15 Tourist Attractions of Kutch State of Gujarat

Kutch region of Gujarat was a princely state along with north of the Gulf and coastline, The state of Cutch was known as Kingdom of Kutch and the city of Bhuj was the capital. Kutch district of Gujarat state is the largest district of India and world famous for its Rann of Kutch,marshy salt flats and shallow wetland. Top most popular tourist attractions and places of Kutch State includes White Salt,Textile Art,Chhatedi of Bhuj,Nakhatrana Dabeli,Gulf of Kutch, Rudramata Dam,Kalo dunger,Kutchi people,Kandla Port,Narayan Sarovar Temple,Kutch Bustard,Kutchi Dabeli and Kutchi thali.

Kera Shiva Temple


Lord Shiva temple of Kera is an ancient temple famous for its architect and carvings. The ruins of old Shiva Temple of Kera are still in an attractive condition and one of the major tourist attractions of Kutch state of Gujarat.

Bhujia Fort


The Bhujia Fort is located in the outskirts of the Bhuj town at top of Bhujia Hill in the district of Kutch. Bhujia Fort and Bhujang Nag Temple was also built at the time of the fortification and one of the most famous snake temples in India.

Prag Mahal


Prag Mahal palace is made of Italian marble and sandstone, located next to the Aina Mahal in Bhuj. Aina Mahal and Prag Mahal are two most popular palace in the state and one of the best attraction of city bhuj with tallest clock tower.

Aina Mahal


The Wonderful Aina Mahal and Museum located in Bhuj city of Gujarat,constructed with marble walls and glass. Aina Mahal palace also house a museum and one of the must visti place in Kutch state of Gujarat.

Cenotaph of Lakhpatji


Rao Lakhpatji chhatris are the red sandstone chhatris and has an artistically carved roof supported by decorated pillars.  Lakhpatji Chhatri and Lakhpat fort are must see places in princely state of Kutch in Gujarat.

Vijaya Vilas Palace


Vijaya Vilas Palace is known for unique design and architect with superb view of the surrounding area. This summer palace of Jadeja Rajas of Kutch is a popular tourist destination in Kutch state and also houses a museum.

Mandvi Beach


Mandvi is a port city in the Kutch region of Gujarat and famous for its beaches,ship building yard,Wind Farms and Mandvi Fort. The Mandvi Port is situated on the right bank of river Rukmavati in the Gulf of Kutch.

Rann of Kutch

Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch are located in the Thar Desert of Kutch district and one of the largest salt deserts in the world. Rann of Kutch and the Banni grasslands are one of the hottest areas of India and home to vulnerable wildlife and animals such as Indian wild ass,greater flamingos and Great Indian bustard.

Swaminarayan Mandir


Swaminarayan Mandir of Bhuj is a big temple complex in Kutch and one of the famous and most beautiful temples in Gujarat. A new temple complex in Bhuj is managed by Nar Narayan Dev Gadi and one of the most expensive temple built in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Tapkeshwari Temple

Tapkeshwari Temple is dedicated to goddess Tapkeshwari in the hill range, situated in a valley surrounded by the hills in Bhuj. The Tapkeshwari hills have several caves and also habitat of several types of flora and fauna.

Bhadreshwar Jain Temple


Bhadreshwar Jain Temple is one of the oldest Jain temples in India and a state protected monument. Jain temple of Bhadreshwar is the major centers of Jain pilgrimage in Gujarat and one of the best-known shrines in Kutch state.

Nani Aral


Nani Aral Village is located in the middle of Kutch state of Gujarat and known for its landscape, wildlife and culture. The village of Nani Aral is best known for tropical fruit called Pilu,Dhinodhar Temple and Chari Dhand Wetland Conservation reserve. Banni grasslands and other smaller wetlands of Nani Aral village are breeding ground of greater flamingos and Indian skimmer.

Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav or Kutch

Rann Utsav is an annual 3 month long festival held in November every year to celebrate the life, festivities and culture of Kutch region of Gujarat. The Kutch Rann Utsav shows the colorful culture and heritage of princely Kutch state.

Kutch Museum


Kutch Museum is the oldest museum of Gujarat state, devoted to tribal cultures of Kutch state with many examples of ancient artifacts, folk arts and crafts. Kutch Museum is also the first museum of India,located opposite Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj.

Marine National Park


Marine National Park in Gulf of Kutch are surrounded by reefs,situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat state. The fauna of Marine National Park includes hard coral,Jellyfish, sponges,crabs, lobsters and shrimps. There are other species of aqua fauna also found like sea turtles,sea snakes and larger whales including blue whales and humpback whales.

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