10 Most Selling Brands of Baby Diapers in India

In today’s world of modern parenting, Baby diapers are necessity for every infant and toddlers. There are list of most popular branded diapers and nappies available in India such as Huggies, Pampers and MamyPoko. You can shop baby diapers online in India from list of Grocery Stores like Amazon Pantry, Flipkart and firstcry online baby care website.



Huggies diapers are very popular in India also known as one of the most selling brand of baby diapers by American personal care corporation. Huggies brand of disposable diapers are produce by Kimberly-Clark company, Its products also includes feminine hygiene products, Kleenex facial tissue and baby wipes.

Mamy Poko


MamyPoko pants are India’s 1st pant style baby diapers by Japanese company that also manufactures products like feminine hygiene, baby care and pet care.



Pampers brand of baby diapers are marketed by Procter & Gamble consumer goods company, offers five different sizes of diapers in pant style, swim pants and also diaper wipes.

Himalaya Baby Pants


Baby Pants by Himalaya is specially designed for baby’s skin with total care solution that offers soft and comfortable wear pant with the goodness of Aloe vera.

Cuddles Diapers


Cuddles pant style diapers of baby is a Indian brand of premium quality diapers with comfort and protection. The company offers India’s first advanced diapers with QuickMax absorption technology and soft breathable materials.

Chicco Diapers


Veste Asciutto dry fitting diapers by Chicco are very comfortable, slim and easy to wear that not only keep baby’s skin perfectly dry but also prevent leaking with maximum levels of absorbance.

Pigeon Baby Diaper


Pigeon company is into the mother and baby care products like nursing bottles, nipples, baby wipes, tissues and Baby Nappy. Soft and dry diapers by Pigeon offers great comfort because of unique slim fit design and super absorbent pad that prevents leakage.

Billion Diaper Pants


Billion extra absorb diaper pants are manufactured by millennium baby care in Dhar and marketed by Flipkart India. The Billion diapers features Micro Pores Fabric that help reduce the chances of rashes, a Flipkart brand.

Teddyy Baby Diapers


Teddyy baby easy pant style diapers are world class quality diaper for babies, designed for India with unique features, absorption capacity with wetness indicator.
Nobel Hygiene is the company that offers Teddyy premium baby diapers, easy baby diapers, friends premium adult diapers and best range of baby wipes.

Tata Diaper Pants


Diaper Pants by Tata are one of the newest brand of baby diapers in India, available online as well as in the Star Bazar grocery market in most of the Indian cities.

Tata as a company is not only getting into the business of baby diapers but also producing bathing soap like Skye and washing detergents called Klia.

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