Top 10 Highest Rainfall Regions in India

The southwest monsoon has arrived, the tropical wet forests in these regions are responsible for heavy rainfall. Monsoon brings happiness to the dead mountains, river valleys and offers one of the best natural attraction around the country.

Konkan Region


The Konkan or Konkan Coast is the section of the western coastline of Arabian Sea from Thane Maharashtra to Mangalore. Konkan region of Maharashtra receives heavy rainfall, particularly between Ratnagiri and Nivsar.

Malenadu Region

Malenadu -Region-Karnataka

Malnad is a region in the Karnataka state, covers the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats or Sahyadri mountain range. Malenadu Region is called Wyenad in Kerala and Malnad in Karnataka.

Palakkad Gap


Palakkad Gap is the low mountain pass in the Western Ghats of Kerala,receives moderate rainfall. The 30-40 kilometers long Palakkad Gap acts as a corridor between Palakkad District andCoimbatore District of Tamil Nadu.

Nilgiri Hills


Nilgiri mountains, a range of mountains spread across the three major states and part of majestic mountain chain of the Western Ghats. Gudalur tea plantations receives the highest rainfall in Nilgiris hills of Tamil Nadu.

East Khasi Hills


The East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya are must visit place, known for its numerous tallest waterfalls and two wettest place on the planet Mawsynram and Cherrapunjee. Meghalaya famous for its rolling grasslands, deep gorges and ravines.

Malabar Coast


The Malabar Coast region is a narrow coastline lying on the plain of Karnataka and Kerala between the Western Ghats range and the Arabian Sea. Malabar Coast is refers as the wettest regions of southern India.

Coromandel Coast

Coromandel-coast-Tamil Nadu

The Coromandel Coast lies between Kanyakumari and False Divi Point, the swampy and mangroves river delta in the Bay of Bengal. Coromandel Coast falls in the rain shadow of the Western Ghats, and receives a good deal of rainfall.

Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep islands are located in the Arabian Sea, Monsoon begins from June to September and the islands receives heavy rainfall during the period. The virgin islands of Lakshadweep are known for exotic beaches, corol reef and water sports.

South 24 Parganas

The South 24 Parganas is located in West Bengal state,one side it has urban land of Kolkata and on the other side riverine villages in the Sundarbans and mangrove forest.

Garhwal Kingdom

The Tehri Garhwal is districts in the the hill state of Uttarakhand, surrounded by Himalayas also known as the Garhwal Himalayas. Tehri Garhwal receive significant amount of rainfall but heavy snow fall most part during the winter session.

Yumthang Valley


The beautiful Yumthang Valley sometime known as Valley of Flowers, located in the North Sikkim and surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. Yumthang is remain closed between December and March due to heavy snowfall and receive moderate rainfall during monsoon.

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