Top 5 Tallest Monolithic Statues of Bahubali in Karnataka

Bahubali is the founder of Jainism and was the first human to attain moksha, Bahubali is also called Gommateshwara because of the statue dedicated to him built by the Ganga dynasty. There are 5 monolithic statues of Bahubali in Karnataka state, located at 5 differnt locations and measuring more than 20 feet in height, another famous statue of Bahubali is located in Kumbhoj ancient town in Kolhapur,Maharashtra and the world’s tallest statue of Adinatha Bawangaja in the Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh. All the images are taken from:

Bahubali Statue 57 Feet-Shravanabelagola


Gommateshwara statue at Shravanabelagola is the largest monolithic statue of Bahubali in the world with 57 feet in height in Hassan District. The gigantic statue of Bahubali is carved out of a single block of granite rock and stands on top of a hill.

Bahubali Statue 42 Feet -Karkala


42 feet Bahubali monolith statue is located at Karkala,one of the major junction for the religious tourists. Gommateshwara statue at Karkala is an awesome sight and is the second tallest in the State.

Bahubali Statue 39 Feet -Dharmasthala


Dharmasthala is an Indian temple town and known for its Dharmasthala Temple of Lord Shiva and run by a Jain administration. Gomateshwara statue at Dharmasthala is carved out of a single rock with 39 feet high and weighs about 175 tonnes near the Manjunatha temple.

Bahubali Statue 35 Feet -Venur


Venur is a small village on the banks of the Phalguni river and is famous for the monolith of Bhagawan Bahubali also known as Lord Gomateshwara. The single rock statue is 38 feet in height stands facing westward on a high platform on the banks of the river Phalguni.

Bahubali Statue 20 Feet -Gommatagiri


Gommatagiri is an acclaimed Jain centre about 20 km from Mysore and famous for its monolithic statue of 20 feet high Sri Gommateshwara situated at the top hills. The 20 feet statue at Gommatagiri is very similar to its famous counterpart in Shravanabelagola.

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5 years ago

Bahubali is NOT the founder of jainism

4 years ago

Please correct the Information , Bahubali is son of the 1 st tirthankara Lord Aadinath (Rishbhadev) of this cycle. And also he is not 1st human to attain moksha.
In History Parahwanatha(23rd tirthankara) is considere as a founder of jainism due to lack of evidence ,before that Lord mahaveera was considered as Founder then evidences were found about Lord Prashanatha.
But in literature it is well illustrated about all 24 tirthankaras with all detailed Information.