Nauvari Silk Sarees and Their Beautiful Rich History

Nauvari Silk Sarees and Their Beautiful Rich History.

Nauvari means nine yards. Nauvari sarees are worn by the Maharashtra or Marathi women as a traditional saree with traditional ornaments during the celebrations of Lord Ganesha and other festivities. Nauvari sarees are usually made with cotton and worn without a petticoat. The style of draping a Nauvari saree has changed from the traditional style to a modern style which gives a trouser-dress appearance while the saree is tucked at the back. These sarees are also called Sakachcha, Kaashtha, and Lugada.


History of Nauvari Sarees

It’s believed that during the Maratha rule, Maharashtrian women designing the Nauvari saree that looks like a male trouser to fight alongside their male warriors during the war. This became a traditional saree that the Maharashtra women wore with pride to remind them of their equal stature and strength in a male-dominated society. The Nauvari saree is a symbol of the Maharashtra culture worn by all women in Maharashtra. The top caste Brahman women wear it when performing spiritual rituals, the low caste Lavani dancers when entertaining, and the Kolhi fisherwomenas work clothing.

Different designs and fabrics

This stunning saree is mostly worn as a bridal saree by Maharashtra brides on their wedding day. It has a traditional draping style that gives the bride a gorgeous look. The Nauvari saree comes in different designs and varieties that you can get at stylecaret online stores. Originally, they were made using cotton, but you can also find them in satin and silk.

Nauvari sarees made with natural silk are popular because they are breathable, easy to wear and clean. These Nauvari sarees are designed with beautiful patterns and motifs and embellished with attractive floral prints. To create a stunningly fused look pair it with a sleeveless or a three-quarter blouse.


A Maharashtrian bride will choose to wear a Nauvari saree made with Paithani silk because of its gold colour and soft fabric. Silk Paithani sarees are well known for their beautiful colours embellished with zari and their heavy patterned borders. Nauvari sarees are usually accessorized with gajra in the hair and some classic gold jewellery to bring out its beauty.

Evolving Nauvari saree

Over the years, the Nauvari saree has seen a shift in its decorating style and tone from different variations of green and blue to vivid colours of red, pink, yellow, and hues of pastel of gold, grey, bluish-red that give it a summer look and a contemporary modern style.

The embroidery has a more sober look limited to smaller sections of the fabric. The latest pre-formed saree, the Trench-kurta, a lehenga paired with a beautiful blouse and a stunning neck piece, creative and chic frills or ruffles, a sensual lungi skirt encompasses an inspirational take on this creative ensemble.

Different types of Nauvari sarees

Brahmani Nauvari saree

They are beautiful and elegant sarees originally worn by the Brahmani women hence its name. These sarees came to the limelight during ancient times when the women wore them before going to war. The Brahmani Nauvari sarees are very popular in India and around the world. They are mostly made in silk and in readymade form. The beautiful designs done on this amazing saree and awesome patterns on the pallu give you an Indian styled attire.

Traditional Maharashtrian Nuvari saree


This traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree has no a petticoat and looks like the men’s dhoti or folded pants because of its look. The bottom pallu of this saree is used to cover the woman’s bust. A regular Nauvari saree is made with 5-6 meters of fabric however, this traditional saree is made with 8-9 meters of fabric. The expressive features and colours on this saree will look perfect with a necklace, beautiful bangles, and earrings to get a perfect bridal look.

Peshawari Nauvari saree

A Peshawari Nauvari saree can also be called Gajaki. This saree is popular with women in Maharashtra and around the world which can be worn in the common zigzag style or other various fashion styles. They come in a wide range of colours which is suitable for wearing to different events. You can also wear it as a bridal saree.

Paithani Nauvari saree

A Paithani Nauvari saree is a lovely saree to wear to special occasions that will give you that traditional Indian look. The beautiful artistic patterns on this saree and the beautiful display of colours makes this saree a favourite of many women who love colourful sarees.

Marathi Nauvari saree

The colours on this Marathi Nauvari saree gives it an awesome look with beautifully decorated borders. This saree is very comfortable to wear with a stunning design on the body. This saree sports the perfect traditional beauty with style.

Tamil Nauvari saree


If you are going for a different new look with an alluring style then this stunning saree will be a perfect choice. This Tamil looking saree sports a blend of beautiful colours to give you a truly traditional look accessorized with gold traditional jewellery.

Traditional wedding Nauvari saree

Draped as an authentic Marathi, this Maharashtrian Nauvari saree is in a gorgeous yellow colour and a plain body and pallu with minimal design and slightly shining light blue borders. A simple but elegant bridal saree loved by Maharashtrian brides.

Simple cotton Nauvari saree

A casual yet simple cotton Nauvari saree whose beautiful texture is something you will definitely love. This saree has a comfortable design that you can wear every day and still look stylish.

Pune Nauvari saree

A fine Nauvari saree with an awesome and attractive design done on its body with alluring pallu patterns for women who want to look their best. The beautiful combinations of different designs and patterns on this saree are unique features that make it a fine saree to get for your wardrobe.


Conclusion Sarees are beautiful and sensual garments. Nauvari sarees have a unique history that reminds women of their strength and equality in a man’s world. These sarees are a favourite of many Indian women that come in different designs and modern styles.

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