The 8 Most Beautiful Place Along the International Borders of India

India has rich history and blessed with several gorgeous natural scenic place with its rolling hills, flower meadows and romantic routeways. The Geography of India is bounded by the Himalayan mountain range,Indian Ocean,Arabian Sea,Bay of Bengal and the Thar Desert. India do have a water border with Maldives at Minicoy and do share an international border with Afghanistan but that land border is present in Pak occupied kashmir.

Kangchenjunga, India–Nepal


Kangchenjunga is the highest mountain in India,second highest in Nepal and is the third highest mountain in the world,located in eastern Nepal and Sikkim. The Kangchenjunga landscape shared by Bhutan, China, India and Nepal, from the hill station of Darjeeling offers the famous views of Kangchenjunga mountain peak.

Rama Setu, India–Sri Lanka


The Rama Setu is a National Monument and The Symbol of National Unity of India and is a former land bridge connection between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge is 30 kilometres long also known as Sea of the Bridge,situated between the Dhanushkodi tip of India’s Pamban Island and ends at Sri Lanka’s Mannar Island.

Bhairabkunda, India–Bhutan


Bhairabkunda is situated with the wonderful sites of nature in the tri-junction of Bhutan, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Its a popular picnic spot in Udalguri district of Assam and known as important tourist place of Shiva, an important pilgrimage for the Indian visitors.

Sundarbans, India-Bangladesh


Sundarbans mangrove forest or Sundarbans National Park is part of the Sundarban on the Ganges Delta densely covered by mangrove forests and one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tigers in the world. The Sundarbans forest is home to more than 400 tigers,aquatic animals,Marine mammals,Avifauna and a large number of reptiles.

Wagah Border, India–Pakistan


Wagah is the last village situated near a road border crossing between India and Pakistan,lies on the Grand Trunk Road. The Wagah border closing lowering of the flags ceremony is the biggest toruist attraction takes place every evening before sunset at the Wagah border.

Mol Len Mountain, India-Burma


Mol Len is a mountain situated on the border with Burma at the mountainous border of Nagaland. Mol Len is considered to be one the ultra prominent peaks in Southeast Asia.

Pangong Lake, India-China


Pangong Lake is one of the most beautiful lake in India, located between the border of India and China, as the Line of Actual Control passes through the lake. The lake acts as an important breeding ground for a variety of birds including a number of migratory birds and many Indian filmmaker has scene of Pangong Tso lake.

Minicoy Islands, India-Maldives


Minicoy is the second largest islands among the islands of the Lakshadweep, located 125 km to the north of Thuraakunu, Maldives. Beautiful lagoon has corol reefs and one of the few landmarks of the island is a tall lighthouse administered under the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep.

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