Top 15 Important Old Numbering National Highways of India

The National Highways in India are majority 2 lane long-distance roadways used means of transport in the Indian cities. Highway number system are going to scheme based and as per the geographic location, Renumbered NH 44 will be longest national highway in India, run from Srinagar to Kaniyakumari. Currently the longest National Highway is the NH 7 from Varanasi to Kanyakumari and National Highway 17 is one of the most beautiful and must travel Highway in India, along the western coast and parallel to western ghats.

National Highway 1

National Highway 1 is one of the longest and oldest highways of India,divided it into two parts—called as NH 1 west of Delhi and as NH 2 east of it. NH 1 is a part of the historical Grand Trunk Road and passes through Punjab,Haryana,Delhi and Spur Routes of NH 1 connects Himalayas towns with the rest of India.

National Highway 2

National Highway 2 also called as Delhi–Kolkata Road is the historical Grand Trunk Road along with NH 91 and NH 1 in India. NH 2 host 12 lane Kanpur over-bridge one of the largest over-bridges in the Asia,Allahabad Bypass Expressway and Durgapur Expressway.

National Highway 3

National Highway 3 also known as Mumbai–Agra Highway or AB Road is one of the most busiest National Highway in India with a total distance of 1,190 km. AB Road is known as Eastern Express Highway in Mumbai then continues as Mumbai Nashik Expressway having an elevated expressway of 25km in Nashik.

National Highway 4

National Highway 4 is a major National Highway links four of the top 10 most populous Indian cities Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India’s first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway is the part of NH 4.

National Highway 5

National Highway 5 runs along with India’s east coast states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and a part of the Golden Quadrilateral project. NH 5 is 1,533 km long highway connecting Jharpokharia with Chennai coastline along the Bay of Bengal.

National Highway 6

National Highway 6 is a busy National Highway in India passes through the cities of Surat, Dhule,Nagpur,Raipur, Sambalpur, Kolkata. NH 6 is also known as Mumbai Road running over 1,949 km and road is the part of major National Highway network of India.

National Highway 7


National Highway 7 is the longest National Highway of India starting from Varanasi to Kanyakumari, The 2,369 km long highway connects the several important Indian cities NH 7 covers the North-South Corridor with long elevated highway,series of flyovers, underpasses and stretch of expressway.

National Highway 8

National Highway 8 is part of the Golden Quadrilateral project with Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, Jaipur-Kishangarh Expressway and
National Expressway 1. NH 8 passes through Mumbai Suburban Railway and popularly known as Western Express Highway.

National Highway 11

National Highway 11 is an important tourism highway connects one of the most popular tourist destination of Jaipur in Rajasthan also world famous Keoladeo National Park of Bharatpur lies on NH 11.

National Highway 15

National Highway 15 connects Samakhiali with Pathankot with total length 1,526 km, also is a major National Highway in Western India. The important NH 11, an important tourism highway terminates on this Highway.

National Highway 17

National- Highway- 17-Goa

National Highway 17 run along the western coast of India, sometimes touching shores of Arabian sea parallel to western ghats mountain range and passes through the Indian states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. NH 17 is a busy National Highway in India connects Panvel to Kochi, It is the 7th longest highway in India with a length of 1,269 km

National Highway 31

National Highway 31 is an important National Highway and a gateway to the states of North-East India. NH 31 is 1,125 km long highway passing through Jhumri Tilaiya,Bakhtiarpur,Siliguri, Kokrajhar and Guwahati.

National Highway 59

National Highway 59 is a 1,735 km long highway connects Ahmedabad with Indore then route elongate to Raipur in Chhattisgarh and end at Gopalpur. NH 59 is quite bad highway because of many potholes,construction zones and difficult journey.

National Highway 229

National Highway 229 originates at Tawang and terminates at NH 52 in Pasighat, It located entirely within the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Route of NH 229 is Tawang-Bomdila-Seppa-Ziro-Daporijo Along Pasighat.

National Highway 76

National Highway 76 is a major National highway with total lenght of 1,007 km passes through Udaipur, Kota, Shivpuri, Jhansi and Banda. NH 76 road passes through small hills and as a part of the Golden Quadrilateral.

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