Comparison of Gearless Two Wheelers for Girls in India

There are list of two wheelers available in the Indian market, which are specially design and launched for girls only, Like Activa, Access, Duro and Dio. Two Wheeler’s companies like Hero,TVS and Honda are launching the gear less and low weight bikes for ladies. A huge competition is going on among these big giants in the two wheeler market,Every next day a new 2 wheeler appears in the market. Features, specification and stylish body of these bikes are designed according to Indian road and targeted the working ladies, collage girls and house wife, so they can move independently for their work. These bikes are very much helpful to Indian women’s and now a part of their daily needs.

Best Two Wheelers for Collage Girls and Working Women

Note: Price may vary as per location and Mileage also depends on way of driving and maintenance.



TVS is one of the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India, it has a very good fan follower among the girls. TVS scooty, one of the best bike for girls is the most successful product and bike of the year too. By launching the TVS Scooty in year 1993 TVS has changed the ladies two wheeler vehicle market in India.

Specification/Name Pep+ Teenz Wego Streak
Weight 95 kg 95 kg 104 kg 96 kg
Mileage 35-45 35-40 40-50 35-40
Fuel Tank 5 ltrs 5 ltrs 5 ltrs 5 ltrs
Price Rs. 39000 Rs. 30000 Rs. 51500 Rs. 42000



Honda, the giant automobiles manufacturer offers all type of motorcycle and Scooter in India. There are list of Honda bikes available in the Indian market such as Activa, Dio, and Aviator. Honda activa is one of the most popular two wheelers among the girls and one of the most successful vehicle for Honda in two-wheeler segment.

Specification/Name Activa Dio Aviator
Weight 111 kg 102 kg 103 kg
Mileage 35-40 35-40 40-45
Fuel Tank 6.0 ltrs 6.0 ltrs 5.0 ltrs
Price Rs. 48100 Rs. 49362 Rs. 53400



Mahindra, The fastest growing industries in terms of scooters and mopeds, who entered in two wheeler industry in 2008 by taking over 80%  of Kinetic Motors in India. Mahindra have launched some great power scooter in the market of two wheelers in India and captured a good range of followers.

Specification/Name Duro Radeo Flyte
Weight 105 kg 105 kg 105 kg
Mileage 35-45 30-40 30-40
Fuel Tank 6 ltrs 5 ltrs 5 ltrs
Price Rs. 47000 Rs. 45000 Rs. 43000



Bajaj the India’s best two wheeler manufacturers and expertise in making of sports bikes,fasted bikes, scooter and motorcycle. Bajaj has launch its teenagers bike kristal and making its re-entry into the scooter segment of 100cc and 125cc.

Specification/Name Kristal Wave Blade dtsi 125
Weight 99 kg 110 kg 163 kg
Mileage 40-45 40-45 30-40
Fuel Tank 4.5 ltrs 5.2 ltrs 14 ltrs
Price Rs. 41000 Rs. 39500 Rs. 45000



The Suzuki Motor has launched its first lady two wheeler Suzuki Access in 2008, after a huge success of gear less scooter access, Suzuki is planning to replicate its success in another version of ladies two wheeler named as swish. Access is the best product of Suzuki in the girls bikes segment so far.

Specification/Name Access Swish
Weight 115 kg 110 kg
Mileage 35-40 40-45
Fuel Tank 6.0 ltrs 6.0 ltrs
Price Rs. 52468 Rs. 52000



Hero MotoCorp, the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India has recently launched its all new bike for girls named as hero maestro. Hero two wheelers are for both the middle-class & upper class families.

Specification/Name Pleasure Maestro
Weight 104 kg 108 kg
Mileage 40-45 40-45
Fuel Tank 5 ltrs 5.3 ltrs
Price Rs. 41500 Rs. 54000

Piaggio Vespa LX125

Piaggio Vespa LX125

The Italian scooter company has also launched a new brand identity of Vespa, The 125cc model of two wheeler is only for India while keeping the Indian road. Piaggio Vespa was one of the robust design and powerful engines scooter, with the same name simply Vespa will brings you back the joy of riding. The beautiful and lady design of iconic Vespa returns to India.

Specification/Name Vespa LX125
Weight 114 kg
Mileage 40-45
Fuel Tank 8 ltrs
Price Rs.66661

Yamaha Ray


Yamahahas launched its latest 125cc scooter for women, with the launch of 4-stroke motor RayYamahahas entered into the segment of ladies two wheelers market in India. The low cost ladies bike will give a good competition to the rest of two wheeler bikes.

Specification/Name Yamaha Ray
Weight 104 kg
Mileage 45-50kmpl
Fuel Tank 5 ltrs
Price Rs.46,000

  • sharad

    I wanted to buy at Amravati dist please let me know the including all pries of lowest ladies bike and shop of address and phone number.

    • Hey Sharad, Price may vary at your place so please visit your nearest two wheeler dealer for more information.You will get address from yellow page or any local channel.

  • Pallavi

    I wanted to buy two wheeler bike for girls on loan pl advice me which is the good vehicle

    • Please share your requirement. For good mileage Hero Pleasure is good, If you are good enough to handle bit heavy bikes then go for Suzuki Access and Honda Activa.

  • firdouse

    i wish to buy yamaha ray … located in hyderabad…. need showroom details and financial assistance details

    • Hi firdouse,
      Please visit your nearby showroom they will assist you for every step needed to buy a bike.

  • djp

    Hi all, can u suggest me, which vehicle is good to buy among TVS -Wego,Honda-Dio,Yamaha-Ray for girl. Pls share your experience.

    • TVS Wego is considered to be best because of its weight and low height with some concern.Dio provides less mileage then other bikes and Ray performance is average. TVS Wego is good option to have. Get a test drive and checkout with yourself.

  • Vishnu.K.M.

    Pls select which vehicle is good to buy among TVS Wego & Hero Pleasure with good mileage.

    • Hello Vishnu,
      Both are good,get a test drive and check the level of comfort. Wego is the latest and most stylish bike in the current scenario also delivers good mileage.

  • sonal

    hi i want to buy light weight and also good for mileage scooter which is best

  • srini

    which one is the best? is it activa or aviator?

  • srini

    which one is the best? is it activa or aviator?

    • Hi Srini,
      Aviator is pretty good in mileage and its less heavy and offers stylish look and comfort driver as compare to Activa. Get a test driver of both and check at per your requirement and understanding.

  • achu

    I wold like to buy a vehicle. I heard wego is the best in current market. But my brother doesn’t allow me to buy that vehicle. is there any problem in that vehicle?

    • Hello Achu,
      Yes you have heart right, Wego is one of the best in the current market and good for girls who are looking for light weight bikes. It has some issue such as low ground clearance and battery problem. There are many more vehicles available in the market like Access or aviator, get a test drive along with your brother and pick the one as per your both choice.

  • Rekha

    How has been the general feedback and performance on Yamaha Ray? Any other vehicle better than that?

    • Hi Rekha,
      Its one of the low weight bike and feedback is average , get a test driver and check it out.

  • siddhi

    what about pleasure?can anybody tell me about that.i never drive 2 wheelar before.will it go easy for me with pleasure?

  • Hari

    TVS , Neo ,Rockz bike …are they available now? How about these models…?

  • Prasanna Kumar

    We would like to buy Yamaha Ray, how is the vehicle in comparison with hero pleasure? Pl. suggest.

    • Well as compare to Pleasure, Yamaha ray has average feedback. Get a test driver of both and check the level of comfort or features you are looking for.

  • Suhrita Roy

    Nice post. I have been using Pleasure (it was Hero Honda then) since June 2007 and still have not much problem till date.

  • Rahul

    i want to buy light weight n low height scooter. Any suggestions??

  • Vohra Safi

    I want to buy vehicles for my wife. Can you suggest me best bike for my wife including durability as well as good average.

    • Hi Vohra,
      There are so many bikes available in the market such as Honda Aviator, Suzuki Access,Hero pleasure and TVS wego.
      Please get a test driver of these and check the level of comfort driving, these bikes are offers best mileage and durability in the current market of two wheelers.

  • Geeta

    What about TVS Jupiter ? Is it good for ladies ? Or any option in scooty segment. please tell me.

    • Hello Geeta,
      Yes its good for ladies, go for it.
      Options are there such as Pleasure, Aviator and Wego.

  • deepak

    Please share your views on Activa-i with pros n cons.

    • Hello Deepak,
      As per my point of view, here are the Pros and Cons of Activa-i
      Amazing body and design.
      Less weight
      Somth Engine
      Good performance

      Missing telescopic suspension
      Waiting period


    hey, i want 2 buy a two wheeler i have 2 options YAHAMA RAY & TVS WEGO which one is best pls suggest

    • Hello Sonali,
      Thanks for visiting the page, please
      get a test drive you will feel the difference yourself.

  • Racheal

    i am thinking of buying vespa. can someone please tell me the pros n cons. P.S- it will be my first 2 wheeler.

    • Hi Racheal,
      Its wonderful bike with stylish design and colors, a little less mileage and cost is more as compared to other bikes in India.
      If you like that bike go for it.

  • Sundar sharma

    Can someone suggest a good gearless 2 wheeeler for women, which does not have common issues liek starting problem, stopping abruptly, more maintenance cost etc?

    • Hello Sundar
      There are few best bike available in the current market are Access, TVS Wego and Jupitor, Honda Activa and Hero Pleasure.
      Self start feature is depend upon the battery, so its advisable to start by Kick in the first time, else rest are good bikes.

  • Bhaskar

    can some newbie with Suzuki letz give feedback on ride quality and top speed?

  • Karan

    I want to gift a two wheller to my sister with a god milleage so plzz sugest me which one is best

    • Hello Karan,
      Good Gift, Please take her along with you and ask her to chose the bike which she likes the most and she could handle.
      In my suggestion TVS Wego, Jupitor and Access are best in the market.

  • Bhumi

    can any one give review abot honda activa i…??? how is it??

    • Hello Bhumi,
      Its reviews are good so far, mileage is 40-45KM and less heavy then Activa but the maintenance and servicing you need to take care of for better performance and longevity.

      • Bhumi

        hi kailash,
        can u tell wich is the better vehicle to take for girls(tall girls as i’m 6 ft) ? as wel the budget range being 40-50,000??

        • Hi Bhumi,
          Thanks for visiting and commenting.

          You are good enough to handle any of the two wheeler, my suggestion is go for Suzuki Access.

          Else you can also give a test driver to Maestro and Vespa but both will cost you more then your budget.

          • Bhumi

            thanks for the reply kailash..:)

  • imran

    i have a confusion among honda activa, maestro & suzuki acces, which one is better so that i would go for it

    • Hi Imran,
      Get a test drive of Maestro and Suzuki Acces then Activa.
      You will notice the difference and will able to pick the one as you like the most.
      Forget the analysis and all just go with the one you like.

  • RSP

    which bike is best for girls ???

    • There are so many which one do you like the most, get a test drive of few and pick the best one.

  • bill

    hi kailash

    can u tell which bike is gud Activa old one or 125 as per specification and how much mileage is 125 giving and company claiming and which one will be better to buy???

    • Hi Bill,
      Honda Activa 125 is impressive scooter, better than the Activa 110 and mileage approx. 45-50 kmpl.
      Get a test drive and go for it.

      • bill

        Thanks a lot for ur reply can you plz specify on what grounds u made this opinion??
        Is ur opinion is on specification or something else pl specify.

        • Hi Bill,
          The suggestion is based on mix of reviews received on Activa 125 and my own point of view of looking the bike in terms of style,disc brake,weight and mileage.
          Let me know what’s your point of view here.

  • Vindya

    Hi……… Pls Can u Suggest me..I wanna buy 2 wheeler for office purpose…. which bike is good for Girls….. Height 4.8 And Weight 53…….

    • Hi Vindya,
      There are latest range of two wheelers recently launched such as Activa 125, Jupitor and TVS Wego are few good mileage and less weight bikes along with Yamaha Ray.
      Please get a test drive of all these and check as per your level of comfort.

  • pradeep

    Which is the low weight lowhight ladies scooter.?

  • Smriti

    Hi have a budget of 20-30k, could you recommend a two wheeler for a fifty year old lady, the usage would be very limited. Also would like to know of an exchange offer if any

    • Hi Smriti,
      Please consult by visiting near by showroom for exchange offer, TVS has started.
      Get a low weight Scooty or Wego.

  • Phaneendra

    Hii, Iam a handicapped person (only right leg is having problem) but can drive the gearless scooters. can u please suggest me, which vehicle is good to buy among TVS -Wego and Honda-Activai

    • Hi Phaneendra,
      Both the vehicles are offering good performance, have to get a test drive of both.
      Please get a test drive and check which one you are more comfortable with.

  • Sumit

    First of all thank you for sharing the information !!
    I am planning to buy YAMAHA – ALPHA, Would you please provide me the information for the same.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Sumit,
      Yamaha is reviews from point of view:
      Sober, yet attractive
      Bold and solid styling
      Sporty design
      Slightly taller
      Rs 47,735

      Get a test drive of Alpha and Jupitor, check the comfortableness and features.

  • jagjeet

    hi i m confussed.. which gearless two wheeler for women
    is the best at present with mileage/price/features….

  • Payal Shukla

    Hi I am looking for a two wheeler with good performance. Weight of the two wheeler is not an issue as I have rode Nova before. Which is a good option, TVS Jupiter, Gusto or Maestro?

    • Hi Payal,
      TVS Jupiter,Access and Gusto or Maestro
      Access is first in my list then Jupitor then Maestro then Gusto.
      Get a test drive of all of these and check.

  • sunil reddy

    How abt vespa LX 125 bike ?

  • Gayatri

    Hi can u suggest me best two wheeler of low height & weight. i never drive 2 wheelar before.

  • Yash Shah

    I am planning to buy two wheeler gear-less vehicle
    Which is best considering the average in petrol!
    revert me back on

    • Hi Yash,
      There are so many good bikes available in the market such as Access, Aviator, Wego and Dio.
      Check these bikes and pick the one as per your requirement.


      • muzaffar sheriff

        Dear Kailash,
        I am planning to buy ladies two wheeler, as i am out of country, i am unable to visit the bike showrooms and enquire about the bikes, can you please suggest me the which bike might be most safest, for Example ground clearance, big wheel base, good ground clearance, good anti skid tyres, self start, spacious seat, low maintenance, i appreciate if you share your suggestion with me
        muzaffar sheriff

        • Hi Muzaffar ,
          As per your requirement, i will suggest Gusto, Activa and Accesss.
          Suzuki Access is good but the mileage would be little concern.
          Activa does slide during the rainy season and Gusto has all the features that you looking for.
          Check the Mahindra Gusto website and features and ask the person who wants to buy it for test drive.

          • Jane

            Hi, Do you have shops in Kenya?

          • No, we dont have.

  • pankaj

    Hi, I want to buy two wheeler for my father , which is best in market

  • dineshkumar

    How is it wego brick ? Please tell me. Really you get 40 to 50 mail age.

  • Saurav

    Greetings Kailash,

    Could see many responses from you so could you suggest me to choose the right bike for my wife.. My choices are..

    1. Wego

    2. Honda Activa
    3. Jupiter

    • Hello Saurav,
      Thanks for visiting, I own Activa and Jupitor and in my opinion Jupitor is best.

  • Aswathy

    First of all i want to know wot r all things v hv to consider when buying a scooter for long distance drive???? bec it takes 1n half hour to reach my office .. already im having scootty pep+ , since its not in good condition , want to buy a new scooter.. ppl tells like for long drives low weight bikes r not good, go for heavy vehicles like activa n all.. but personally i dont like unisex type of scooters (like activa).. my weight is 52kg n 154cm tall. Plsssssss suggest me some good scooters which r good for long distance travel n same time more feminine type.. THANKS in advance..

    • Hi Aswathy,
      Suzuki Access is good option along with Yamaha Ray, Honda Dio.

  • vishal mohe

    Hi plz sagestion me which is the best ladies two wheeler

  • Vishal

    I want to buy a scooter for my father. He’s 65+ of age, so I needed an opinion regarding the lightest of all and having a best mileage.

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  • sam

    Among Dio , Vespa and Swish, which one will be the best buy ?

  • prashant patil

    Can anybody tell market segmentation for the Gearless two wheeler


    Hello, I wanted my two wheeler (motorcycle) with the new one. I.e. any gear less scooter. Please provide the best offer. My motocycle is Honda-Shine realesed in Sep’2009

  • sheetal

    Hi Kailash, appreciate all your inputs..need ur help in deciding between Wego and Activa. Thanks in advance. Also can you kindly help in knowing the battery of both of them.

    • Thanks Sheetal,
      Go for TVS Wego, Its light weight and deliver good mileage.

  • Dhanesh

    Which is best bike for girls with mileage, weight and no battery prob. As I am looking for a bike which should start even when the batter is completely down.

    • Hi Dhanesh,
      If battery is dead, how can u start any bike ? there is no features in any of the two wheeler.
      Please check your near by store for more details.

  • Anil

    HI Kailash,I would like to purchase a scooter for my wife. She don’t know the driving. Her height is 5″2 and weight is approx 60.Can you please suggest a scooter for her.That should be a unisex scooter?

  • Manish Paliwal

    Hi Kailash, i am bit confuse while going through your suggestion, Can you tell which is better Wego, Access, Ray, Activa all variants and why. or may be you can arrange top to bottom.

    • Hi Manish,
      Access –

      Access is best bike but not good mileage as compare to other, All in one is Wego -light weight, Good mileage and look plus unisex.

      • Aishwariya

        Hello r u working in TVS suggesting all the time for Suzuki two wheeler. Am owning wego only such a bad mileage and poor performance . Dio is better than all

  • Sandeep Roongta


  • Sandeep Roongta

    Hi I want to purchase a scooter for my daughter. She has fitness problem & due to her illnes she is very weak. So i want a scooter that will be lighter in weight. Which one will be best for her among pleasure,activa i, weigo or jupiter? Also extra two wheels in back are advisable for her?

  • prachi

    cn u plz tel which 2 wheeler should i buy according to todays rating……!!!!

  • Salim Kotadiya

    Jupiter. Bike of the year with body balance.

  • Mehul

    Dear Mr. Kailash.
    From hight point of view which scooter is lowest. That is compared to TVS Pepe which other one is almost of same hight ?

    I have suzuki access. Not fit for woman due to little heave weight & higher hight even more than Activa.
    Other way round also Suzuki Access is the worst scootter. Too much of maintenance, not recommended by any mechanic, Same problem occurs every time & no mechanic could reply/solve + poor milage.

    Access should not be recommended at all.

  • kethakishore

    hi brooooo..

    which vehicle for enjoying with royal looking :
    1 : activa i
    2 : suzuki access 125
    3 : jupitor
    4 : forein
    5. avotor ?

  • Sandip

    Please compare jupiter&wego for milege&weight 4my wife

  • Aarthi Sujith

    Hi Im from Chennai, using pleasure for 7 years. want to buy new bike, good performance, durable.
    my husband is not willing to buy tvs bike so i ve other choice
    1. Yamaha – Ray
    2. Mahindra – Gusto
    3. Honda – Activa

    Pl suggest thanks.

    • Go get a test drive of these above listed bikes, Then you will be a position on pick the best one.
      Gusto and Ray are good option.

  • giri g

    The present trend of scooters is very good and all the brands are good enough for the indian road condition. Buying a scooter it depends on the condition u drive, for the roads which are very much flat it would be better buying TVS, Mahindra and even Yamaha. For the roads which are very ups and downs it is better to buy Yamaha, Honda and suzuki.
    If looking for purely mileage it is TVS jupiter leads other brands. If looking for vehicle for long run the scooters which gives good mileage as (yamaha, Suzuki). If looking for only brand Honda. All the scooters are 100cc and above, please notice that the bhp for every vehicle differs. The lesser cc with higher bhp will run for limited years, the higher cc and lower bhp will give a longer life to the engine and to the vehicle.
    Please dont mind taking a lower bhp withcorrect cc, the expenses will be lower and the life will also be longer.
    for further details u cn contact me on, i am in bangalore.

  • Aman

    Hello sir, please suggest the best 2 wheeler gearless scooter which have low maintainance expenses nd away aleast two years from machanic also minimum 125 cc engine nd smooth ride on village road.