9 Devi Temples and Primary Deity of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is one of the most beautiful and one of the fastest-developing states in India, name from the 36 ancient forts in the area. In ancient times this region was known as Dakshin Kausal Kingdom, currently situated in the heart of India with rich cultural heritage and attractive natural diversity. The state is full of ancient monuments, rare wildlife, exquisitely carved temples, Buddhist sites, palaces, water falls, caves, rock paintings and hill plateaus.

Most of these sites are untouched and unexplored and offer a unique and alternate experience to tourists with its unique cultural and ecological identity.Notable and ancient temples in Chhattisgarh include Bhoramdeo temple Kawardha,Banjari Mata Mandir Raipur,Mahamaya Temple Ambikapur,Sheetla Mata Mandir Rajnandgaon,Rajivlochan temple at Rajim,Vishnu temple at Janjgir,Sivarinarayana Laxminarayana temple and Deorani-Jethani temple.

Maa Bamleshwari Devi, Dongargarh


Bambleshwari Temple at Dongargarh is one of the most beautiful hill temples of Devi and Shakti, on a hilltop of 1600 feet in Rajnandgaon. The temple is of great spiritual importance and revered by lakhs of people of Chhattisgarh, rope-way in the hill is another attraction to the tourists in the city.

Mahamaya Temple, Bilaspur


Mahamaya Temple is temple dedicated to dual Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati, located in Ratanpur a small city full of temples and ponds in Bilaspur district. The Mahamaya temple is built in Nagara style of architecture and is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas in India.

Danteshwari Temple, Dantewada


Danteshwari Temple is temple dedicated to Goddess Danteshwari and is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas in India, situated in Dantewada. The Danteshwari Devi is Kuldevi of Bastar state and serves as the most important spiritual center for the people of this region.

Chandrahasini Devi Temple, Janjgir


The ancient temple of Goddess Devi Maa Chandrahasini Temple is situated on the bank of Mahanadi in Janjgir district of Chhattisgarh. Chandrahasini Devi Temple is an important tourist landmark for the near by city of Raigarh.

Banjari Mata Mandir, Raigarh


Banjari Mata Mandir is one of the famous temple of Raigarh, a very holy and sacred temple dedicated to Banjari Mata. The temple is located on the route from Raigarh to Ambikapur via state highway 1,Raigarh is a cultural city known for its Kathak dance and classical music kosa silk,Tendu patta,bell metal casting,sponge iron plants and as one of the major rice producing district in Chhattisgarh.

Jatmai Ghatarani, Raipur


Jatmai Ghatarani Temple is located in the South East Highlands of Chhattisgarh situated around 85 km from Raipur. Jatmai and Ghatarani are 2 different places with a waterfall just adjacent to the temple, indeed heaven in Chhattisgarh. Image Source: dabanjansland

Shivani Maa Temple, Kanker


Shivani temple, also known as the Shivani Maa temple is one of the oldest temples in Kanker, dedicated to dual Goddess combination of two Goddess name Kali Maa and Durga Maa. The vertically half part is of goddess Kali and the remaining half part is of goddess Durga, This type of statue is only two in numbers in whole world One is in Kolkata and another is in Kanker.

Patala Bhairavi Temple, Rajnandgaon

Patal Bhairavi Temple or Barfani Ashram is a hindu temple located at G E Raod in Rajnandgaon. Other most famous temples in Rajnandgaon are Mata Sheetala Devi Shakti Peetha,Maa Ambadevi,Gayatri Mandir and Mahamaya Temple.

Ganga Maiya Temple, Durg


Ganga Maiya is a holy place situated in Jhalmala and is one of the famous places in the city. This place is very crowded during the Navratri celebrated twice a year,thousands of people visit this place by walking from long distance. Image Source: bhilaionline

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