Rapid Growth of Online Casino in India

India s one of the fastest growing market of online gaming industry with huge number of mobile device users and availability of internet by the network providers. Over the past decade, popularity of online games in India defines a very successful growth of the market.

Mobile User

India is the country with second largest number of mobile phones in use, Even one person has two mobile phones in India. So the number of smartphone with active internet users are the key factors for the popularity and growth of online industry in India.

Free Data

Earlier, data was very expensive part of the cellular service along with calls and sms against operating a mobile phone but not today. Indian global telecommunications companies like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea offering plans with 10 GB free data or cheap unlimited data plan.

Internet Game

Internet Game or online games have design to play over the internet on a computer network or on mobile devices, against other players or communities. Nature and behavior of online games can range from social to individual player such as Counter-Strike, PUBG and free online games.

Online Casino

Gambling in Casino is only restricted to three states where offshore Casinos are available and the states allow casinos – Goa , Daman and Sikkim. Online gambling is legal in Sikkim along with an online lottery system, In the same fashion – The online casino India is also showing the rapid growth by offering different types of casino games online like rummy, slot, roulette and blackjack.

Indian Market

There is no clear definition, law and categories of the terms being used such as sports betting, casino gambling and online gaming. Gaming and Gambling in India are two different parts of the same industry, However there are few states that support the online gambling with licenses like Sikkim and is a banned offense in Maharashtra.

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