10 Tallest Statues of Lord Shiva in Sitting Posture

Om Namah Shivaya: The tallest statues of Lord Shiva in India is Murudeshwara Shiva statue and its the second tallest Lord Shiva statue in the World with (123 feet high) as the Kailashnath Mahadev statue of Nepal being the first. Lord Shiva is the most powerful and fascinating deity of the Hindu trinity also known as Shiva the destroyer.


Top 10 Tallest Lord Shiva Statues In India

Murudeshwara, Karnataka


The big Shiva statue of Murudeshwara is the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue, lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The 123 feet(37m) huge towering statue of Lord Shiva is surrounded by the Arabian Sea is the major attraction of Murudeshwara town along with famous Murudeshwara Temple.

Namchi Statue, Sikkim


The Shiva Statue With a massive height of 33 meters is situated at Siddhesvara Dhaam in Namchi, Sikkim. Along with 108 ft tall statue of Shiva,Siddhesvara Dham in Sikkim also has replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas and Char Dham.

Shivagiri Statue, Karnataka


The 85 feet tall Shiva Statue is located at Bijapur at Shivapur on Sindagi Road Karnataka. Lord Shiva Statue is considered as one of the biggest statue of Lord Shiva in India and the place is making as a major pilgrimage location.

Nageshwar Statue, Gujarat


The tall Shiva statue at the Nageshwar Jyotirling is lcoated near Dwaraka in Gujarat. The 25 meter (82 feet) tall statue of Lord Shiva in a sitting position is one of the major attractions of Nageshwar Jyothirlinga Temple. Nageshvara Jyotirlinga is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Mahadev and also believed to be the first Jyotirlinga on the earth.

Kempfort Shiva, Bangalore


The statue is 65 feet tall, located on the Airport Road just behind Kemp Fort in Bangalore. At night the Shiva statue shines majestically in the bright light and considered to be the World’s Sixth Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Statue Jabalpur


One of the tallest statue with an height of 76 feet is located at Kachnar City in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur is known for its bhedaghat falls,64 yogini temple and best place to reach kanha national park.

Bhanjanagar Shiva, Odisha

Bhanjanagar -Shiva-Statue

The seventh tallest Shiva statue of India and is situated at Baleswar hills besides the famous Bhanjanagar water reservoir in the state of Odisha. The famous Bhanjanagar reservoir offers most beautiful panoramic view of Biju Patnaik Children park,the only park in Odisha with toy train facility.

Rishikesh Shiva Statue


The statue of Lord Shiva on the bank of the Ganges in Rishikesh is the major tourist attraction of city. Its is situated in front of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh and Ganga Aarti is held every evening in front of the statue.

Statue of Shiva Allahabad

 Lord Shiva Statue Allahabad

The prayag city of Allahabad has a grand statue of Lord Shiva on the banks of the river Ganges,located near the Sangam. Sangam is a holy bathing site during the Kumbh Mela in the northern Indian city of Allahabad.

Shiva Statue Omkareshwar


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