Make Your Stay at Mumbai Splendid by Staying at These Budget-Friendly Hotels

Mumbai is known for its vibrant culture, historic landmarks like the Gateway of India, bustling markets, the Bollywood film industry, and diverse cuisine- no one can beat a vada pav for a snack. The city’s mix of excitement and glee gives the rest of India a dynamic shift in the mood. It has modern skyscrapers and scenic coastal views on the same land and a culture that is both sweet and spicy.

Here are some amazing 3-star budget-friendly hotels that you might consider staying in.

Sea Palace Hotel

Being one of the best representatives of 3-star hotels, which are provided with elegant and well-situated premises in Mumbai, Sea Palace Hotel meets the guests’ expectations. Situated at the tail of Maharastra, this hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Mumbai.You can enjoy the serenity of the sea sitting on the balcony of your own hotel room. Sea Palace is equipped with broad guest rooms with comfortable furniture and amenities expected by guests in the contemporary world. All are provided with modern features like fast internet connection, flat-screen TV, and comfortable and clean bedding for every guest.

The key to this hotel’s atmosphere is a personal approach, concern for guests, and professional service. This hotel has quality and courtesy staff members who are willing to make the visitors or the guests have a comfortable stay. There is also a provision for a multi-cuisine restaurant to satisfy the appetite of the guests with delicious food of different cuisines, which is very much needed when the guest does not wish to go out of the hotel for meals.

Ginger Mumbai, Andheri East

Another 3-star hotel, located in Andheri East, Ginger Mumbai, is ideal for business and leisure. This hotel is situated in one of the liveliest areas of Mumbai and offers convenient proximity to most of the city’s major centers of commerce and leisure. The hotel has 116 neatly laid rooms to accommodate each guest with necessities, including free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV set. The common rooms are nice and tidy.

Another interesting characteristic of Ginger Mumbai is its price sensitivity, where the company aims to give clients value for money. Some of the additional amenities viewed in the place include a fitness center, a business center, and a conference room, which are perfect for business travelers. The restaurant inside the house offers Indian and international dishes to make sure guests get a good meal. Also, it should be noted that the hotel is located quite very near to the Mumbai International Airport, making the hotel perfect for a layover. You can easily book this hotel from any leading hotel booking website.

Hotel Pearl View

The Hotel Pearl View can be described as a 3-star hotel situated in Mumbai’s commercial and industrial hub. Indeed, well known for its outstanding location, the hotel allows guests to reach the most significant places of interest, shops, and offices in the town. Because there are various categories of travelers, the hotel has many types of rooms to accommodate different guests. All rooms are adorned with luxurious features— free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and LED TVs add to guests’ comfort during their stay.

This is a common observation that many guests staying at Hotel Pearl View pointed out. There is always ample and reachable staff, which tends to help the guests and make the atmosphere good. Cutting down some of the details, it is also equipped with an in-house kitchen, which prepares various tasty meals, including vegetarian.


To meet the needs of their clients, these hotels are centrally located, with proximity to major business and financial districts, shopping and entertainment complexes, and sightseeing. Everyone living in Mumbai knows that Gorai Beach is famous for its calm natural beauty and is best suited for a picnic. Gorai Beach Resort and Dominica Beach Resort are some of the best 3-star hotels in Mumbai with thick green coverage and proximity to the beach. All the hotels are well furnished with all the necessary facilities and services and offer decent services to the guests, which makes the stay highly enjoyable and unforgettable!

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