10 Tourist Attractions of Hooghly in West Bengal

Hooghly District of West Bengal in named after the Hooghly River. The district of Hooghly is famous for Taraknath temple,Hangseshwari temple,Ramakrishna Math, Bandel Church, Hooghly Imambara, Grand Trunk Road,Jubilee Bridge and Hooghly River.Here is the list of top tourist attractions of Hooghly District.

Hangseshwari Temple


Hangseshwari Temple is dedicated to goddess Hangseswari in the town of Banshberia and has a distinctive architecture. The temple complex also has another famous terracota Ananta Basudeba Temple.

Hooghly Imambara


Hooghly Imambara is a two storied mosque cum imambarah structure decorated with marbles and candles. It is also famous for vaunted clock and one of the least known historical monuments in India.

Bandel Church


Basilica of the Holy Rosary at Bandel is one of the only 23 Basilica Churches in India and also the one of the oldest Christian churches in West Bengal. Bandel Church is the most prominent historical church in Hooghly.

Radhagovindjiu Temple


Antpur Radhagovindjiu Temple is one of the Terracotta Temple in West Bengal and the most famous temple in Antpur. This 100 feet high temple has exquisite terracotta carvings, located around 20 km from Tarakeswar town.

Tarakeswar Temple


Tarakeswar Shiva Temple is a major pilgrimage spot in Hooghly District of West Bengal and a must visit place. Taraknath Temple in Tarakeshwar is also the most famous Lord Shiva Temple in west Bengal.

Serampore Ratha Yatra


Serampore Rathayatra of Mahesh is the oldest and biggest Rathayatra in West Bengal and second oldest rathayatra in the world. The long week festival is same as chariots festival of Lord Jagannath in Puri.

Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee-Bridge- Hooghly

Jubilee Bridge over the Hooghly river provided an important connection between Naihati and Bandel. The Jubilee Bridge is one of the must see bridge of India.

Chandannagar Museum

Chandannagar Museum
Chandannagar Museum contains displays of Gupta period and a very nice museum to visit. It was a former French colony and also famous for Chandernagore Strand Park,Nandadulal Jiu mandir, Sacred Heart Church and French Cemetery.

Dutch Cemetery

Dutch cemetery

The famous Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah is one of the oldest Cemetery and has about 45 graves. Chinsurah also has famous structure of Tomb and Mosque.

Susana Anna Maria Tomb


Chinsurah lies on the Hooghly river and home to the longest building in West Bengal,new Radio transmitter Chinsura Mosque and Dutch cemetery.

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