How to Rent a Car in Dubai, and How Much Will It Cost

If you are going to spend your vacation in Dubai and want to rent a car here, you should find out some important things before — features of traffic rules, usages prevailing among drivers, monitoring and penalty system on the roads, etc.

Do You Need a Car?

This is the first question that comes to mind if you have an international driver’s license allowing you to drive a car in any country. In Dubai, a car is necessary, it not only allows you to move freely in the country but also saves your money and time when visiting attractions away from transport routes.

Parkings throughout the country are free, and there are always parking spaces there. Therefore, there is no need to worry about how, where, and for how long you can leave the car.

How to Rent a Sports Car In Dubai?

To rent a sports car in this city is no harder than to rent a reasonably priced car. There are enough rental centers where you, for example, can feel the high-quality service of Lamborghini Dubai rent. Moreover, there are no specific requirements for this, it is just a question of price.

As for the prices, they are different and depend not only on the car brand but also on the rental period. The longer you are going to use the car, the less it would cost.

Some Rules You Need to Know

If you are going to use a car rental in Dubai for the first time, you need to know the following rules:

  1. The UAE is a non-alcoholic country, you shouldn’t be driving, if you have drunk alcohol before that, and it doesn’t matter how much. Otherwise, you should forget about driving a car in this country or even about entering the UAE.
  2. The crime rate here is so low that you don’t need to lock the car leaving it for a couple of minutes. This is a habit that is typical only for Europeans.
  3. The road markings and signs are intuitive, and you are prohibited from getting a traffic violation. Every route is covered by cameras set without drivers seeing them.
  4. Unlike European countries, pedestrians in the UAE have no right of way. If you stop to allow them to cross the road, they will stare at you and wait for the car to pass.
  5. All parking here is free; at many attractions and shopping centers, cars are parked by their employees. This is okay and does not require any payment.

There is one more “funny” rule. Following the laws, a car and a camel here have the same rights on the road, but the horse has more rights. This means that if you meet a caravan of camels on the road, it is not necessary to allow them to cross, but if a horse appears in front of your car, it has a right of way.

Some Tips for Smoking People

When discussing the lease terms, you need to figure out whether you are allowed to smoke in the car. There are car rentals in Dubai that do not provide cars for smoking people. Penalties for the break of these terms of the contract are about 1000 dirhams, which is a lot for every budget.

As a rule, the employees of the car rental company warn about this clause in the contract, but this issue must be clarified before signing the documents. There are also cars for smokers, so risking your own money is not worth it.

We hope these simple rules help you make your vacation in Dubai amazing!

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