Two Wheeler Safety Tips for Women in Rainy Season

Two Wheeler Safety Tips for ladies,girls and women during the rainy season, Its very hard to drive on Indian road during the heavy rain. Drainage, Ditches, and Culverts are very dangerous during the monsoon, here are some safety tips for two wheeler lady riders acorss the Indian cities. Image Source : Gaadi

  • Before starting, pre-check your vehicle for clutch, break,indicators, headlight and fuel.
  • Always wear fully covered helmet.
  • Follow the traffic rule religiously .
  • Pedestrians are extremely hard to spot, drive with care.
  • Don’t splash water on pedestrians.
  • Extra cautious about the stray animals over the road.
  • Use indicators for turns and pass light for overtake.
  • Avoid using cellphone and listening music though earphone while driving.
  • Use mirror before taking any turn.
  • Clear the side stand before moving your vehicle.
  • Do not mix drinking and driving.
  • Drive slow during the rain as well as on wet road.
  • Avoid going through the off road.
  • Go slow over the filled water on road.
  • Stay off the roads during heavy rains,park someplace safe and wait.
  • Ride defensively and Keep your distance.
  • Be sure to wear clothing that will keep you warm as the temperature drops.
  • Do not panic in adverse situation.
  • Alwasy carry license and other required documents.
  • Plan the journey such that you reach your destination within daylight hours.

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