15 Most Amazing Railway Stations of Indian Railways

The Indian Railways has one of the busiest railway networks in the world carrying 30 million passengers and 2.8 million tonnes of freight everyday. Here is some of the notable railway stations in India with modern amenities such as New Delhi Metro station,Chennai Central station,Kharagpur Railway Station,Ghum Railway Station and visakhapatnam railway station.

Cleanest Train Stations of Indian Railways

Howrah Railway Station


The Howrah Junction railway station is the oldest station and largest railway complex in India and one of the four serving railway sation of city of Kolkata, others being Sealdah Station, Shalimar Station and Kolkata railway station. Image Source: wikipedia

Charbagh Railway Station


Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station is one of the two main railway stations of Lucknow city and well connected with all metro and other important cities like Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Jammu Tawi, Guwahati and Chandigarh.

Trivandrum Railway Station

Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station is the largest and busiest railway station in Kerala and an important rail hub in Southern Railway. Thiruvananthapuram is the first major city in south India with longest train routes in India, the Kanyakumari-Thiruvananthapuram-Dibrugarh Vivek Express and the Kanyakumari-Thiruvananthapuram-Jammu Tawi Himsagar Express route.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus of Mumbai is listed as India’s best railway stations in the list of world’s most spectacular railway stations. The new railway station is one of the finest functional Railway Station buildings of the world and is the busiest railway station in India.Image Source: wikipedia

Coimbatore Railway Station

Coimbatore City Railway Station is one of the major train stations in South India and the second busiest and revenue yielding railway station in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore Junction railway station has good connectivity with all major cities of India.

Kanpur Railway Station

Kanpur Central railway station is one of the four Central Railway Stations in India. It holds the record for the largest route interlocking system in the world and in the list of 50 World-Class Railway Stations.

Bilaspur Railway Station

Bilaspur Railway Station

Bilaspur Railway Station is a major railway station and developed as 3rd longest railway platform in India, Bilaspur Junction railway station is the busiest station of Chhattisgarh and fourth busiest of central India.

Vijayawada Railway Station

Vijayawada Railway Station falls under Vijayawada railway division of South Central Railway and has ten platforms and is the only station to have five entrance gates with booking counters in India.

Mysore Railway Station


Mysore Junction railway station is home to a ‘Model Railroad Layout’, which is housed in the heritage gallery, is the first of its kind in the country. It also has models of Chamundi Hill,Clock Tower,church and Zoo. Image Source:tripadvisor

Nagaur Railway Station

Nagaur Railway Station

Nagaur railway station is well connected with cities like Jodhpur, Jammu, Mmbai, Kathgodam, Haridwar, Ajmer and Coimbatore. It is one of the oldest railway station in the country.

Kachiguda Railway Station

Kachiguda Railway Station is one of the three Central Stations in Hyderabad City of Telangana and now serves as the Headquarters station of the Hyderabad Division of South Central Railway.

New Delhi Railway Station

The New Delhi Railway Station is the third busiest and one of the largest in India and holds the record for the largest route interlocking system in the world similar to the Kanpur Central Railway Station.

Sealdah railway station


Sealdah railway station is one of the major railway stations serving Kolkata in India, It is one of the busiest railway stations in India and an important suburban rail terminal.

Varanasi Railway Station


Varanasi Junction railway station or Varanasi Cantt Railway Station is one of the busiest and important railway stations in India and one of the largest station in Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi Cant is the highest revenue generating station of Indian Railways. Image Source: indiatour4u

Gorakhpur Railway Station


Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station has the world’s Longest Railway platform stretch of around 1.35 kilometres and a very important junction of Northern Indian railways.