The Gorgeous Konkan Region of Maharashtra-Another Slice of Paradise

The Konkan region is the most beautiful and God gifted land between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea at western coastline of India and known as little slice of paradise of Maharashtra. Region of Konkan or the Konkan Coast includes Thane district of Maharashtra to Mangalore port city of Karnataka and known for many tourist attractions and locations to explore.



Konkan region is well famous for its long and narrow stretch of sparkling beaches with crystal blue waters and white-black sand. Tarkarli Beach of Sindhudurg,Ganpatipule Beach and Dapoli of Ratnagiri,Harihareshwar and Diveagar beach of Raigad district are the few most famous beaches of Konkan.



Major forts of Maharashtra are situated along with the Konkan coastline, it also includes the sea forts of Sindhudurg Fort,Janjira Fort and Vijaydurg Fort. Other most famous forts of Konkan are listed as Bhagavati fort,Kille Nivati and the Raigad Fort,these amazing forts are now famous as one of the most important trekking destinations around Pune and Mumbai.

Hill Stations


The Sahyadri Mountain range of the Konkan area has two major hill stations known as Matheran and Amboli Hill Station. Matheran and Amboli are surrounded by thick forests and tree canopied hills and offers the spectacular beauty of nature around. Amboli is also known as Mahabaleshwar of konkan and receives heavy rainfalls during the monsoon and home to many tallest waterfalls of the region and one of the wettest place in India.



Amboli village of Konkan is home to many small and big waterfalls, Amboli Waterfalls Vyaghreshwar Waterfall, Marleshwar Waterfall and Dhodavane Tivre Waterfall are famous falls of Konkan. Amboli attracts large number of tourists for its beauty of nature and beautiful waterfalls along with its mountain ghat, Amboli ghat-one of the majestic ghats of Maharashtra.



There are lots of beautiful lakes and water bodies in the region of Konkan, Dhamapur Lake and Moti Talao are two most famous among them. Dhamapur Lake is a large natural lake and one of the largest lakes of Konkan, an ideal picnic spot.



Sindhudurg,Raigad and Ratnagiri district of the Konkan region of Maharashtra are home to large number of temples and other regligious places, some of the most famous temples are Marleshwar Temple,Ganpatipule Temple,Sri Harihareshwar Temple and Datta Temple.

Flora and Fauna


Almost 40% of Konkan region is covered with green forest and home to arich verity of flora and fauna. The Konkan is home to many endangered and rare species of plants and animals along with 367 species of marine flora and fauna.

Konkani Cuisine

The Konkani food and cuisines are famous for its moth watering delecacies and also known as Malvani cuisine. Famous and spicy dishes from Konkan are sea-food dishes,kokam fruit,Konkanastha Brahmin,Malvani Mutton Curry and Kombdi Vade along with local Solkadhi one of the popular local drink of the Konkan region.

Konkan Railway


The Konkan Railway runs along the Konkan coast of Maharashtra to Karnataka through Goa in the Western Ghats. Konkan Railway route is a single-line track and one of the most beautiful scenic train route in India, passes through the mountain tunnels,sparking waterfalls and tall bridges.

Attractions Also Includes:

Houseboat at Tarkarli, Panhalekaji Caves,Ratnagiri Hapoos, ocean water sports,Raigad Ropeway and many historical monuments and places. Konkan is also well famous for its natural beauty,majestic ghats and emerging as a favourite and must see tourist destination in India.

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