kg
Mileage 40-45 40-45
Fuel Tank 5 ltrs 5.3 ltrs
Price Rs. 41500 Rs. 54000

Piaggio Vespa LX125

Piaggio Vespa LX125

The Italian scooter company has also launched a new brand identity of Vespa, The 125cc model of two wheeler is only for India while keeping the Indian road. Piaggio Vespa was one of the robust design and powerful engines scooter, with the same name simply Vespa will brings you back the joy of riding. The beautiful and lady design of iconic Vespa returns to India.

Specification/Name Vespa LX125
Weight 114 kg
Mileage 40-45
Fuel Tank 8 ltrs
Price Rs.66661

Yamaha Ray


Yamahahas launched its latest 125cc scooter for women, with the launch of 4-stroke motor RayYamahahas entered into the segment of ladies two wheelers market in India. The low cost ladies bike will give a good competition to the rest of two wheeler bikes.

Specification/Name Yamaha Ray
Weight 104 kg
Mileage 45-50kmpl
Fuel Tank 5 ltrs
Price Rs.46,000