Five Things to Customize in the Two Wheelers for Ladies

Weight and Height are always be concern for the ladies and girls of India, Short height of most of the Indian girls is challenge for the two wheeler manufacturers. I just figure the things that can be Customize in the bikes as per the ladies height and choice, these points are based on the query i got from Indian girls with short height. Please consult with your family first then the bike manufacturers and at last the mechanics who will do the Customize work for you to a better drive.

Seat Height

Two wheeler height is always a challenge for Indian women’s, Most of the bikes are now handling this basic problem and offering low seat bikes designed especially for short height Indian girls.

Baby Seat

Its another good point to take care by two wheeler manufactures for women with kids, its helped them to drop their kids to school and roam around the city along.

Side Stand

Women’s found parking on main stand is the most difficult part of the two wheeler driving, hence side stand is best and easy way for them. Side stand offers parking easy for girls.

Leg Guard

Its an optional thing for two wheeler, however driver foot will

Mirror Adjustment

Other must have things for the safety measures are Tube Less Tyre,Kick Start and Drum Brakes, also the important accessories for Women while riding a bike is Helmet.These light weight two wheeler also offer opportunity to customize for physically challenged person by adding two more tyres.

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