Privacy Policy

Walk Through India is respect your privacy and does not share any personal information of user’s like name,email and location¬†with any other organization.

Guest Post are subject of removal without any information to respective, If Google reported as a policy violation at any point of time.

Content should not a violation of copy right, back links should not be a subject of unnatural- In such cases our fees will be charged for the time of publishing.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Post:

1. Accepted guest posts can be removed without notification, If reported by google as spam, unnatural or containing inappropriate links as per google webmaster.
2. If google reported the content as spam, we will return the 50 % fees (within six months of publication) and no return after 12 months of publication.
3. We do not offer lifetime back link, especially casino/gaming/betting and gambling.
4. Maximum tenure of above post are 1 years from the date of publication.
5. Acceptance of guest posts are subject to risk offering back links hence, we need your support to follow the above terms and conditions.