10 Deadliest Maoist-Naxalite Attacks in India

The Naxalite–Maoist insurgency is one of the major ongoing porblem in India,between the Naxalites and and the Indian government. The list of naxal affected states are Orissa 15 districts affected,Jharkhand 14 districts affected, Chhattisgarh 10 districts affected,Bihar 7 affected districts, Madhya Pradesh 8 affected districts and Maharashtra 2 districts affected.

10 Major Naxalite Attacks in India in The Past Years


Naxal Attack in Sukma (2013)

The 2013 Naxal attack in Darbha valley in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh caused at least 27 deaths, including the former state ministers.

Naxal Attack in Jharkhand (2012)

Thirteen policemen, including the officer were killed and two others injured when Naxals triggered a landmine blast near the jungles of Bariganwa in the district of Garhwa.

Maoist Attack at Gariyaband (2011)

Maoist rebels blew up a bridge, killing four people and wounding five others. In May Naxalites killed ten policemen and injured manu in the Gariyaband.

Naxalite Attack in Dantewada (2010)

Naxalite Rebels killed 76 persons including paramilitary personnel of the CRPF and two policemen. The series of attacks on security convoys in Dantewada district.

Silda Camp Attack (2010)

Dozens of Naxalite Maoist insurgents ambushed the camp in Silda in West Bengal, resulting death of 24 paramilitary personnel.

Naxalites Triggered Landmine (2010)

In the border area between Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, On 8 October Naxalites triggered a landmine, attack killed 3 Indo-Tibetan Border Police and destroyed a military jeep.

Naxalites Attempted Derailment (2010)

Couple of time in the year of 2010 Naxalites attempted derailment of Triveni express and Kolkata–Mumbai mail. Kolkata Mumbai train derailment killed at least 150 persons.

Naxal Attack in Gadchiroli (2009)

At least 15 CRPF personnel were killed On 27 March, a landmine blast was triggered by suspected Naxalites Maoists in Pushtola district of Maharashtra.

Nayagarh Naxal Attack (2008)

The Naxal attack in Nayagarh is one of the most deadliest Naxal attack in India, killed 14 policemen and one civilian.

Naxalites Attack in Chattisgarh (2007)

Naxalites attacked a police outpost, killing 55 policemen belonged to the state police and other Special Police Officers in Chattisgarh’s Rani Bodi village.

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