7 Biggest and Largest Cattle Fairs of India

There are numerous festival and fairs held every day across the country and each fair has its own significance. Animal plays an important role in the life of Indian people, they includes in many of their rituals and are worshiped as well. India host one of the largest cattle and livestock fairs in the world Sonepur Cattle Fair, take place at the end of Kartik month every year.

Sonepur Cattle Fair


Sonepur is a town situated on the bank of river Gandak near Patna in Bihar. It is famous for largest cattle fair in India known as The Sonepur Mela held on the confluence of holy river Ganges and Gandak. Sonepur Cattle Fair is the biggest cattle fair of Asia held annually on Kartik Poornima in the month of November. Its the fair for the trade of animals such as Cattle, horses,goats,donkeys,camels,birds and elephants. Haathi Bazaar is the major attraction of Sonepur Mela, numerous elephants are beautifully decorated for the purpose of sale.

Nagaur Cattle Fair


The Nagaur Cattle Fair is the second biggest fair in India, held annually for eight-days during the month of January – February. Nagaur is situated between the two beautiful city Bikaner and Jodhpur, It is well known as land of fairs. The animal fair attracts lots of people from the rural Rajasthan and cities for trading of camels, bullocks and other animals.

Jhalawar Cattle Fair

Jhalawar Cattle Fair also known as Chandrabhaga Fair held every year on the bank of Chandrabhaga River in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. Chandrabhaga Fair is one of the most popular fair celebrated on last day of Karti Poornima from 27th-29th November.

Pushkar Cattle Fair

The famous Pushkar Cattle fair is the five day Cattle Fair held annually in Pushkar town of Royal Rajasthan. Pushkar camel Fair is one of the largest camel fairs in India and an important tourist attraction of the city. Pushkar Fair also includes cows, sheep and goats along with events and competitions such as longest mustache, bridal competition and camel race.

Kolayat Cattle Fair


The Kolayat Cattle Fairs is another famous cattle fair of Rajasthan held in Bikaner district and known for best place to trade buffaloes, horses, camels and other cattle. Kolayat fair or Kapil Muni fair is an important fair of Bikaner and largest cattle of fair of district organized during the month of December.

Agra Cattle Fair


The Agra Cattle Fair or Bateshwar Fair take place in town of Bateshwar near Agra on the banks of holy river Yamuna. Bateshwar Fair of cattle and livestock held every year during the Karthik month November and considered as the biggest fair in Uttar Pradesh. Along with the bank of river Yamuna there are 108 Hindu temples dedicated to Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism.

Gangapur Cattle Fair


The Gangapur Cattle Fair take place in Gangapur near the Bhilwara in Rajasthan. Gangapur is situated on Bhilwara-Udaipur Road and named after the temple of Goddess Ganga. Other less known Cattle Fairs of India are Karauli Cattle Fair,Nalwari Cattle Fair,Kunda Mela,Ramdeo Cattle Fair and Kulkunda Cattle Fair.

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