How to Reach Madhai-Satpura National Park

Satpura Tiger Reserve is one of the most beautiful and unique National Park of Madhya Pradesh with canoeing, walking, trekking and wildlife safari are allowed. The park is also the first biosphere reserve of Madhya Pradesh covered by Sal forests, teak trees and an important habitat for tiger and other species of Mammals, reptiles and 300 species of birds.

How to Reach Madhai/Satpura


Madhai is base point for most of the wildlife safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve. Sohagpur, Pipariya, Hosangabad and Itarsi are the nearby railway stations to reach Madhai gate.

Jabalpur – Pachmari (Via Pipariya) – 241 Km
Itarsi – Churna – 65 Km
Bhopal – Madai (Via Hosangabad, Sohagpur) – 140 Km


Gates of Satpura National Park

Madhai_National Park

There are five tourist gates for the entry to Satpura National Park, Panaarpani Gate from Pachmarhi hill station, Madhai, Bheemkund Gate(Churna), Jamanidev and Parsapani.


Madhai gate is the most popular and commonly used gate for jeep safaris in the park, hence the park also known as Madhai National Park of Madhya Pradesh. Denwa river, Tawa reservoir and Dam around Madhai village offers amazing views riverside, grassland of Madhai and forest.

Best time to Visit


Summer season temperature in and around Pachmarhi plateau is generally lower than the plains. Pachmari is open throughout the year for Tourist, however best time to visit the Reserve is 15 October to 30 June.

Birds of Madhai Satpura National Park


The park is home to 300 species of birds and out of which 14 species are listed as endangered, some of the rare birds of the park as Malabar Whistling Thrush, Malaba Pied Hornbill, Indian paradise flycatcher and migratory birds like Bluethroat.


Wildlife of Madhai National Park


The big five of Satpura National Park are Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Sloth Bear and Indian Giant squirrel. Wildlife of Madhai National Park also includes species of deer like chital, sambhar, nilgai and chinkara.


Indian giant squirrel is the largest species of diurnal, arboreal, and mainly herbivorous squirrel, endemic to India and known as Shekaru in Marathi also is the state animal of Maharashtra.

Indian_giant_ squirrel

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