Top 12 Best Biscuit Brands in India

India has a vibrant and diverse biscuit market, featuring both domestic and international brands. The popularity of biscuits in India spans across various segments including cream biscuits, cookies, digestive biscuits, and more. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the prominent biscuit brands in India:

Parle Products

Popular Brands of Parle:

  • Parle-G: One of the oldest and most iconic biscuit brands in India, known for its glucose biscuits.
  • Parle 20-20: A range of cookies including cashew and butter variants.
  • Parle Hide & Seek: Chocolate chip cookies that are very popular among children and adults alike.
  • Parle Monaco: Salted biscuits, often enjoyed with tea.

Britannia Industries

Popular Brands of Britannia:

  • Good Day: Available in various flavors like butter, cashew, and chocolate chip.
  • Marie Gold: A classic tea biscuit.
  • Bourbon: Chocolate cream-filled biscuits.
  • NutriChoice: A range of healthy biscuits including digestive and oats variants.
  • 50-50: A mix of sweet and salty biscuits.


  • Sunfeast Popular Brands– Known for a wide range of biscuits including:
    • Dark Fantasy: Chocolate-filled cookies.
    • Marie Light: A lighter tea biscuit.
    • Bounce: Cream biscuits with various flavors.

Priya Gold

  • Butter Bite: Buttery biscuits.
  • Cheese Cracker: Cheese-flavored biscuits.
  • Snakker: Cream biscuits available in various flavors.

Anmol Industries

  • Dream Lite: Premium cookies.
  • Funfill Choco: Chocolate-filled biscuits.
  • Twins: Cream biscuits with different flavors.


  • Choco Pie: Chocolate-covered pies with marshmallow filling.
  • Nibbles: A range of savory and sweet biscuits.


    • Patanjali Doodh Biscuits: Milk-based biscuits.
    • Patanjali Digestive Biscuits: Made with whole wheat and other healthy ingredients.


    • Digestive Biscuits: Whole grain and fiber-rich biscuits.
    • Hobnobs: Oat-based biscuits.


    • Choco Chip Cookies: Known for their rich chocolate chip cookies.
    • Cashew Butter Cookies: Buttery cookies with cashew nuts.
    • Oatmeal Cookies: Healthier oat-based cookies.


    • Marie Biscuits: Classic tea biscuits.
    • Digestive Biscuits: Fiber-rich, whole wheat biscuits.
    • Jeera: Cumin-flavored savory biscuits.

    Bisk Farm

    • Top Gold: Cream biscuits.
    • Marie: Light and crispy biscuits.
    • Digestive: Health-focused biscuits.


    • Horlicks Biscuits: Biscuits made from the popular health drink, Horlicks.

    India’s biscuit market offers a wide variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences. Parle and Britannia are two most popular brands of Biscuit in India.

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