Top 10 Incredible Rock Cut Caves in India

The great land of India is still unexplored, There are so many natural and wild caves in India which are hidden into the deep and dense forest of unexplored valleys and terrain of Indian region. These caves are true treasure and history of great India followed by the era of Ashoka the Great of Mauryan, Chalukyas and Pallava. Most of the natural caves in India are Hindu cave temples such as Vaishno Devi, Amarnath and Varaha cave temple and these Hindu cave temples are one of the most visited pilgrimage site in India.

15 Ancient Rock-Cut Caves in Maharashtra

Ajanta Caves – Maharashtra 

The Ajanta caves are the world’s greatest historical monument situated in Jalgaon city of Maharashtra. The 29 rock-cut cave monuments include paintings and sculptures of religious art. The Ajanta  and Ellora caves in India are the masterpieces of India’s hillside rock cut architecture. The other famous caves in Maharashtra are Karla and Bhaja caves, Kanheri caves, Ellora caves and Elephanta caves.

Bagh Caves – Madhya Pradesh

The Buddhist rock cut caves are situated among the southern slopes of the Vindhyachal ranges in Madhya Pradesh. These are group of nine rock-cut monuments, well famous for paintings, so also called as Rang Mahal “Palace of Colors”. Madhya Pradesh also has more caves such as Bhimbetka caves and Udaygiri caves situated in Vidisha.

Udayagiri Caves – Odisha

The ancient Jain monasteries Udayagiri caves are located near the city of Bhubaneswar in tribal state Orissa. The Udayagiri caves and Khandagiri caves are famous for 33 rock-cut chambers, sculptures and wall paintings. These two caves holds an unique position and religious importance in India.

Badami Cave – Karnataka

The beautiful carved cave temples is located at Badami in Karnataka. The Badami cave are composed of four caves 2 of them are dedicated to God Vishnu, One to God Shiva and one is a Jain temple. The cut cave structure Badami cave temple is well famous for made of red sandstone on the precipice of a hill. It is one of the best Indian rock-cut architecture, other caves in Karnataka is Aihole cave.

Barabar Caves – Bihar

The Barabar hill caves are located in Gaya district of Bihar. These caves are situated in the twin hills of Barabar four caves and Nagarjuni three caves. It is one of the oldest existing rock cut temples in India, Other two caves in Bihar are Sudama caves and Sonbhandar caves.

Borra Caves – Andhra Pradesh

The Borra caves are located in Anatagiri Hills of the Araku valley in Vishakapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The beautiful Borra caves are one of the most important tourist place in Visakhapatnam. The Shiva Lingam is found deep in the caves,Worshipped by the tribal who inhabit the villages around the caves. Belum caves and Undavalli caves are also two famous caves in Andhra Pradesh.

Edakkal Caves – Kerala

The Edakkal caves on the Ambukuthy Hills are two natural caves located at Wayanad, Kerala. The Edakkal caves are two natural caves and most popular places of interest in Land of God. Edakkal caves means “the stone in between”, It is the beautiful formations of nature.

Varaha Cave – Tamil Nadu

The famous Varaha cave or Boar cave is located in Mahabalipuram, near coro mandel coast of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The Varaha cave is a temple of one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu “Varaha”. The rock-cut cave temple architecture is the part of the UNESCO World Heritage group of monuments. Varaha cave temple is one of the major attraction of Tamil Nadu along with other caves Narthamalai cave and Sittanavasal cave.

Mawsmai Caves – Meghalaya

The Mawsmai caves located near the wettest place on earth Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. The beautiful limestone caves is not too much far away from the astounding Nohsngithiang Falls. Mawsmai cave is one of the most popular cave in India and the only one cave in Meghalaya equipped with light, Other caves are dark and wild.

Jogimara Cave – Chhattisgarh 

The tribal state Chhattisgarh has many attraction including dense forest, wildlife, tribal tour and natural beauty.The Sitabenga cave is situated on Ramgarh hills near Ambikapur in Surguja district.

There are actually two caves Sitabenga and Jogimara,One can reach here through a natural tunnel named as Hatipal. The hilly terrain and dense forests of Chhattisgarh offer some other caves such as Kailash Gufa, Dandak caves and Kutumsar cave in Kanger valley National Park.


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