Ten Major and Worst Fire Incidents in India

India has history of fire incidents and temple stampede along with communal riots, first major fire incident was in 1979 at Lakshimki Talkies cinema in Tuticorin of Tamil Nadu. Other worst fire are listed as below along with train fire incidents such as Nellore train fire, Ladhowal train fire and Sabarmati Express due to which the worst communal riots in Indian history has occurred are other worst fire incidents in the country.


February 2013 -Kolkata
A major fire broke out at a multi-storey market complex in Kolkata in which at least 19 people were killed and over a dozen critically injured.

September 2012 -Tamil Nadu
A catastrophic explosion in a private fireworks factory at Mudalipatti near Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu claimed lives of 54 while 78 were injured.

Uphaar Cinema Fire 1997 -Delhi
The Uphaar Cinema fire, occurred on June 13, 1997 at at Uphaar Cinema near Green Park in Delhi. It was the one of the worst fire tragedies in recent Indian history, killing 59 people and 103 were seriously injured.

December 2011 -Kolkata
In the AMRI hospital of Kolkata 89 people were killed by a hazardous fire and due to suffocation caused by carbon monoxide spread across the hospital premises.

September 2005 -Bihar
Three illegal firecracker factories in the Khusropur village of Bihar caught fire leading to deaths of 35 people and left 50 injured in September, 2005.

April 2006 – Meerut
In Brand India Fair at Meerut Victoria Park fire Uttar Pradesh, a major fire broke out and killed 100 people on April 2006.

July 2004 -Tamil Nadu
In the Sri Krishna Aided Higher Secondary School at Kumbakonam in the Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu 94 children were dead and many injured.Erwadi fire incident was another worst fire incident in Tamil Nadu.

June 2002 -Agra
In the Shree Lee International footwear factory of Agra, Uttar Pradesh fire broke out and 42 people were killed on June 26.

February 1997 -Odisha
In a religious congregation at Baripada Odisha, A calamitous fire broke out in which 206 people were dead and 148 were injured.

December 1995 -Haryana
The worst of fire incident in the county, Dabwali fire accident  occurred on 23 December 1995 at Mandi Dabwali in Haryana. 540 people were killed due to fire caused by an electric generator short-circuited and the stampede.


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