15 Most Spectacular Picturesque Waterfalls of Karnataka State

Karnataka state has the most picturesque waterfalls destinations in the country such as tallest Kunchikal Falls, stunning Barkana Falls, mesmerizing Jog Falls, spectacular Shivanasamudra Falls and astonishing dudhsagar falls at the border of Karnataka and Goa. State of Karnataka has few of the best water falls of India and also host one of the wettest place in India called Agumbe, Cherrapunji of the South. Some of these places are listed as Bangalore Waterfalls Getaways or weekend monsoon getaways around Bangalore.

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is the  highest waterfall in Karnataka State and one of the highest waterfalls of the country. The Falls is located near Mastikatte-Hulikal in Shimoga district and one among the top ten highest waterfalls location in Shimoga.

Barkana Falls


The Barkana Falls formed by the Sita river is among the top 10 highest waterfalls in India,located within the dense forest near Agumbe in Shimoga. Agumbe is one of the most scenic places in Shimoga district,known for its scenic beauty and bio-diversity.

Jog Falls

Jogfalls Karnataka

Gerosoppa Falls or Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India,located on the Shimoga and Uttara Kannada district border. Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River with total height 253 meters (829 feet) near Sahyadri Mountains.

Magod Falls


Magod falls is is one the numerous waterfalls that can be found in the Uttara kannada,located at a distance of 17 km from Yellapur. Karnataka has few of the best water falls of India and the beautiful waterfalls of River Bedti is a group of waterfalls.

Belkal Theertha Falls

Belkal Theertha is one of the wonderful waterfalls of Karnataka state,located in the deep Western Ghats. The falls is also called Belakal Thirtha and Govinda Thirtha lies near Kollur and Madhur in Kundapura taluk.

Hebbe Falls


Hebbe falls is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in Chikmagalur,near by the famous hill station Kemmangundi in Karnataka. The waterfall is inside a coffee estate and the most beautiful waterfalls and Perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Kalhatti Falls

The Kalhatti Falls is 10 kilometers away from Kemmangundi hill station and offers view of cascading water from Drona Hills near the Veerabhadreshwara Temple. Chikkamgaluru is famous for its serene environment, lush green forests and tall mountains.

Unchalli Falls

Unchalli fall is one of the famously known waterfalls of Uttara Kannada,one of India’s most spectacular waterfalls. Lushington Falls also known as Unchalli Falls is located near Siddapur inside thick forest and steep valley.

Shivanasamudra Falls


The Shivanasamudra falls is situated at a distance of 85 kms from Mysore and 139 kms from Bangalore in a small town called Shivanasamudra. Shivanasamudra Falls is on the Kaveri River through the rocks and ravines of the Deccan Plateau.

Gokak Falls

Gokak Falls is a spectacular waterfall located on the Ghataprabha river and offers a magnificent view Ghataprabha river. Gokak Town is known for its beauty and fabulous waterfalls,Located 65 kms from Belgaum.

Varapoha Falls

Varapoha Falls is situated in the Belgaum District of Karnataka in the hilly surroundings of the Jamboti forest. The hilly surroundings of the Jamboti forest is located 60 km from Belgaum town and the Varapoha Falls is created by the Mandovi River.

Irupu Falls

The Irupu Falls also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls,situated at a distance of 48 km from Virajpet on the highway to Nagarhole. Lakshmana Tirtha in the Brahmagiri range attracts a large number of pilgrims for famous Shiva temple.

Abbey Falls


Abbey Falls is located 8 km from the Madikeri and 268 km from Bangalore,located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates. Abbey falls is one of the most amazing attractions in the Coorg.Image Source:wikipedia

Chunchanakatte Falls

Chunchanakatte waterfall on the Kaveri River, located near the village of Chunchanakatte in Mysore district. Chunchanakatte is the holy place and famous for the Kodanda Rama temple.

Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls


The twin water falls of Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls are located near Shivanasamudra and really a wonderful place to visit that too in rainy season. Along with Shivasamudram falls,Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls are created by Cauvery River through the rocks and ravines. Image Source:wikipedia

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