Casinos in India

Dreaming of hearing those words: place your bets, please? The gambling industry in India is growing despite, or maybe because of, complex laws and regulations. Although it may be a bit of a surprise to some foreigners, the love towards gambling and card games is a robust part of India. Indian card games like Teen Patti are not just for those who seek wins but are also considered a part of local celebrations such as Diwali, the festival of lights.

But where to play in India when you are feeling lucky? Let’s find out.

Casinos in India – what you should know about them

Whether you are in India or planning to visit the country, there are two main locations to consider: Goa and Sikkim. These two areas in India have the most liberal approach towards gambling, thus allowing casinos to operate to certain extent. In addition, the area of Daman is shifting towards a more liberal approach as the new casino owned by Deltin Corporation is being built in the area. However, currently only two destinations mentioned before provide a true casino vacation experience.

The gambling laws are executed on a state level which means that some states in India have very strict policies towards gambling compared to the two mentioned above. In case you are a traveller, this is something to keep in mind when traveling across the country. Although The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is a nationwide act, in practice the act is vaguely reinforced.

Also note that regardless of the state in India, there is always an entry fee. Casinos in India usually require their customers to dress in formal or smart casual outfits as they desire to keep the luxurious and lavish image up. No flip flops allowed! What is more, booking may be required beforehand, meaning that it is a good idea to pop up on the website of the casino to make a reservation if required.

Goa – the summer paradise

Goa is a famous holiday destination with its stunning sandy beaches, palm trees and all-inclusive resorts. You are definitely in for a treat when choosing to spend your vacation in Goa. What Goa also offers is plenty of casinos. Most casinos in Goa are offshore meaning that one gets a mini cruise along the river while playing table games and slots as well as enjoying meals and entertainment throughout the night!

The most popular casinos in Goa are luxurious Deltin Royale, Deltin Caravela and Deltin Jaqk owned by Delta Corporation. A rising competitor to the Deltin empire in Goa is Big Daddy Casino, promising a truly lavish and grand casino experience to players. Besides these two major competitors, Goa has many smaller casinos to suit those with less lavish taste.

If you prefer to stay ashore, then check Casino Strike located within Grand Hyatt Goa. As everyone knows, Grand Hyatt is a no joke when it comes to luxury, and the same applies to the casino. Enjoy private lounges, live entertainment as well as fine dining experience.

Sikkim – where nature, tradition and casinos meet

If beaches are not for you and you would prefer to see northeastern India, then Sikkim is your casino destination. When looking at stunning picturesque scenes from Sikkim, one would never guess it to be one of the growing casino destinations. Bordering with Tibet, this state is full of temples, nature and mountains. The casinos in the Sikkim area are mainly located in Gangtok city.

Although having less options compared to Goa, Sikkim has some great casinos to offer. One of the newest ones is Deltin Denzong Casino. Located over 6000 feet above sea level, the view from outside is mesmerizing! The casino offers all international table games as well as Indian favorites Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Wear formal or smart casual attire to enter and book your visit online beforehand. For those who prefer to have all-in-one, Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino may be for you. Book your own villa or a room, enjoy exclusive spa amenities and spend your nights at the casino! The casino offers the most popular table games. The entry charge to the casino comes at a reduced rate for hotel residents.

Goa vs. Sikkim – which one has the best casinos in India?

As these areas differ to each other like night and day, there is no way to say which one is better. If vacations by the beach, relaxed atmosphere and possibilities to try multiple casinos at once attract you then head to Goa. If traditional aspects of Indian culture and beautiful nature is what you prefer while having a visit to casinos then Sikkim it is. Both casino capitals of India have earned the title of best casinos in India, so you really cannot go wrong with your choice!

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