The Beauty of Monsoon Season in India

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful season to explorer India, its culture, people, natural beauty and wildlife. The much-awaited monsoon hit the Kerala coast on June 1 and till the end of June or By the first week of July, most parts of country experiences monsoon. Farmers of India welcome monsoon season, It gives them reason to celebrate their festivals, pray for good crops and made special monsoon delicacies. Monsoon in India really gives one of the best natural scenery, as rivers are on full swing, mountains are awake after a long sleep and monsoon decorated the whole valley’s with sparking waterfalls, magnificent lakes, lush green trees and beautiful flowers.

Picturesque Landscape: Monsoon awake the nature from a deep sleep and the entire dry land turns into beautiful green colored Picturesque Landscape. India is a land of great scenic beauty, Lush green forest, beautiful valleys and amazing waterfalls.


Amazing Valleys: The beautiful valleys of India offers breathtaking views of flowers, towering hills, landscapes and enthralling trekking routes. During the monsoon most of the valleys of India become home of over more then 500 species of wild flowers of unique design and colors.

Amazing Valleys-of-India

Beautiful Mountains: The great mountains of India are popular to visitors for fresh air, spiritual influences, exciting trekking and best mountain scenery. The tallest and gallant mountain ranges in India offers quality tours to hill stations, adventure tour and mountain sports.


Towering Hills: The 7 giant mountain ranges of India consist of several peaks and each one of these offers dramatic view of region and adventures to people. The famous and highest mountain hills attracted millions of tourist because of its beautiful scene, stunning view and a great hike.


Astonishing Waterfalls: The stunning waterfalls of India are some of the most spectacular in the world, The milky Dudhsagar,Seven Sister fall and Jog waterfalls are the most beautiful and famous waterfalls of India. The north east region of India host most of the highest waterfalls with a height of 1,493 ft, Kunchikal falls.


Magnificent Lakes: India has large number of natural and artificial lakes, famous for bird watching and variety of recreational opportunities like Canoeing, boating, hiking and fishing. These incredible water bodies on the land surface are one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in India.


Rain Forest: Rainforests in India are mostly located at western ghat and north east region. These forest are very dense and full of different species of flora and fauna. During the monsoon these living forest are looks awesome.


Awesome Wildlife: The incredible Indian wildlife is a mixture of all the species mammals, Insects, reptiles, fish and birds. The monsoon season offers raining forest,water wildlife,wild nature and a celebration for wildlife & wild lands.


Monsoon Festivals: As the monsoon arrives in India celebration begins at most of the part of country. Generally during the holy month of Shravan plenty of fairs and festivals celebrated with dancing, singing and feasting to welcome the rains.


All place in India looks beautiful during the monsoon season, some of the must visit Monsoon Getaways of India, are Andaman Nicobar Islands, Western ghats, Leh Ladakh and unexplored Northeast India. Stay Tuned for the Best Monsoon Travel Destination in India.


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