8 Popular ideas for decorating your home the Indian way

The place which you can’t wait to go to, after a rough day. The place which has memories in every corner of it. The place which we call “home”, is a comforter in the harsh seasons of life, is the music when we look out for peace and can be a storehouse of all your beautiful stories.
This place which is so much more than just a house cannot be neglected. So, here are 8 ways in which you can decorate your house, the Indian way:

  1. The wall of memories – In the search of perfect furniture, people often tend to neglect the walls. Without realizing that the wall can be an important parameter which could define your home differently, adding to its personality. The wall of memories could be one such thing. A blank wall in the passage or near the hallway could be made fascinating just by using pictures of you or your family members. All you have to do is browse through your photo album, to get the best of photos. Get it framed and put it on the walls. Then let your walls tell the story.
  2. Use of Ethnic wallpapers – Wallpapers come in myriad designs. It can range from digital to metallic ones, from 3D to non 3D. Choosing a metallic finish wallpaper, coupled with tv unit designs from Urban Ladder could give a traditional look to the house. Even wallpapers with peculiar patterns and ethnic designs can add a touch of traditionalism, giving walls more than just a story telling look.
  3. Wooden cupboards – Wooden furniture’s are one of the major elements of Indian interiors. Giving an appealing yet simple look to the house. Use of wooden furniture can be a great Amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. Carved Wooden cupboards designs for Indian homes, can make your home look subtle yet solid. You don’t even have to take the pain of going to stores in order to buy the Cupboard. Various websites like urban ladder offer you countless designs at great prices, saving you the trouble.
  4. Bibelot and knick knacks – India as a country is very rich culturally and is diverse when it comes to handicrafts. Various objects like pots, wall hangings, wind chimes, jute baskets, masks etc. can be used as show pieces. They make the house look dazzling. You wouldn’t even have to fish for compliments, they would just come your way.
  5. Handspun fabric – India is famous for handspun fabric. They can be used in numerous ways from Bed sheets, cushion covers, rugs, carpets, curtains, table cloth to sofa covers and pillow covers. Long flow Cotton bed sheets with ikat pattern cushion covers can enhance the look of the house. Khadi and silk can be used to make sofa cushions too.
  6. Wooden furniture – Side tables, chairs, wooden swings, and book shelf can be used to show the great skills of the Indian craftsmen, which undoubtedly shows the traditionalism. It gives an altogether different look to the house.
  7. Use of Mirrors – You can make the blank wall interesting just by adding mirrors of various shapes and sizes. These mirrors reflect more light, making the house look brighter. It even makes the area look bigger.
  8. Paintings – Art has always had a rich legacy in India. Madhubani, Saurahi, warli, Patta Chitra, paitkar, tanjore, kalamkari etc. are different of traditional paintings that can be used to add a pinch of ethnicity to your house. The vivid colors make the house look brighter, adding warmth to the house.

The personal touch in the decor is what makes the house a home. Giving your house the traditional look can be the new cool. There are ample of ways in which you can do that, but the above mentioned are some points that can make your house look simply fabulous.

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