Top 5 Sites To Get Your Cricket Betting Advice From

Based on its popularity, the ecstasy found in cricket enables enthusiasts to make much out of their leisure time. They would even engage in betting on the match outcome. Thanks to the internet punters have access to a lot of great cricket betting sites and mobile apps to help them do what these fans love most. Unfortunately, it is not recommendable to take part in such without knowledge regarding cricket betting. Some sites may help in the analysis, which involves exploring each data point of the sport. It is why CricketBettingAdvice (CBA) offers some information on individual performances, team stats, head-to-head stats, and previous records.

Discussed Below Are Some of the Top 5 Sites That You Could Get Cricket Betting Advice From:


Created by Pankaj Chhaparwal in 2004, the renowned Indian cricket news website Cricbuzz is currently owned by Times Internet. This site features live coverage, commentaries, player stats, news, articles, and team rankings. The website boasts presently over many users and was ranked the seventh most searched for in India in 2014. Cricbuzz, unquestionably, is one of the best cricket betting advice providers you will ever come across. It does not matter what your intentions are. It is possible to use the analysis portal for efficacy. Therefore, it is efficient to employ Cricbuzz since it has the information and cricket stats that you crave to see. Bet365 accommodates Cricbuzz’s cricket betting analysis.

Unique Features of Cricbuzz

• The homepage is easy to explore
• Clearly defined tabs to display the latest cricket news, rankings, points table, live scores, and match schedules
• Small snippets of featured matches that enable you to skip to the exact event you are interested in
• Provides latest updates from the cricket world featured on a left panel as you navigate to the left
• Cricbuzz has apps for both Android and iOS users


Formerly known as Cricinfo, ESPNcricinfo came to being in 1993. It is exclusive for cricket, which provides the ability to feature live coverage, articles, and news of cricket matches and players since the 18th century. These are pretty crucial for analysis. Perhaps when it comes to cricket betting accuracy. 1xBet is appropriate for ESPNcricinfo analysis.

What makes ESPNcricinfo exceptional?

• The homepage displays series like the Indian Premier League, live scores, statistics, and teams.
• To the left, it has a section labeled Key Series and features significant cricket tournaments like the ICC World Cup Super League that is currently underway.
• Has an application for iOS and Android devices

Cricket World

The site specializes in insightful and extensive coverage of major cricket tournaments while putting integrity and accuracy in the limelight. Since its formality in 1996, the cricket world interacts with cricket players, clubs, and fanatics via social media, thus driving targeted content to the buffs. Elsewhere, Cricket World’s cricket betting analysis is efficient on Parimatch.

Why is Cricket World Regarded as Genuine?

– It has all the statistics, team records, rankings, H2H series, approaching milestones, and player records.
– More elaborate stats regarding aspects like bowling, wicket-keeping, dismissals, captaincy, fielding, and battling
– It comprises cricket ball-by-ball text coverage of Test, ODI, and Twenty20 worldwide cricket matches.


The site specialises in collecting, analysing, and presenting significant match statistics since its introduction in 1990 in Adelaide, South Australia. The story began when some friends interested in cricket required resources to assist them in settling arguments and bets that tend to arise when they get together. They went ahead and created a cricket history database featuring records, statistics, and facts.

It continued to progress as more people became interested. Despite the many sites in existence, HowSTAT! took less time to amalgamate its reputation as one of the top cricket analysis sites. In case of any suggestions or inquiries regarding cricket, HowSTAT! can discuss the game that the fans love so much. Though it has fewer features, it is one of the best sites for exquisite cricket stats. Remember, HowSTAT!’s cricket betting analysis works perfectly on Unibet.


Cricwaves offers all the necessary information one desires. It can function much better, considering its general layout.

How do you know that Cricwaves is exclusive?

• Latest cricket news when you navigate to the left
• The homepage has a ‘Scores & calendar’ portion, which displays live and past scores, together with a catalog of upcoming cricket matches.
• To the right, you find comprehensive information of specific series together with the real-time scores, detailed player stats, and the points table.
• The secondary navigation bar entails the “world records” section, which has all records and information inserted under three categories; Test, ODI, and Twenty20

Final word
In conclusion, we assume that it is now clear which sites appear top on the list to provide cricket betting advice. Apart from these, there are other alternatives to obtain cricket betting advice. We hope that this blog article will be helpful during the upcoming cricket matches. With that in mind, bide some time, explore, then you can later choose the perfect online cricket betting advice site. Remember, once you start winning, it is easy to go overboard. Retrieving what you have lost is not. Therefore, learn better ways to analyse the game!

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