The Three Most Beautiful Deserts of India

Desert does not mean to only sand dunes and exceedingly hot climate and temperatures like the Great Indian Sand Desert of Rajasthan, It also includes the dead land of Kutch and the valley of cold mountains of Himachal. India is home to three of the best and most beautiful type of deserts, one can fall in love with and should visit at least once.

Desert Mountain Valley


The Cold Mountain Desert of the Trans-Himalayas is located high in the great Himalaya mountains in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Desert Mountain Valley of Lahaul and Spiti is surrounded by high mountain ranges and receives heavy snowfalls during the winter and cut from rest of India by eight months of the year. Cold Mountain Desert of Himalayas is one of the most beautiful desert one can ever visit in India.

White Salt Desert


The Great Rann of Kutch is also known as world’s largest salt desert, located in the Kutch District of Gujarat. White Salt Desert of kutch is dead land but a beautiful home for rich and amazing wildlife along with a festival called the Rann Utsav and unique handicrafts. Salt Desert of White Rann is one of the most attractive and popular tourist destination in Gujarat.

Great Thar Desert


The Great Indian Sand Desert or Thar Desert is the most popular and famous desert and ranked as 7th largest desert in the world.
Sandy Thar Desert surrounded by the Aravalli Ranges and the Great Rann of Kutch is one of the most fascinating place in India and offers best experiencing of the desert on camel safari from Jaisalmer or Bikaner.


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