10 Famous Fairs and Festival of Royal Rajasthan

The Royal state of Rajasthan is famous for its tradition and colourful culture. Rajasthan exhibit different colors and full of fairs and festivals such as Pushkar Fair,Nagaur Fair,Desert Festival,Camel Festival, Urs Festival in Ajmer,Teej Festival of Jaipur,Angaur Festival,Kite Festival,Karni Mata Festival,Baneshwar Fair and Sheetla Mata Fair.

Pushkar Fair in November, Pushkar


Pushkar Fair or Pushkar ka Mela celebrated during the month of October–November in sacred town of Pushkar. The Pushkar Mela is one of the largest camel fair in the world and third largest livestock fair in India.

Nagaur Fair in February, Nagaur


Nagaur city is situated midway between Jodhpur and Bikaner and famous for second largest cattle fair in India, held every year in month of February. The Jodhpur Nagaur Fair also known as the Cattle fair of Nagaur and is all about the trading of animals.

Summer Festival in May, Mt. Abu

Summer Festival in Mount Abu is one of the major cultural festival of Rajasthan,held every year in May-June. Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan and known for pleasant climate.

Gangaur Festival in March, Jaipur

Gangaur Festival of Jaipur is famous in all over the world and an important festival for women of Rajasthan. The festival is dedicated to Gana, the Lord Shiva and goddess Gauri and celebrated by unmarried women.

Desert Festival in February, Jaisalmer


Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is the most famous cultural event held in February every year. The desert festival is three day event and showcase the folk songs,dance and heritage of Royal Rajasthan.

Camel Festival in January, Bikaner

Camel Festival of Bikaner is an annual festival dedicated to the desert animal and celebrated with great joy in the month of January. Camel is known as the ship of the Desert and in festival best breed of camel,trained camels and camels dance take place.

Marwar Festival in September, Jodhpur

Marwar Festival of Jodhpur is one of the most popular festival,showcasing tradition,cultural performances and music of Rajasthan. The festival is devoted to the folk music and dance of Marwar region and other attractions includes Umaid Bhavan Palace,Mehrangarh Fort and camel polo.

Mewar Festival in April, Udaipur

Mewar Festival in Udaipur is the most vibrant festivals of Rajasthan, celebrated to welcome spring. The beautiful city of Udaipur host this annually three day event at Lake Pichola.

Baneshwar Fair in February, Dungarpur

Baneshwar Fair is a tribal fair held in the month of February at Baneshwar in Dungarpur district. This religious fair is celebrated by tribal of Bhils and offer prayers to Lord Shiva in the Mahadev temple in Dungarpur.

Elephant Festival in March, Jaipur


The pink city of Jaipur celebrates Elephant Festival on the day of Holi in the month of March. Elephant Festival primarily based on elephants, camels, horses and features Elephant polo and Elephant dance.

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