Top 10 Attractions and Historical Monuments of Bijapur

Bijapur or Vijayapura city is well known for its important historical monuments,different cultures and five rivers. The ancient city of Bijapur was ruled by the kings of the Adil Shahi and historically it was one of the richest districts in the state of Karnataka. Attractions and Tourism in Bijapur includes Palaces, arches, tombs, cisterns, gateways and minarets, built during the Adil Shahi dynasty.

Gol Gumbaz


Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah and is the most famous monument in Bijapur as well as the largest dome ever built in India. The tomb has been constructed as per the Deccan architecture and has one of the biggest single chamber spaces in the world.

Ibrahim Rouza


Ibrahim Rauza is one of the greatest monuments come into existence in Bijapur and the most elegant Islamic monuments in India. The Ibrahim-Rauza also known as Agra of South India is one of the top five historical monuments in the heritage city of Bijapur.

Bijapur Fort

Bijapur Fort also called as the Agra of South India is the prominent monuments in the area and home to many other historical monuments such as Ibrahim Rauza and Jamia Masjid. The grand fort of Bijapur also known as the Vijapura Fort is the strongly fortified fort,surrounded by a moat of 50 feet and had more than 1000 canons.

Jama Masjid

Jama Mosque also known as Jumma Masjid of Bijapur was built by Ali Adil Shah and one of the largest mosques in South India. Jumma Masjid of Bijapur is the largest mosque in the city and one of the prime attractions of Bijapur.

Bara Kaman


Bara Kaman is the incomplete mausoleum of Ali Adil Shah II and one of the famous heritage sites in Karnataka,located in the Bijapur city. The unfinished mausoleum has twelve arches and the structure was left incomplete.

Asar Mahal

Asar Mahal is another beautiful palace in the Bijapur city,built by Mohammed Adil Shah. The palace was built in Indo Islamic architecture with artificial lakes around and was serve as a Hall of Justice.

Gagan Mahal


Gagan Mahal or sky palace is a major tourist attractions and known for its architecture. The central arch of Gagan Mahal is the tallest and widest in entire city and famous tourist attractions of Bijapur.

Mehtar Mahal

Mehtar Mahal is one of the most elegant structures in the Bijapur Fort,built in Indo-Saracenic style. The monument is one of the most beautiful palaces and a gateway to the mosque and the gardens.

Saath Khabar


Saath Khabar means sixty graves is a grave destination in Bijapur also called the dark tourist spot in Bijapur. The site hosts graves of 60 ladies and the place is now a visitor attraction in Bijapur.

Sangeeth Nari Mahal

Sangeet Nari Mahal at Navraspur in Bijapur is a ruin palace located 8 Kilometres away from Bijapur town. Nari Mahal was one of the important structures of Adilshahi architecture enclosed by a high wall and a reservoir.

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